Ayra’s first encounter with Playmobil

During our June staycation, Playmobil was having an event at Sentosa, so we brought Ayra to check the place out. Though there were few activities at the Playmobil event, we only spent time at the pop-up store and the play area within the pop-up store. It was a very sunny and humid day, Mummy and Ayah was perspiring none stop, but the little girl just wanted to sit and play with the toys.

Why this toy so big?

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Play at Kiddy Fun (Then and Now)

Ayra can be quite a fussy girl, she has her own likes and dislikes when come to play. We used to bring her to Hokey Pokey when she was below 12 months old, but after several visits, I realized she didn’t enjoy as much as before. She would wonder around the place, touching things here and there, and then just sit at a corner with a doll and pretend to mother her. This she can do the same at home. So we tried a new place, Kiddy Fun at The Grandstand.

Ayra at 15 months…

And this is Ayra at 20 months…

Traveling to The Grandstand is not as easy as heading to town, but we managed to bring her there twice within the past 6 months. Was going through my collection of photos and found some similar shots taken then and now.

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Sing and Dance with Barney & Friends

Last week we brought Ayra to catch Barney & Friends at City Square Mall. That was her second time meeting the purple dinosaur in person, still she took some time to take in that Barney is super huge when in person than in the TV show. When Barney appeared on stage, she quickly dashed towards me for a hug and pulled her Barney plushie towards her.

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WW: Cooking up a storm at play

One of the things that I wish very much to buy for Ayra is a play kitchen set, one that’s big enough for her to explore and play with. The price tag for such set say by Little Tikes is just too unfriendly for our wallet. So I improvised and created my own kitchen play corner for Ayra with existing furniture in her room. I foresee this corner evolving as she grows older with more enhancement with wall art, decals, kitchen organisation accessories and other stuff to make play more fun and real.

For now, this simple setup will do…
Ayra cooking up a storm

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Dotting Fun

I bought this set of Do-A-Dot set when Ayra was still very young, then she didn’t know what it was when I tried to hold her hand to do some dots. After our visit to EatPlayLove Cafe, I took out this set of fun coloring tools and a set of crayons, then this girl got addicted to doodling in her first scrapbook.

Activity for Kids - Dotting Fun

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