Brighten Up Your Bathroom With A Pretty Flower, One That Rains!

With the new GROHE Rainshower Flower, showering has never been as fun and colourful.

A Happy Rainshower

GROHE Rainshower Flower

The new line of GROHE Rainshower Flower offer an easy way to inject colour into bathrooms. This makes the new showers perfect gifts for (almost) all occasions – “Orchid” and “Bluebell” perfect for expecting parents, family with young kids would love the “Tulip” or the “Sunflower” and the “Lily” perfect for the teens.


Its a Dreamspray, not a jet spray

GROHE Rainshower Flower

GROHE DreamSpray® technology is at the heart of every GROHE shower. Boasting the absolute finest quality, it incorporates innovation that helps you to enjoy an unparalleled showering experience. The advanced shower engines inside the shower head deliver utmost precision and consistent water distribution to each individual nozzle.

GROHE Rainshower Flower

See how the spray flows downwards? That’s probably how all rainshower walks. Rain is supposed to fall down onto your head and gives you a luxurious smoothing bath. But we are a jet spray kinda folks, prefers a little more strength in the spray to give our tired muscles a little punch while we shower. Though our girls felt otherwise, the spray head at home is a little hush for their gentle skin, so they prefers the GROHE Rainshower flower.

Nice rubber petals

GROHE Rainshower Flower

These shower head is snuggly protected by the colourful petal-shaped bumper surrounding the trademark design halo shower head and a coloured spray face. This is especially useful for use with the little ones, to protect any dent or scratches on the shower head or any nasty damage on the glass panel or expensive bathroom tiles while battling with them in a shower war. Though be warned that the GROHE shower head may be a tad too heavy for the tiny little ones to hold.

The GROHE Rainshower Flower Collection retails at SGD177 available in store now.

Our Playrooms at Home

Since we moved into our new home in 2012, we’ve done well, nothing much to it. Just that the amount of things increase almost too quickly, and we did some reconfiguration a few times since. What used to be a playroom for one, has now extended to become playrooms for two. And because we wanted to do more things together as a family on weekends, we moved the girls play area into our living room.

The hub was rather against the thought of having toys in the living room cos he cannot tolerate mess. But I tried my best to keep everything as proper as I can and occasionally update the toys (means discard tattered and no longer playable ones) and rearrange them so that it’ll be easy for us to maintain the play area.

We are fortunate to have found this house. By keeping bulky items to the minimum, the space allows for lots of running around for the girls. And each of them get their own space to play if the decide to play different things.

All toys and books are stored in an Expedit shelve and see through boxes. Only toys that are commonly played by the girls are kept in the living room. All other stuff are stored away from their sight (as much as possible) in the other play room.

Here’s a closer look at how things are sorted out on the shelve.

On warmer days (like the recent crazy weather), we prefer to play in the room which is less humid and is cooled with air-con. This room, which used to be Ayra’s playroom before it transformed a guest room for my parents when Zara arrived, and then later into Zara’s changing room, and now a room just for storing toys and clothes. When the girls are big enough to sleep in their own room, this will be their wonderland. (Can’t wait to transform the room!)

The girls love playing and there is really no reason why we should stop them from creating a mess. As long as we have a proper system of maintaining order in the chaos, no play is not allowed. Okay, except for Play Doh! I totally cannot tolerate the tiny little pieces and the cleaning up after each play. All Play Doh and accessories are stored out of sight from Ayra until she learns how to better play with them.

For now, there’s the cooking role playing which she loves, LEGO and duplo, playing dress up with her gang of Barbies, role play as doctor or mummy or a teacher with her dolls and there’s of course the many variety of books for her to pick up and flip through.

As for little Zara, anything in her hands are new to her. And when she’s done shaking, swinging and trying to poke it into your face, most of the things in her hands will end up one place – her mouth!

What have you got in your kids’ play room? Share with us in the comments below!

Soopsori – Premium Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

When I first saw Soopsori online, I questioned what’s so great about these wooden toys that they demand such high pricing.

Soopsori products are made and finished with natural wood and oil without any chemical coating or paint. It is eco-friendly premium wooden products. They believe in healthy living environment by providing comfortable furniture that coexist with nature. Over time, the wooden furniture becomes more fashionable and provides positive energy to people and mix well with the environment. Soopsori selects 20 kind of natural wood around the world to create natural color and pattern that brings out the most natural feel to their products. Natural wood has anti-bacterial effect that can help atopy.[/box]

No chemical and coating on natural wood? My next question is how will these will be smooth enough for my kids to play and use? All my doubts answered when I saw, touched, felt and smelt Soopsori in person! (And I’m THAT close to trying to give those wooden blocks a bite!)

Soopsori furniture and toys are designed and made in Korea (some furniture from their own factory in China). Quality of their product is top notch. I’ve seen many wooden toys and Soopsori is one of the more premiums and well made ones, and their toys all encourages learning through play.

One of the furniture which impressed me a lot is their wooden baby bed. One bed, multiple use! If only my baby cot could transform to so many variations.

[image type=”bottom” align=”center” width=”500″ caption=”Use the bed as it is, a baby cot.”]Wooden Baby Bed[/image]

[image type=”bottom” align=”center” width=”500″ caption=”When the baby out grown the cot, transform it into a table and chairs set for the family!”]Table and chair transformed[/image]

[image type=”bottom” align=”center” width=”500″ caption=”And when the table and chairs set is no longer required, use it for storage and display!”][/image]

This one-time investment can be used for many years ahead. I love it!

Match this Soopsori wooden baby bed with their new addition to their product range, fabric cushion and dolls which were on display at IFFS. I love their vibrant colors! Great match to their natural wood furniture.

[box type=”1″]Check out Soopsori at the International Furniture Fair Singapore 2014 at Singapore Expo Hall 6 which is open to public on 16 March from 12pm to 5pm. [/box]

Ayra got doob again!

Ayra and doob

In February, I ordered my first doob bean bags online. They were having a promotion then and I got the small Plop at $99 with free delivery instead of the usual $159. Was my first order and I hadn’t seen the real thing in person before, when the doob bean bag came, my first impression was “Wah! So big ah!”, but after I take it out from the plastic bag, touched the material, tried sitting on it and tried getting myself comfortable in it, I felt that the size wasn’t quite as I’d imagined it to be and the material a little rough (Polyester) for kids to get comfy in it. But still Baby Ayra enjoyed her chill-out moments on her first doob bean bag.

Ayra and her doob bean bag At 17 months and already know how to relax like that!

When I saw doob having a promo at the recent Echelon event which I attended, I just had to buy one more for her! More so with No. 2 coming soon, this huge doob will be able to hold them both just nice! This is the doobsta and the cover is made of Tetron-Rayon (it feels like cotton) and its machine washable!

See this girl relaxing on her new doob the very night I brought it home!

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Small Spaces

We’ve just moved into our own home and Ayra now has her own playroom. At 14 months, she still doesn’t have that many toys. Most of which are small toys and dolls. When putting together her room, I intended for it to grow up together with her. IKEA has always been my favorite furniture and organisation store, and her room is filled with pieces from IKEA.

The main storage for her stuff is a bookshelf with storage boxes. She is now able to reach up to the third shelve row and the top two tiers are used to store stuff such as shower basket, diapers and more.

Ayra’s wonder boxes, where most of her toys, books and bears are kept.

She likes to peep into boxes and dig out things from within. I used these storage boxes with soft handles for her to pull out and explore things inside.

These boxes are great in keeping the bits and pieces out of sight, but accessible for play.

There are still much to be done in her room and when the room is fully furnished, I will share more.

This post first published as a guest post on Mum in the Making.