My first attempt at Crêpe Cake

It’s been awhile since I last stepped into the kitchen, so over the weekend I gathered ingredients from around the house and created a little mess in my kitchen!

Greenfields Milk Ingredients gathered include:
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  • 3 eggs
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/4 cups of Greenfields Fresh milk
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 1 bar of white chocolate
  • 150gm of Pure cream


Preparation process took about 30 minutes, cooking time about an hour and I left the Crepe Cake overnight in the fridge, took out to settle for about 10 minutes before serving. The entire Crepe Cake making process was longer and more tiring than I had expected it to be. Going to be a long long time before I recreate this! (At least not when I’m a preggy!)

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Use only the best to protect Baby’s delicate skin

What to use for laundry hasn’t been my kind of thing before Ayra arrived. I’m fortunate and lucky to be staying with my parents and they manage the household items and my mum does the laundry. I never been bothered to know what brand of detergent or fabric conditioner they use nor do I need to learn how to operate the washing machine. (YES! I am an idiot when come to using the household gadgets then!) Only when we are planning for Ayra’s arrival then I started picking up all these things in my to-buy list.

Baby’s skin is the most delicate and they can be very sensitive too. I pick my laundry needs for baby carefully and had been using the Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner ever since Ayra arrived. We not just use it for baby’s laundry, we use it for ALL our wash – from our clothes, towels, bed sheets and even our sofa covers. Baby will touch all these fabrics eventually doesn’t she?

What I love about Comfort Ultra Pure is the mild formulation that delivers amazing softness and is gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Continue reading “Use only the best to protect Baby’s delicate skin”

Bring your Kiddos to Drypers Little Day Out Carnival

A teaser posted by Drypers Singapore on their Facebook Page some time back…

And this is what it’s all about!

6 July 2013 is going to be a great family day out for you and your little ones at Singapore Expo Hall 4B! It’s Drypers Little Day Out Carnival, a family bonding event with activities for parents and child.

Drypers Little Day Out 2012, photo from Drypers Singapore FB

You can look forward to:
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  • Stage performances
  • Fun rides
  • Crafts sessions
  • Baking activities
  • Gym and music sessions
  • A huge play area
  • and much more…
  • [/list]
    All the above activities will be happening at different intervals during the day. Check out their schedule at Drypers Singapore Facebook Page for more details. And the best part? This event is FREEEEEEEEE! No purchase nor tickets needed to enter. However you’ll need to register for entry. Registration forms are available on-site as well as at Drypers Singapore Facebook Page. Each completed registration form admits one family. Please note that the event tab and registration form on Drypers Singapore Facebook Page are NOT accessible via mobile devices.

    Some highlights from last year’s Drypers Little Day Out on video…

    In support of KK Hospital Endowment Fund, special “Drypers Happy Pack” (worth up to $40) will be sold from $10-$15 depending on the type of diaper chosen. All proceeds for the bundles will be donated to the KKH Health endowment fund.

    Mark your calender and bring your whole family to Drypers Little Day Out Carnival on 6 July 2013 at Singapore Expo!
    Date: 6 July 2013 (One day only!)
    Time: 11am to 7pm
    Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4B

    This is Part 1 of a series of sponsored conversations on behalf of Drypers Singapore. All opinions, text and photos are my own.

    Breastfeeding Tips with Visuals

    I am probably the most unqualified mother to be sharing about breastfeeding! Because I failed at it with Ayra, not because I didn’t have any milk to give. After almost 2 years later, then I realized I hadn’t been persistent enough then. If I had given it more tries and more time, I would probably have had a successful breastfeeding experience. With Baby No. 2 on its way in few months time, I am determined to do more research and be more prepared so that I can breastfeed for as long as I can.

    To help myself and you (who have chanced upon this entry from search engines or somewhere online), here are some breastfeeding tips and visuals to help us all become a reliable milking machine. 😛

    Latch on techniques Image from La Leche League International website

    1. Get the right latch
    This is where I (and probably most mothers) failed and gave up too early. With baby being so fragile at birth, I was afraid to hold her in my arms, and getting the right latch on takes a lot of practice. The mother is to bring the baby towards the breast instead of bringing the breast towards the baby. This I must try and keep trying comes September.

    From research, I learned that there are many techniques to get the right latch-on. There’s the basic, the bulls-eye latch-on and the asymmetric latch.

    2. Learn from someone
    The only help I had then was the short few minutes guide from the nurse at the hospital. She wasn’t very detailed and the only thing I remember from that short crash course is that she massaged my breast and pinched my nipple very very hard. It was a painful experience. With baby in my arms, of course I didn’t make a sound and presumed it was supposed to be like that. Even with the guidance, I didn’t manage to feed the baby right.

    Now that I am reading more about breastfeeding, I think I should request to attend a proper session at the hospital. Getting help immediately is one of the tips I learned. No point keep trying on my own and only be doing it the wrong way all the time.

    3. Be prepared for painful letdown or swollen nipples and breasts
    My only painful experience was when my breasts were so filled with milk and I didn’t have my breast pumps with me then. I did manage to express some milk for Ayra in the first month with the help of a Philips Avent single pump. When the pump wasn’t available yet, to ease my pain, I resorted to expressing manually with my hands. It was a tiring process. I learned from my cousins that I should have prepared chilled cabbage or watermelon and put them over my swollen breasts instead. At least that was how they eased their pain when they were breastfeeding. Anyone of you reading this tried this method before?

    4. Use a nipple protector or shield

    Philips Avent nipple protector
    Image from Philips Avent’s website

    On some days, our nipple may not be in the right condition to feed. Nipple protectors or shields are good accessories to standby for such days. It helps baby latch-on more easily too.

    5. Involve the husband
    Support from your husband is crucial, don’t underestimate how much help it is to you emotionally and in practical ways. With their now extended 1 week paternal leave, get them involve in the process immediately. Some things the husband can do to help ease the breastfeeding mother may include:
    [list type=”check”][li]bring the mother food and drink while breastfeeding, you never know how long the baby will feed, I read some takes up to hours before the little one is satisfied, especially in the first few weeks![/li]
    [li]give words of encouragement to the wife, imagine the many sleepless days and tiring days the mother has to go through to look after and feed your child.[/li]
    [li]help burp the baby after feed, so that your wife can have some rest[/li]
    [li]feed the baby at least once a day with the expressed milk so that the wife can have a longer rest time.[/li]
    [li]even the littlest gesture make a big difference, e.g. bring the baby from the cot to the mother for feed, change the baby after feed, rock the baby to sleep etc.[/li]

    Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump SCF334 Double electric pump_Lifestyle
    6. Get a good pump
    I shared about the new pumps from Avent sometime back, after reading a few reviews of the pumps from other mothers, I am considering getting one for myself. The question is which one to get, the single or dual pumps. One I can bring to work after my maternity leave, and one help saves up half the time when expressing hence giving me more time to spend time with baby or to rest.

    Price point of a breast pump is a common question I get from new mums around me. Few hundred bucks invested into the pump may seem like a lot but if you were to break it down to the number of feeds and amount you’ll save from buying formula milk, I dare say the money is well invested and you will end up saving a lot more in months to come. A quick calculation: A newborn generally need 1 to 2 cans of formula milk a month, each can costs about $50, so in 6 months, you would have gotten back your return on investment for the breast pumps. And if you can express for more than that, any amount saved on formula milk is a bonus! 😉

    For breast milk expressing, here are some basics from Philips Avent website:
    [list type=”check”]

  • Make sure you have time and privacy when you are expressing. Try gently massaging your breasts for a few minutes prior to expressing to get them ready.
  • Sterilize your pump before you start.
  • Store milk in a sterile container, clearly labeled with date and amount. Store expressed breast milk in the back of the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, or the freezer for 3 months.
  • Many Moms find that if they express once every morning after feeding their baby, they will build up a store of milk to use when they wish. This allow for increased flexibility in the future.
  • To defrost breast milk for use later the same day (and always within 12 hours), sit the container in the refrigerator and allow it to defrost slowly.
  • For immediate use, stand the container in warm water or, for convenience, use a bottle and baby food warmer. Once milk has been warmed it should be used within an hour or thrown away.
  • If you are fully breastfeeding, try to introduce a bottle of expressed milk into your routine around 8 weeks, just a few times a week. This will help your baby latch onto a bottle quicker.
  • [/list]

    With all the above tips gathered, I hope I can successfully start my breastfeeding journey with my no. 2! Come our time to breastfeed our second child in September, I am going to apply all the above tips and hope to be able to successfully breastfeed this time. But if all attempts and methods still do not make me a “feeding machine”, I will express the milk at least 6 times a day and get my husband involve in the milking and feeding process. With our experiences from baby no.1 and his full support, I hope to save on formulas for at least 6 months and provide adequate breast milk for our second child.

    May The Loving Mum become a milking cow come September! 😛

    To look out for more to come from Philips Avent.

    This post is sponsored by Philips Avent. All opinions are 100% my own.

    Ayra got doob again!

    Ayra and doob

    In February, I ordered my first doob bean bags online. They were having a promotion then and I got the small Plop at $99 with free delivery instead of the usual $159. Was my first order and I hadn’t seen the real thing in person before, when the doob bean bag came, my first impression was “Wah! So big ah!”, but after I take it out from the plastic bag, touched the material, tried sitting on it and tried getting myself comfortable in it, I felt that the size wasn’t quite as I’d imagined it to be and the material a little rough (Polyester) for kids to get comfy in it. But still Baby Ayra enjoyed her chill-out moments on her first doob bean bag.

    Ayra and her doob bean bag At 17 months and already know how to relax like that!

    When I saw doob having a promo at the recent Echelon event which I attended, I just had to buy one more for her! More so with No. 2 coming soon, this huge doob will be able to hold them both just nice! This is the doobsta and the cover is made of Tetron-Rayon (it feels like cotton) and its machine washable!

    See this girl relaxing on her new doob the very night I brought it home!

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    Give the best start in life with Philips Avent

    One thing that I regretted not doing enough research on when I was preparing for my first baby is the lack of knowledge with the breast pumps in the market. Thinking that all pumps worked the same way and does the same thing, I blindly followed my personal instinct and bought one from a Philips Avent roadshow at a shopping mall.

    The pumps I bought then worked alright till I got tired of pumping one breast at a time. Should have invested a little more with a dual pump system which will save me half the time to pump, and probably had motivated me to pump more often than I did thus extending the breastfeeding period. Sadly my milk factory kinda closed itself in less than 2 months.

    Now Philips Avent has new pumps and it looks like a great improvement to the one I used.

    Philips Avent Launch

    At the launch, they shared about their redesigned milk bottles after 29 years. I’ve used their Classic bottles (previous version with an additional ring between the bottle and teats) and this new Philips AVENT Natural range of milk bottles are greatly welcomed and loved by my mum, Ayra and me! With Ayah’s approval too! I’ve tried so many bottles and these new AVENT bottles come highly recommended by me. Love it so much I’ve to dedicate an entire post to it! So I’ll share why I love them in another post. 😛

    The other products launched at the Baby Shower event was the Philips AVENT Comfort range of breast pumps which allow mothers to express milk in a comfortable, reclined position, instead of leaning forward. This prevents backache, aids relaxation and encourages easier milk flow.

    Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump SCF334 Double electric pump_Lifestyle

    Its innovative active massage cushion feels warm and natural on the breast, as its soft silicone petals gently massage the breast to stimulate the let-down reflex, encouraging milk flow and supply. And now they also have a larger silicon petal for the more blossomed Mums. (You know how one size never really fits all breasts.) Philips AVENT developed the new Comfort range of breast pumps to ensure that mothers are as comfortable as possible when expressing milk, allowing for a longer expressing time and hence a greater supply of milk.

    Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump SCF334 Double electric pump
    Above: Philips Avent Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump, RP $779

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    Safe play zone for baby

    At 8+ months, little Ayra was crawling fast and furious around the house and reaching out for support to lift herself to standing position. As there are many electrical stuff within easy reach in the living area, we had to constantly follow behind her when she crawls. Few occasions where she was faster than we can react and she pulled the hi-fi set off the shelve, situation might be worsen if it had hit her toes or feet when it fell. We needed a safe play zone for the growing baby.

    Deciding between a playpen vs a playard

    We are the generation who grew up in playpens. But the playpen only allows baby to be inside and not the adults. When the little one outgrows the size, the playpen will be a white elephant.

    I first saw a playard from a friend’s instagram; with few clicks from google search, I found the exact same one on Babytown online store. After reading few more reviews from other mummy’s blogs, I decided this was what we need at home.

    The size of the standard set of Haenim Playard is just nice for Ayra for now. When she grows bigger and need more space, we can buy additional panels to expand the playard. Ayra loves it! She plays in it everyday and learned to walk while holding on to the playard. With the playmat as base, we feel much comfortable with her in it and won’t rush to check on her when she falls on her butt.

    Playard also helps contain her toys within the play area and keeps the house neat. She’ll pull everything out from her toy basket and cover the entire mat with them.

    The playard makes good frames for photo taking too! 😛

    This is one of the purchase that I felt was money well spent.

    Haenim Playard is available from and they sell playmats too.

    *This post is not sponsored by any brands mentioned. Its based on my personal experiences and encounter. If you would like to have your brand or products reviewed, please contact The Loving Mum page via Facebook Message.