Big Changes to Our Routines

I’ve been working for myself for the past 4 years, then there was no big commitments and no family that I have to provide for. Those were the days when I was younger and powered with limitless energy and gusto. Fast forward two years and things changed. I got married, became a mother, directions and priorities in life changed. Running my own businesses with a baby to take care of was a great challenge. There was a lack of push power for me to persists on with my businesses. Things slowed down and eventually sustaining the businesses was just too tough and almost impossible.

Since the birth of Baby Ayra, I’ve been the sole caregiver and companion. We spend everyday and every minute together. I am blessed to be able to spend a good 17 months with her while wrapping up on-going projects from home. It was the most precious, loving and memorable 17 months, witnessing many milestones and developments in my baby girl. We have both gotten very dependent on one another, knowing we will always be there in bed in the morning when we open our eyes.

Soon reality hits. With another big change coming soon in our family, we need to ensure we will be able to live comfortably and be able to support our children through education and their lives. It is just not possible to sustain one family and house and the living standards in Singapore with a single income. Decision was made that I have to get a job. Lucky enough, a few came knocking on my door immediately when I posted my search for new career on Facebook. In less than two weeks, I got employed and started work the following week. I thought I was mentally and emotionally prepared for it. I thought it was going to be easy. But I was wrong.

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Be a responsible parent to your child and others too

Visited a relative’s 2 month young baby boy at KK Children’s ICU two days ago, the sight of the tiny baby being hooked up with many tubes and machines brought tears to my eyes. I held back my emotion till I exited from the room and broke down immediately after I’m out of sight from his mother.

He has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now, first admitted with phlegm and he had problem breathing. He was admitted in a standard ward for monitoring. A week later, his condition worsened and was moved to a private room for closer monitoring, and two days ago he had to be transferred to ICU as he needed to be put to sleep for his medication to work into his system. At ICU, morphine is used to put him to sleep and to reduce his pain, and a nurse is by his side 24/7 to ensure he is well.

His mother shared that this virus was spread to him during the recent festive season, when one of their relatives visited with their unwell son. The boy was much older, probably in pre-school. The baby was still young and had not taken his dose of vaccination which could have prevented him from getting that virus. Unaware of the potential harm, they let the unwell child get close to the baby.

Lesson learned from this incident: Be a responsible parent to your child and others. Avoid bringing an unwell child out to public places, especially places where kids are present. These include the playground, play gyms and kids stores. If your child is unwell, please do not let him or her get close to another child. You never know how bad the virus may be, especially with very young kids or a baby. Even if he/she is recovering or has just recovered the virus could still be spread to others.

When planning for home visits, always check if there is any baby around or joining in the group. Inform the hosts and guests, check if they are ok for your recovering/recovered child to be there. Be understanding if they prefer for you to stay away from the visit.

Preparing for Ayra’s 1st Birthday Celebration

The countdown clock has started. It’s a month and few days away from Ayra’s first birthday celebration. As we skipped her full month’s celebration, I’m planning to have a not-so-mini party for her 1st. As I was browsing through other mummy’s blog and referencing from friend’s photo albums on Facebook, the panic button is suddenly pressed. Its been 10 years since I last planned a birthday celebration!

The theme for the party is set and the e-invite is also ready and published…

Jotting down the list of stuff I need to prepare here for my reference (and perhaps someone out there may find this useful too).

  1. Get THE cake – This is one of the most important part of any birthday celebration. And it must look and taste great. My usual practice is to get it from Fourleave or Prima Deli, but after reading about Pine Garden’s Cake, I think its worth a try. Design and theme in mind, just need to get it conveyed as accurately as I can to the bakers.
  2. Food to fill the tummies – Been sometime since I ordered for catering, remember few names with pretty decent serving and food. Probably cater from Rasel or Kriston now known as Megu! Wow! It looks very good. Decision decision!
  3. Decoration – The celebration is going to take place at a chalet, my plan is to focus on two areas only. One is a photo backdrop where everyone will have to take photo with and the other a decorated table display where the cake will be. This table display will also be used for the cake cutting. Will start pinning inspirations on my pinterest for kids party.
  4. Photos and Video – Must get proper photos and videos taken of this day. If I can I would love to shoot them on my own, but I’ll be so busy running around to get things done and ensure guests and Ayra is happy. Must get my dearest crew guys to help!
  5. Montage and photo showcase – Its time to bring out the massive collection of photos and videos I took over the year and share them with family and friends. Time to scrap and create the montage is going to be very hard to come by in days leading to the big day. I MUST STILL TRY! *ommmmmmm*
  6. List to be continued…

May the craziness begin!

Growing with my baby girl

Every morning, after her first feed for the day, I’ll let her sleep in bed with me. Today we had a little playtime before she dozed off to continue her daily morning naps.

She was sitting up and throwing herself down back into the pillow in her own, wiggling herself into my arms and nudging her hear against my chest. All the while smiling and giggling with me. I looked at her and realised she has grown and changed so much within 8 months!

Having her in my arms for the first time then, she was so tiny and fragile. Now she is strong and active, exhausting all my energy every day. I’m glad to be able to stay by her side 24/7 and showering her with all the TLC she needs from me. Soon I’ll be spending lesser time with her as I get back to paying more attention into my companies and projects.

I know I’ll be missing her all the time when I’m not with her in the day. I know I’ll be looking forward to getting home and holding her in my arms while she rest her head on my shoulder. I know she will miss me too and will be delighted to see me home from work. Just the thought of these days approaching soon makes my heart aches. A part of me misses my professional life, a bigger part of me is already missing my time with my baby girl.

Points to note when buying a resale flat

The time has come for us to move out of my parent’s place. Little girl is growing faster than we had imagined and she needs more space for her growing toys and room to explore as she learns to walk.

We have been going round viewing flats around our ideal home location and have met at least 6 different property agents from various companies. Most we contacted via after seeing their listings of houses. The house viewing process is rather fun and some houses left deep (smelly) impressions while some were like a war zone in my opinion. Cannot imagine how they can live in a house like that. I’m glad I’m brought up learning to keep myself and my environment clean. After viewing at least 15 houses, we short listed 5 and offered price to 3, sadly all 3 sellers are still waiting for someone to offer at their ideal price, which is beyond our budget.

Only after viewing 14 houses, then we learned about points which we should take note of when meeting an agent. Thanks to the nice lady from HSR who enlightened us.

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Baby, Made in Hong Kong

Yes, little one, you’re (kinda) made in Hong Kong. This was the room Mummy and Ayah were staying during our trip to Hong Kong in Winter 2010. It was on the night of 21 Dec 2010 if we remember correctly.

We shall bring you to Hong Kong soon!

P/S: This entry is for Ayra’s info in case she’s interested to know when she is older.