Preparing for Ayra’s 1st Birthday Celebration

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The countdown clock has started. It’s a month and few days away from Ayra’s first birthday celebration. As we skipped her full month’s celebration, I’m planning to have a not-so-mini party for her 1st. As I was browsing through other mummy’s blog and referencing from friend’s photo albums on Facebook, the panic button is suddenly […]

August 5, 2012

Growing with my baby girl

The Mummy

Every morning, after her first feed for the day, I’ll let her sleep in bed with me. Today we had a little playtime before she dozed off to continue her daily morning naps. She was sitting up and throwing herself down back into the pillow in her own, wiggling herself into my arms and nudging […]

May 17, 2012

Points to note when buying a resale flat

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The time has come for us to move out of my parent’s place. Little girl is growing faster than we had imagined and she needs more space for her growing toys and room to explore as she learns to walk. We have been going round viewing flats around our ideal home location and have met […]

May 1, 2012

Baby, Made in Hong Kong

The Mummy

Yes, little one, you’re (kinda) made in Hong Kong. This was the room Mummy and Ayah were staying during our trip to Hong Kong in Winter 2010. It was on the night of 21 Dec 2010 if we remember correctly. We shall bring you to Hong Kong soon! P/S: This entry is for Ayra’s info […]

December 28, 2011

The nightly gig

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It’s been a month and I’m surprised how I managed to survive! I’m a lazy woman who will get as much sleep as I can at night and in the morning, but for the past month my routine was messed up. I almost couldn’t tell the difference between waking up in the day and at […]

October 19, 2011

The days ahead, a different journey

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I’m very glad confinement is over, means I can eat, bath, go out and live life however I want to. But that also means my grandma will not be around to help with the baby, and it marks the start of my “full time” mummy status. Juggling between the two hourly feeds, the poo, the […]

October 17, 2011