Sydney 2017: We Tried Uncle Tetsu Cheese Tarts

It was right below our hotel when we were in Sydney and we had totally no idea that it is the only one in Australia and probably one of the must-eats while you spot one kinda food. Uncle Tetsu is from Japan and this store is located at Regent Place, George Street. We chanced upon it while hunting for dinner on our first night in Sydney, and due to the rain, we could only roam near our stay. With Regent Place right next to our hotel (like literally just step out, turn right and we’re in!), we settled few of our meals here.

So we had Uncle Tetsu cheese tarts for our dinner and Ayra gave it double thumbs up right after she tried the sample when we were in the queue. But when we returned back to the hotel with our box of freshly baked tarts with oozing cheese, she did not like it. Ayra ate the fragrance tart crust while I lick off the melted cheese from her tart. Mummy loves cheese tarts no matter how it’s served, while Ayra prefers hers chilled (with solidified cheese). So she had cheese tarts for breakfast over the next couple of days since we bought a box of 6.

Famous for spreading the uniquely soft & fluffy Japanese Cheesecake throughout Asia and now western countries, Uncle Tetsu opened the largest Cheesecake Factory in the world and also Uncle Tetsu’s Triple-baked Cheese Tart Factory in Sydney.  There is also the Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Angel Garden where you can dine-in or take away the Angel Hat Japanese Cheesecake, as well as other special flavours of Japanese Cheesecake, Crepes & Galettes, and speciality barista creations.

We didn’t have time to try out the cafe this time round, but the menu sure looked interesting. There were just too many food options at Regent Place!

The next time you are in Sydney, don’t forget to get yourself some freshly baked yummy and oozing cheese tarts from Uncle Tetsu Australia!

Dinner Bed-and-Breakfast Family Staycation at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

We wanted a getaway but didn’t want to spend long hours traveling, so staycation it was over the weekend before things get crazy again at work for Mummy. This time, we checked in to Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, our first family staycation with Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium (part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, IHG).

What makes an ideal family staycation for us now?

With the change of routine around the house since beginning of this year, we try as much as we can to have the parents do nothing and just spend time relaxing and bonding with our two girls. (Because it is almost impossible to pull mummy away from work for more than an hour 7-days a week!) A no-frill all-inclusive staycation is what we need once a few months, just to recharge and have fun just being together.

So whenever there is a chance for a family staycation we will jump right into it!

The room at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

The 512 rooms at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium were recently refurbished (in 2015). The modern interiors creatively incorporate design elements inspired by the iconic Singapore River and the colourful rows of shophouses along its historic riverbanks.

Comfortable bed, space for the kids in the room and of course a bath tub! These are all we needed for our fuss-free weekend together. The girls were occupied and happy, while the parents just lazed and chill.

Amenities for kids waiting for them in the room. Nice touch Holiday Inn.
Fresh fruits, chocolate coated strawberries and yummy cookies awaited for our arrival. The girls were all over them right after I snap this shot.

The girls were fast to start exploring and chopping their bed upon entering our executive room. It was impossible to take any proper shots of the room before they start messing it up.

The little ones were busy checking out the in-room amentities while Mummy was trying to snap some photos of the room.
Been awhile since I come across a pillow menu. I was almost going to ask for one of each to test the difference.

Dinner and Breakfast and Kids Dine Free!

Kids below the age of 12 years old get to stay and dine free at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium. So there was no extra charges for the additional bed in our room, dinner and breakfast were both included in the staycation package.

I’ve to say we were pleasantly surprised that the dinner was surprisingly good, better than one of our recent experience at another hotel which cost almost double for their dinner buffet. I had one too many oysters that evening at Atrium Restaurant.

Breakfast the following morning was as good as it looks. Weekend breakfast at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium is served till 11am great for families like us who prefer to laze longer in bed during the weekend. We reached Atrium Restaurant slightly past 10am, and the crowd had somehow dispersed by then, so we did not have to squeeze through the buffet spread. Food was replenished fairly quickly too.

Kids Dine Free Not Available at Atrium Bar 317

Chilling by the window at Atrium Bar 317.

One mistake we did during our stay at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium was to have a late lunch at Atrium Bar 317 instead of walking into the Atrium Restaurant at level 4. We should have clarified with the waitress before we placed our order at the Atrium Bar 317, as we had assumed Kids will get to dine free at all their dining options within the hotel. Nevertheless, we had a chilling good time at the Bar.

Our lunch bite at Atrium Bar 317

Kids Menu at Atrium Restaurant also has more varieties and the menu has been developed in partnership with Nutrition Australia to provide a nutritious balance of foods to support children’s nutrition requirements.

Here’s a video of our previous visit to the hotel to check out their new Kids Menu.

Overall a Great Family Getaway at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

I asked what the girls enjoyed most during the stay, and like all the other staycations we had as a family, they reply was in unison, “The Pool! And the bath tub!“. Now that both of them are more daring and adventurous than before, they could spend their time alone in the pool (for a looooong time) while I chill and catch up with my Korean drama on Viu with the fast wifi connection around the hotel. Win-win for all! Ha!

Book your next family staycation with Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium from their website.

Now where shall we check-in to next for our next family staycation? Suggestions?

Indulge in Halal Mexican Food at Afterwit Cafe with Quaker Singapore

I wish for more time, money and tummy space for cafe hopping because I miss taking photos of food and relaxing chill out meal time. Most of my meals now are done in a messy, chop chop and eat kind of setting. That’s why when given opportunities to slow down and just enjoy the moment, I will surely jump onto it.

That day when I had a slow paced relaxing lunch with two beautiful mums and we were treated with wholesome halal Mexican food.

Situated along North Bridge Road, housed a cozy cafe that could be easily missed if you aren’t searching for it. But if you walk close enough, you’ll be greeted by a huge red framed door, two barrels, some cactus and a Mexican hat. Yup! That’s Afterwit cafe.


Start the meal with selection of drinks from their periodic table of drink menu, or check out their special Quaker menu for some interesting dessert drinks. That day we tried both the Quaker Apple Pie and Quaker Cookie Monster ($8 each). I’m a cookie girl so that glass of blended Quaker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, Fresh Milk and Vanilla worked well for me. Those tiny cookies on top are added bonus if you’re a cookie fan like me!

This serving of Quaker Quesadillas con Pato ($14) can be a starter or a main dish, you decide! Great for sharing with friends over a cozy afternoon of tea. This was my favourite that day, filled with duck meat, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onions, Quaker oats for rice, all grilled within the 12″ flour tortillas. Served with guacamole, Pico de Gallo and sour cream.

At Mexican cafe, you must never miss having some burritos. And that day we tried two and also a serving of Quaker Huevos Rancheros ($16), poached eggs on mushroom quesadillas.

Shown in the photo below: Quaker Burritos ($15) served with our choice of Almuerzo (Musrhrooms) and Carne Picante (Roast Beef).

When the food were all served, we all knew we had over ordered! Three ladies and one little boy weren’t enough to clear these plates of Quaker inspired Mexican goodness. But we were told we must surely leave some space for at least one small piece of Quaker Chichen Itza ($12).

Just looking at the photo of this yummilicious dessert makes me regret not leaving more space that day for one more serving! This toasted butter brioche was super crunchy and adds a great punch at first bite. Topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, crushed Quaker honey nut oatmeal cookies and slices of bananas. Mmmm…. I must go back to have this again!

All the above featured dishes are part of a special Quaker menu that is available at Afterwit till end of 2015, so you’ve got lots of time to go try them out.


778 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198746
Find them on Facebook at

This post is brought to you by Quaker. Follow them on Facebook at Quaker Singapore for more interesting and fun ways to enjoy your daily dose of oatmeal. All opinions and reviews are my own. 

Punggol Pizza Lovers Rejoice! Domino’s Finally Coming!

If you, like me, had been trying to order Domino’s pizza for delivery to Punggol, you would have been disappointed for a long time cos Punggol has no love from them. But come September 2015, we will be able to order, pick-up or dine-in at Domino’s Pizza Punggol!

Everyone in the family is thrilled and we can’t wait! Ayra and Zara are both super hardcore fans of pizzas and come September, we no longer need to store frozen pizzas in our freezer. We can walk to Domino’s and enjoy our favorite Cheesy Crust and their new and yumilicious Cheese Burst Crust pizzas with our favourite toppings of course.

Ayra totally enjoying her regular size Cheesy Crust Simply Cheese Domino's Pizza
Ayra totally enjoying her regular size Cheesy Crust Simply Cheese Domino’s Pizza

Cheese Burst Crusts Pizza by Domino’s

A unique twist from the most popular thin crust pizzas, Domino’s launched their new Cheese Burst Crusts flavors. Comes in Chilli, BBQ and the Original Cheese Burst Crusts, now serving SEVEN different crusts which you can pick to match with your favourite pizza toppings.

What’s so special about these new crusts? Well, think two crispy thin crusts with creamy cheddar cheese sauce sandwiched between! Mmmmm…. And add either crushed red chillies sprinkled over (Chilli Cheese Burst Crust) or the savoury BBQ sauce drizzled over (BBQ Cheese Burst Crust) the creamy cheese sauce.

Since I’m the spicy hot “mama” (as recognised by the host during the tasting), my favourite is of course the Chilli Cheese Crust topped with Chilli Chicken! Ohhhh-sooooo-gooooood! Warning though this is not for the faint-hearted. Standby a glass of water!

Chilli Chicken with Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza by Domino's
Chilli Chicken with Chilli Cheese Burst Crust Pizza by Domino’s

If you prefer the sweet and savoury kind, then try their BBQ or Original Cheese Burst Crust. Can’t decide which toppings go with which crust? Here are some recommendations for your consideration!

BBQ Cheese Burst Crust

  • Classic Pepperoni
  • The Big BBQ
  • Classy Chic
The Big BBQ with BBQ Cheese Burst Crust
The Big BBQ with BBQ Cheese Burst Crust

Chilli Cheese Burst Crust

  • Hawaiian Paradise
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Very Veggie
Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Chilli Chicken
Chilli Cheese Burst Crust with Chilli Chicken

Original Cheese Burst Crust

This goes well with almost everything in their menu! I tried it with their Alfredo Prawn and it was oh-so-creamy.

Alfredo Prawn with Original Cheese Burst Crust
Alfredo Prawn with Original Cheese Burst Crust

As part of the launch of these new crusts, Domino’s Pizza is offering a special promotion and you get to enjoy even better value and savings with purchase of 2 pizzas. Check out their website for promotion details and place your order! I can’t wait for Domino’s Pizza to open in Punggol!

Freshest & Best Pizza Delivery

I’m not paid nor forced to say this, but my husband and I both agree that Domino’s Pizzas are the best and freshest pizza delivery available in Singapore. With two pizza crazy daughters, we have our fair share of eating pizzas from all the big names here in Singapore, and the ones served at Domino’s are hands-down the tastier and freshest! Even their meatballs and chicken drumlets tasted different. My hub commented that the tomato sauce in their Napolitana Baked Meatball was fresh and nice, he ate the entire serving on his own! I personally love their Golden Roasted Drummets.

And there’s also this new dessert for kaya lovers! This my husband loves it to the max, but I personally find it a little to sweet (I’m a savoury woman)! 😛

Banana Kaya Dessert by Domino's Pizza
Banana Kaya Dessert by Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Fun Facts

  • FREE Delivery with their Great Pizza Service Tracer (GPS Tracker) for online ordering and on their mobile app
  • NETT Pricing
  • 30 minute delivery guarantee
  • 15 minute takeout guarantee
  • Product satisfaction guarantee

That’s a whole lot of guarantee for a pizza delivery! And now I know why though there’s a branch at Kovan but Domino’s not delivering to Punggol. Because due to traffic they wouldn’t be able to meet their 30 minute delivery guarantee! Now you know. So with their new outlet opening in Punggol soon, we the people of Punggol can finally enjoy freshly baked pizzas from Domino’s Pizza Singapore!

Get your pizza craving satisfied with Domino's today!
Get your pizza craving satisfied with Domino’s today!

Check out this trailer I compiled for #FoodieMigup at #DominosSG!

Hungry? 😛

Dominos CheesyCrustPizza


Because we received some pizza vouchers from the media event, we want to share them with you! Two readers will each receive a Regular Domino’s Pizza Voucher valid till October 2015. Complete the following steps in the contest widget below to win. Giveaway ends 13 September 2015 and winners will be contacted via email.

Lunch Date with Daughter with Pizza and Fries

I am such a lousy mum! After a great lunch date with Ayra in Oct 2014, I haven’t been able to do another one for almost a year. I promised myself that I need to do it more often, but work and appointments took over almost every available lunch hours over the past year and more in the coming months. But still, its better to have a once-a-blue-moon opportunity than to never have any. So when we had a chance to go out on a mother-elder-daughter only date few weeks ago, we pampered ourselves a little with a nice slow lunch. No rushing, no feeding just good yummilicious lunch with my girl.

See that face when she truffle fries was served? Never mind its not that healthy, that smile and giggle makes all worries go away. Just eat and enjoy!

Lunch that day was at Skinny Pizza, because she requested for fries and then later pizza. I could only think of one place where I can enjoy pizza with her without having to feel that guilty since I was supposed to be avoiding eating processed carb then.

We ordered a Wild Truffled Mushroom, truffle fries and ice cold drink for me. Can you tell I had a bad craving for truffles that day? LOL!

Ayra enjoyed the crispy thin pizza crust and fries, while I had lots of wild truffled mushroom and rocket leaves.

Of course we couldn’t finish the entire pizza so we requested them to pack the left over for us. But the silly mummy left the box of pizza in the ladies and totally forgot about it! Only realized our pizza was missing in the evening when we were on our way home. Too excited about the day’s activities and little things like this are easily forgotten.

Hope we can do more of such girly date out and not just that once a year! I love seeing her so happy.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Where does one go for authentic Italian Lasagne in Singapore? Like common people in Singapore, we’ll probably go to a pizzeria or some restaurants which serves usually one kind of lasagne. There are so much more you can put between those slices of lasagne and cheese, and that’s what Super Dario Lasagne is set up to offer.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Located on level 4 of City Square Mall, opposite Daiso, those who frequent the place would probably have smelled the freshly basked lasagne from their shop.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

They have a wide variety of options from the usual beef and chicken, you can also have the option of vegetarian and even bak kwa in your lasagne. Every tray prepared fresh and baked in their kitchen.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Zara was chomping down the vegetarian lasagne on her own that day. Digging into them non-stop and not wanting us to take her spoon away.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

The shop is cosy and done up Italian style with lots of green and red. It can sit about 20 pax in total and the place do get packed fairly quickly. When we were there on Saturday for lunch, the place was mostly filled with dinners.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

You might want to give these fizzy fruit drinks a try too while dining at Super Dario Lasagne. Sanpellegrino’s tasty Sparkling Fruit Beverages are very refreshing and goes well with lasagne.

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

If there’s still space to fill in your tummy after the yummy lasagne, they have some awesome desserts too! We especially love the Profiteroles and a hazelnut crunchy pastries which I forgot to take a photo of! You can spot it in the photo of the display fridge below. That one was our favourite! Gone in seconds!

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Authentic Italian Lasagne at Super Dario Lasagne Cafe, City Square Mall

Go try their lasagne, desserts and pastries after shopping at Daiso! We all know how much energy we spent when we shop at Daiso!

Super Dario Lasagne
Level 4 of City Square Mall
Across from Daiso.

This post is made possible by City Square Mall, The Loving Mum and family were invited for a fun day to celebrate Mother’s Day at City Square Mall. Our tummy was filled with too much lasagne, thanks to Super Dario Lasagne.

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Having frozen yogurt is like the super “in” thing these days, with many brands popping up around Singapore. You know, like the bubble tea craze then the donut craze and now pretty yogurts. I tried creating my own artisan yogurt when I first tried it in March as seen on Instagram.

Paying $9.80 for your own custom artisan yogurt is great cos they have got a wide variety of toppings to pick from. Try not to stare at their selection for too long, cos it’ll just make your pick even tougher.

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

We were invited for a chill out session at Milk & Honey by City Square Mall, and I knew exactly what we had to try!

More than just yogurts! Milk & Honey serves a decent selection of cakes too!

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

And so we did as we ordered two yogurts, a cake and drinks.

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Healthy Mix, $7.80

Combo of green tea meringue, white chocolate ring, raspberry sauce, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries and fresh mango.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall
This combo of fresh fruits and sweet raspberry sauce will never go wrong, balancing the taste so you don’t get the sugar rush feeling.

Royal Honey, $8.80

Combo of honey parfait, white chocolate stick, orange chip, honey popcorn, honey crystal jello and crunchy crumble.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall
I personally love the crunchy crumble and honey popcorn. But the combination of all these ingredients in Royal Honey, is really too powerful for my taste. Good thing I ordered their detox mint tea which helped balance up the sweetness from Royal Honey mix.

Chocolate Crunchy Hazelnut Cake, $8.80

This divine chocolate cake is oh-so-rich! The only person who shared the same sweet tooth for this cake is Zara. Ayah doesn’t like chocolate and Ayra was too busy with her little toys we caught at TimeZone before our desserts.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Just look at our cheeky Zara’s face! She sure was enjoying herself indulging in too much chocolate.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Find Milk & Honey at City Square Mall, Level 2 and on Facebook.

This post is made possible by City Square Mall, The Loving Mum and family were invited for a fun day to celebrate Mother’s Day at City Square Mall. We had yummy desserts at Milk & Honey.