“Wow you have lost weight!” This is why – Absolute Slimming

Wow Claudia you look different! What did you do?” from a lady who I last met couple months ago at our club networking lunch.

Eh you slimmed down! Like really really slimmed leh!” from the lady boss of a cafe I last went a month back with my girls. This was the third time she met me and she noticed! Super pleased with myself can?!

Over the past two weeks, friends and family I met has been telling me I look slimmer and different. I’m very happy they noticed it, my time and effort is paying off well. And I am on the speed up journey towards a slimmer and healthier me!

My progress so far…

I started my slimming routine on 18 May 2015, weighed myself for the first time in almost 2 years. I put on more than 10 kg during my last pregnancy with Zara, the last weigh in was at my final Gynae appointment, weighing 83 kg! Zara was about 3 kg at birth so technically I was 80+kg after popping her.

As I progress a week into my routine, the number just gets smaller… 

When you believe you can. You can! #TLMgetfit

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So what happened? What have I done to myself to lose those fats?

Here’s why…

No Time For Exercise And I Did None!

If time and energy allows I would love to workout every week, but I didn’t. The only extra “exercise” I did was to walk and climb more stairs. So instead of taking travellators at MRT stations or malls I walked, while on escalator climb on the right side, when there’s stairs I climb when I’m not with my girls. So I pretty much didn’t try hard enough to enhance my slimming routine with any form of exercise, if I did, the result might have been even better I guess. But really no time!

Controlled Diet

Since two weeks ago, I started cutting down on my diet. Strictly no carbohydrate – rice, noodle, pasta, bread and whatever that contains carb. I also stopped drinking sweetened drinks (my fridge is always well stocked with packet and canned drinks) and hydrate only with water. Instead I introduced lots of vegetables and a portion of white meat for lunch and dinner. Finally I cut down on snacks; I used to consume at least two packets of tidbits or cookies a day because I like to snack while I work, now I snack on cherry tomatoes or a small apple instead. My daily meal in fact looks much better and healthier as compared to what I would usually feed myself with. 

Wait! No carb diet doesn’t mean fats are lost! Some will debate that the weight drop is due to lose of water and may not mean that I am losing fats. But hey! My clothes do feel bigger and I managed to wear a very old pair of pants without much effort. So I’m happy this whole slimming routine is working for me. And it’s more than water I’m losing, I’m shredding off stubborn fats too!

Slimming Sessions with Absolute Slimming

I have read and seen the effect of traditional slimming methods online for a while and had always wanted to give them a try. The only thing stopping me is the commitment, unsure how many sessions I will need in order to start seeing results. When an opportunity came for me to try out traditional slimming treatment at Absolute Slimming, I jumped into it. And OMG! IT REALLY WORKED! When they say “See result after the first treatment“, I really didn’t believe much, but it did happen! And I witnessed it myself! I kid you not ok see the comparison below. Left is the day I started my treatment and the right side is me one week later. ONE Week!

You lazy bum! Slimming sessions are for lazy people.”

There’s a common misconception that weight loss programs are for lazy people who don’t work out, but that’s not true! I have tried exercising with controlled diet too but it just didn’t work as well as cupping and guasha. I blame my metabolism. When I start eating my usual meals after I lose some weight, the mass returns and once it even doubled!

Based on my understanding, the cupping treatment done on the right acupoints helps suppresses our appetites hence we do not feel hungry even when meal size is greatly reduced during the treatment period. Because your body is being tuned to be more in control with the amount of food required daily, even if you go back to good food after the treatment, your weight will be much, much easier to maintain.

Treatments at Absolute Slimming is done in an hour and the trained therapist will carry out cupping and guasha. Their treatments help increase your metabolism by stimulating your acupoints, which are located in various parts of our body, including your back, stomach, thighs, calves and upper arms. And I noticed that these areas that are treated gets more defined and toned as I progress through my sessions.

With cupping, it tones up everything evenly, especially the stubborn areas like my shoulder, thighs and tummy! By the 4th session onwards, my bottom half starts shrinking – this is not something to take for granted, because the progress is accelerated by proper treatment. Toning of these area with dieting alone is usually an extremely slow process. Personally I never felt this much change ever from my previous dieting routines.

I am at half way through their standard 8 sessions treatment with Absolute Slimming. I will share more about my experience and thoughts about my slimming journey in another post. Will I ever hit 60 kg? The last time I was 60 was some 15 years ago! Very hopeful I am.

Follow me on my journey with regular updates on my Instagram. If you are considering slimming and toning yourself too, go try it with Absolute Slimming, quote my blog at registration and get an extra session free!


The Loving Mum Readers Special
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Disclaimer: The Loving Mum is sponsored to slimming sessions with Absolute Slimming for purpose of reviews and experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

He’s dead already. Not die.

Dear Ayra,

The past week was dark and solemn, the mood in the family (especially me) and the rest of Singapore was greatly affected due to the passing of our first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. I did not expect you to understand what he did for Singapore and who he was to many of us, especially your zhouzhou (great grandmother) and ah ma (grandmother). We did not get to tell you about him but when you saw his videos flashed on TV one evening, you pointed and said “He’s Lee Kuan Yew!” and I was dumbfounded. Thanks to the sharing in your childcare, you got to learn about this great man.

You kept asking me where he was and when I told you he is dead, you did not understand. I said he dies and is taking a very very very long sleep because he is very old and sick. And yet you insisted he is not. In your own words…

“No… Lee Kuan Yew is not die. He is sleeping. When the sun comes up he will wake up.”

For the next few days whenever you see his photo on TV, you would repeat your thoughts, arguing with me that he is not die.

On Sunday, we sat in our living room, me cuddling you, we watched as Lee Kuan Yew took his last journey around Singapore. From the start of the journey, you repeatedly asked the same question – “Where is Lee Kuan Yew? I cannot see him”, till the point I got very frustrated, unknowing how to explain what it meant to be dead. I explained that he is dead and is taking a very long sleep inside the coffin that was covered with our flag, but yet you insisted he is not there and repeated your questions. Ayah and I tried to distract your questioning by giving silly replies – “He is behind you.” “He is hiding inside your playhouse…”.

Finally, after more than 2 hours of questioning and me trying to explain to you what is dead, you gave the most amusing reply – “Lee Kuan Yew is dead. But he is not die ok. He is dead.”

When the live broadcast was over, I then reflected on your words – “Lee Kuan Yew is dead. But he is not die.” And then I too felt the same. Ayra, from your unexpected answer, Mummy came to senses that yes, Mr Lee is dead, but he will always live in our thoughts, our memories and everywhere around us. As PM Lee Hsien Loong shared in his eulogy for his father Lee Kuan Yew, “Mr Lee Kuan Yew built Singapore. To those who seek Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s monument, Singaporeans can reply proudly: ‘look around you’.”

Ayra, when you are older and wiser, you will read and learn about this great man who devoted his entire life building Singapore. You will learn to appreciate everything around you, your family, your beautiful green city and the diverse culture and people. Mummy hasn’t been a fan of history nor politics, and I have to admit I have little knowledge about these topics. But Mummy will be reading the books written by and for this great man from now on, and hopefully one day will be able to share with you more about this great man.

Mummy will also be compiling some articles and links on our little tribute page for Lee Kuan Yew, so one day when you are reading this, you will have some references.

With a very heavy heart, and a lot of love,

I am not enough.

For the longest time, I thought I am a good mum. I thought I have been doing it right and enough to bring up my girls the right way. I thought I have been managing the whole family life thing right.

But I was wrong.

I am not enough.

I am not patient enough. I wish for more patience when talking to my girls. I wish to be more caring and considering when teaching the rights and wrongs. Ayra is only 3 going to 4, she is still a baby needing lots of good examples to learn from. And I have not being doing my 100% to set the tone right.

I am not caring enough. I know very well some things I said and the actions I do will hurt my little ones. I know very well I shouldn’t have said that or threw the iPad to the corner just so to show how angry I was. All these are bad examples and I am the one that is doing it. I am such a bad person at controlling my emotions especially when trying to get Ayra to listen to me.

I am not understanding enough. Many times out of frustration or tiredness Ayra will throw a big tantrum and I know she is still learning to control and learning what is right and wrong. But I failed to understand what she was trying to tell me, failed to understand how she felt at the point of anger. I failed to understand my girl.

I am not doing it enough to let Ayra learn the good habit of following to routines nor daily tasks. I am not doing it enough to cultivate the right time to sleep and wake up or getting to school on time. I failed to set all these right from the start. And now I struggle everyday to put some routine into our lives.

I want to be a better mum. I want to be a more loving mum. I want to be the best for my girls. I want to feel that I have done enough. Is it really that hard?

From February (today) onwards I need to be more than enough. I need to have double the tolerance, double the patiences, double the caring, double the love, double the strength, double the energy and double of myself. With Zara moving back home and starting a brand new routine of going to school everyday, things are going to be even crazier for me. Will I be able to handle all these? Will I be able to be the loving mum I want to be?

I hope I can. And I will.

The Loving Mum at Universal Studio Singapore with Elmo
Had a fun day out with my girls on the last Friday of January, just before all the storm and stressful days begin in February.

PS: Expect lots of delays in emails, delays in blog posts, delays in work in general over the next 2 to 3 weeks. The Loving Mum has got to do what a loving mum has got to do. Being a mum.

This Is Me.

Coincidentally I was just at a launch yesterday with the tag #thisisme and today I have to do this post to fully disclose who I am and what I do, because not everyone that is reading this blog and in the communities I am (or used to be just a day before) know me for who I am. So this is me being transparent with my history is this whole blogging community I have been committed to since 2007.

The timeline below documents the things I did and the things I am doing now. All these community commitments were done with hope to help shape and grow together with no money was earned but lots of time and energy put in.

Why did I do it? Because I enjoy gathering like-minded people together to share knowledge and experiences. Because these events help provide a networking platform for passionate people in the community. Because I really enjoy doing what I am doing.

If you want to know what did pay me for the things I do, take a look at my Linkedin profile.

Catching Up on The Four Questions Blog Train

One thing about being part of a group of active Mum Bloggers is that one can never be spared from any of these tagging meme or train. Few days after I saw this train going on, I received a message from Cherie to ask if I would like to board this forever-on-going train.

Somehow now, I feel like this is similar to a chain letter from long long long time ago, just that there is no death threat imposed if one choose not to continue the chain.

Here are my answers to the four questions…

1. What am I working on?

This is a very challenging question for me as I am constantly working on many things at the same time and before any of them is complete, more things will role into my area of scope. At this point, I am working full time as the Marketing Manager of LIV3LY, a sports and lifestyle platform. Also helping out a friend with testing and implementing his system. And there is also a commitment made to help partners of The Loving Mum bring better engagements with fellow bloggers.

Work aside, I am constantly working on building a stronger and better relationship with my family. Finding ways to make our life more fulfilling and wholesome. That’s one of the reasons why I started this blog.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Hmm… I don’t think there are much difference, perhaps I am a little more tech savvy? Before I became a “Mummy blogger” I was labelled as a “tech blogger” and I kinda missed those days where I got to play with new gadgets every other month and attend product launches whenever I like to. These days, before I accept an invitation for an event or chance to review something, I have to twice to see if it will affect my routine with my family or whether or not I will ever find time to blog about it.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I used to write more work related stuff over at The Claudia Post, where I share experiences as a blogger, and also as the lady boss of an agency engaging bloggers. I was fortunate to be able to forge relationship with many others who were actively growing the local blogging and social media scene through my blog. It was also through blogging where I started my own company and ran it for four years, being my own boss, with my own team and office, it was one of the most memorable years for me. The things I learned and experienced gained is priceless. If given a chance to do it again, I will. For now, stability and family comes first.

4. How does my writing process work?

I write how I speak, but I prefer writing more as there is room for correction and checks. For this blog, I will usually upload photos of events or days I want to record within 48hours from shooting, then a draft will be created with title and all images I want to publish. Then these drafts will just stay as draft till I have time to fill in the details. Sometime it takes only that very same day to have a few drafts scheduled but most of the time, it’ll take me weeks before I have time to work on them. Not the best way to maintain a blog like that. So don’t take my process as a template ok.

Now that you read my not-so-logically-sounding answers to these questions, let’s (hopefully) continue this train next week with the following friends of mine…

Patrick from http://partickpang.com

I first met Patrick three years back when he was engaged as a blogger for a project my company was working on. Fast forward two years and we became neighbors from the same estate, and he is coincidentally the RC Chairman for my estate! Though we rarely get to meet, but he is the one guy whom I respect in his effort to make his community better through genuine engagement and conversation. Read about his journey with his three kids and beautiful wife on http://partrickpang.com.

Nick from http://nickpan.com

Nick is one of the first Punggol bloggers I knew from way back, and he is also one of the pioneers I know who started blogging before it got picked up. He was also the first Daddy Blogger I know who started a blog for each of his three girls; though we only met a few times since about 10 years ago when we first met at one of his community BBQ, I watched his girls and family evolved through his blog, Facebook and Instagram! Nick is also one of the web guy whom I respect. Wish one day we will get to collaborate somehow. 🙂

Lucian from http://tribolum.com

The other web guy whom I respect! Lucian is a wordsmith, he seldom pen his thoughts on his blog, but when he do, it’s gold. Dad to three kids and a very important job. He has shared several times that he wished very much to become his own boss one day, hope one day he will.

Hope the three Daddy bloggers will try to continue this train… even if it’s just answering the 4 questions above, cos I would really love to read them.

A peek into the after work hours of a FTWM

Let’s set the context right before we peek into my after work hours…

  • I am a Full Time Working Mum (FTWM) with a 9am to 6pm job which I enjoy.
  • I do take up freelance gigs when they come to me, from companies and people I adore very much.
  • My no. 1 goes to a full day childcare and she stays with me everyday. She still wakes up twice every night for milk.
  • My no. 2 stays with my parents on weekdays and we visit her once a week and brings her home every weekend. I wish I can have her home with us every night but the routine is just not possible yet.
  • I don’t have a maid but has a lady come clean our house, wash our toilets and iron our clothes once a week.

So… what is it like for me after my working hours? Let’s start from the morning…

“Ayra! Time to wake up! Mummy’s late for work…. (AGAIN)”

I go through the same morning routine everyday since January, till today, I have never been on-time at work. (Thank goodness for understanding team and boss.) I try to let Ayra sleep till 8am and this is how I wished for our mornings to be…
0800 Ayra bounces out of be happy and smiley.
0805 Ayra drinks her milk while I get ready for work.
0820 Ayra changes into her uniform willingly.
0830 We walk happily to school.
0835 I drive off to work.

*poofs!* This is reality…

0800 I attempt to wake Ayra up and gives her milk.
0830 Second attempt to get Ayra out of bed.
0845 “Ayra we are late! Wake up!”
0900 “Ayra your friends and teachers are waiting for you… (And the 101 explanation why she needs to get out of bed and dress for school kicks in)
0915 Ayra!!!
0930 Ayra wakes up, changes, and sit in the living room to play!
0940 And we are soooo late!

I’m giving us a little more time to get this morning routines right, not sure what is it that’s stopping her from loving school. Hope to find out more at our first PTC in June. Perhaps Ayra just want me to be home with her instead. Perhaps I will also try to wake her up earlier instead, but that’ll mean even lesser sleep time for both of us.

What’s for dinner tonight?

The question I drag everyday. Ayra is a very picky eater. She will REFUSE to eat if the food doesn’t look crispy, doesn’t even attempt to taste anything we give her, eats only when it is tasty enough. The places to pack our dinner from my way home from work is limited. Sometimes we try cook our own dinner, and this will usually mean meal at 8pm.

I would very much want to cook our own dinner every day, but when Ayra refused to eat the motivation is just gone. It’s the school holiday now, with hub at home on most of the days, perhaps its time to try open up Ayra’s golden mouth again. Wish us luck!

Mother Daughter Bonding

Every day I will try to do something engaging with Ayra after we are done with dinner. I am in the midst of setting up a proper activity room with proper place for crafting, for role-playing, for reading and learning. Currently we spent most of our time in the living room where our playroom is setup. But this arrangement usually end up with our TV on with YouTube videos (with Ayra’s choice of videos) streaming continuously through the night. I think it is time to return the TV back to hub for his afterwork entertainment. And also time to reduce Ayra’s time on YouTube.

The weekly necessary household routines

Lucky me do not need to vacuum nor mop the floor as often as I used to. And with dark laminated flooring, we don’t see dust or hair as much. Yes I know it is still dusty, as long as it doesn’t affect our daily routine, with the once a week major cleaning by our cleaning lady it’s enough. If we really need to vacuum, we have a wireless Philips vacuum which works very well for small area vacuuming. My hub will do the mopping if necessary.

The only household routine for me is mainly the laundry, which is done 4 times a week. Twice for my own laundry and twice for the girls. Hub does his own. Lucky me?

The Night Shift

In between all the above, I have to find time and energy to sit myself in front of the computer at home (usually after Ayra is asleep) to get more work done. These include work from my daytime job, work from my freelance gigs and blogging “duties”. By time I am done with all these things, I’ll collapse in bed at 1am (if I’m lucky). And just when I finally manage to fall into deep sleep, Ayra sits up and demand for milk… and then I got to catch the milk bottle when she’s done… and this repeats in 3-4 hours time.

Weekends are for PLAY!

We pick Zara from my parent’s on Friday/Saturday and spend time with both girls at home. Juggling two at night is a challenge we are still trying to juggle, but we are learning and managing decently. The mornings on weekends are usually spent sleeping in till the sun hits our bum! And by time I shower, feed and settle both the girls, and then do the same for myself, it’s already time for tea! This is the reason why we never make it to morning events on weekends.

We like to spend our weekends at home, playing and just being there with both the girls. This is also the only time where the two sisters get to interact, laugh and have fun together. Zara loves having her sister around. She giggles at the sight of her approaching and reacts to her every move in a loving and fun way.

On some weekends when we are less tired, we bring the girls out for some fun. We usually either hang out at an indoor playground, window shopping at the malls or just let Ayra have her own shopping fun at a Toys R Us. Of course, there’s the occasional LIVE show we get to watch for free at Shopping Malls.

This kinda sums up my after work hours, or rather, non-working hours life. Wonder if anyone shares almost the same kind of routines? Most of my time off from work is spent with my girls. One thing I need to improve on is how I can spend quality time with my hub too. This I got to think harder and do better.

I do not have any tips to share on how I manage my time better cos I am still going through the trial and error stage. Simple rule I follow by – If it’s not necessary, don’t think or do it. This way, we focus only on the essentials and unknowingly we may end up with time to do things we wish.

A Peek into the After Work Hours of a FTWM

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Christy from Kids ‘R’ Simple on “A Peek into the After Work Hours of a FTWM”. Read about how 21 FTWMs from Singapore Mom Bloggers handle their kids and household everyday from 1 June to 21 June. The aim is to give other working mums motivation, ideas and support to deal with the everyday demands of juggling work and family while keeping sane. We will be happy to hear your story, tips and even an encouraging word will make our day! Share your thoughts in the comments!

MadpsychmumTomorrow, Madeline will be sharing about her endeavours trying to juggle work, family and personal life.

Madeline is a research psychologist and mum to a chatty 4-year-old girl and a chillax 5-month-old boy. She is passionate about child psychology and hopes to make a difference in the lives of children living in Singapore. Also an avid traveller and advocate of breastfeeding, Madeline regularly documents her overseas trips and nursing room reviews with incredible detail on her blog, MadPsychMum.

A letter to the 20 year old me

Dear 20 year old me,

Oh how I missed you so! Yes, that is a super cheesy start line, but really I miss you a lot. The 20yo me was filled with passion and energy, filled with gusto and drive and all I ever wanted was to climb those ladders up up up to as high as I could. There was no plan to find a husband, no plan to start a home, no plan for a baby, at least not back then when I was 20. If I could turn back time, things may not be how it is now.

If I could turn back time, I would have not worried about whether or not I could afford to get married. Throwing a wedding dinner and keeping things simple really didn’t cost me THAT much of money. Having a husband is so much less “stressful” than having a boyfriend. At least you don’t have to worry about being your best dressed self every time you go out. You can laugh off about farting out loud in the middle of a meal and pretending that a frog just hopped by. And just because the 20yo me wouldn’t have sufficient money to buy a HDB flat then, the married 20yo me would have stayed with my parents and then have more support when comes to my next point.

If I could turn back time, I would have settled down and given birth to at least two babies before I turned 25. Having babies is really not that big a deal, and really not that painful nor scary as I had imagined it to be. I would have more energy to spend time at work and with my babies after work, unlike the 30yo me now, getting older and getting tired too easily. The 20+yo me wouldn’t have mind not getting enough sleep because the babies need my attention. The 20+yo me would have done less clubbing and other leisure activity (which would indirectly helped saved more money for the 30+yo me now) if I had a family and adorable babies to go home to everyday.

If I had done what I did in the 30+yo me few years earlier, I would have more time and energy to build on my career now because if I had my kids before I turned 25, by time I turned 30, my kids would have been old enough to take care of themselves and get things done on their own. I would have been able to balance my life better being the 30+yo me with grown up kids.

If I really have a chance to talk to the 20 year old me now, I would tell her to start a family as soon as she can. I would tell her how much more energy and time the younger me would have for the kids and how much more focus on building the career it would have been after the kids are older. I would tell the 20yo me that money shouldn’t be the factor that’s stopping me from getting married and starting a family. I would tell the younger me that no matter how much or little the combine income is then, I would have survived still even with a family to feed. I would tell the 20yo me that there isn’t going to be the right time to get married nor the right time to have kids. You just do it! And things will eventually turn out well because I am a woman who can and will survive all challenges that comes my way.

Dear 20 year old me, if you ever see this post, please just go ahead and do it. The career ladder is better climbed with a family supporting you. Nothing gets you more motivated than the smile and laughter you will receive from your kids. Just look at how beautiful your kids may be…

From the 30+yo me