Pose, Laugh and Shoot with Clickz Studio

Zara with the welcome setup by the team at Clickz Studio.

Thanks to Clickz Studio, we had our very first family photo shoot with my entire family. We were our own photographers, directors and models! It was a super fun session and we all love the photos we took!

Props are available for use in the studio.

Well, we did try to use some of them in our shoot, but the little one would cry when she saw us in funny wigs or specs, and even plushies bigger than her made her cry. So we did most of our shots without props.

Funny shots like this were aplenty! Whoever holding the remote just went click happy without telling us to be ready. From our 45 minutes session, we had more than 300 shots!

Here are some of the better and proper shots from that day. Photos are cropped and color enhanced.

The session at Clickz Studio was super fun! Even Baby Zara agrees!

Sessions at Clickz Studio starts from $25 per pax, and the more people you bring, the cheaper one has to pay! This is great for those who wants to direct your own stduio photo shoot but doesn’t have the right equipments to do so. Or if you are running your own online fashion store, this is a good studio to have your photos taken – you can be the model (or your kids) and photographer. Clickz Studio is also good for those who need photos for your resume, passport etc. Don’t need to be shy of your own poses and funny expressions, just go and have a fun time clicking away!

To share the fun we had, we are giving away THREE 30-minute sessions! To win yourself and family a fun photo shoot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Like The Loving Mum and Clickz Studio on Facebook.
  2. Complete this sentence “I wanna have fun at Clickz Studio with…” on this post in Facebook and tag your family/friends whom you would like to bring along.
  3. Winners will be picked at random on 30 May 2014 and will be announced on The Loving Mum Facebook page.

[box]Clickz Studio
Find them at Far East Plaza #05-05
Contact: 6737 1505
Email: info@clickzstudio.com
Website: http://www.clickzstudio.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clickzstudio.sg[/box]

The virus infected weekend

The weekend that just past was a slow and rather painful one. Abang has been sick for an entire week since last Sunday, with very bad infection in the throat and down with bad cough. With just a day spent together at home on the Labour Day public holiday with us, Ayra fell sick too on Friday evening, with temperature hitting 38°C. Instead of bringing her to the doctor on Friday night, we brought her home and keep her cool through the night. The temperature fluctuated between 37°C anbd 38.3°C till Saturday afternoon. Ayra was her usual self, playing, talking and dancing the whole time. But every time I held her close, I could feel the heat from her body.

Late noon on Saturday, I decided to bring her to the doctor. She was given mixture for her fever and one for the cough, phlegm and flu combo (which was for kids above 2yo, but doctor said its alright for her to take). Nurofen was also given to standby in case her temperature heats 38.5°C. After the first feed, which was surprisingly easy as I thought she will resists taking her medicine like before but she took them without much fuss, her temperature went below 38°C but was still hovering around 37°C. What’s disturbing was that her coughing and phlegm situation turned worst. She was whizzing loudly when she drinks her milk and is taking even lesser milk than before. When she was taking a nap, she would cough suddenly and then wakes up to puke. This cranked her up big time and took me awhile to calm her down. I immediately stopped the combo mixture at the next medicine feed and gave her other cough mixture (left unopened) from our last coughing sickness.

With more play and activities, her temperature came down to 37°C and body temperature when touched was normal. Stopped coughing when she’s awake but still does when she sleeps. The puking happened each time she sleeps and coughed too hard. It’s painful to see her suffer like that. I felt helpless and could only give her comfort and keeps her happy.

On Saturday night, she woke up after a series of coughing and puking. She cried so hard and long I could hear her throat breaking. We did all we can to calm her down, but she kept crying and we could feel her pain. I carried her and walked around the house till she eventually stopped. We sat in the living room till she is composed and responded to our questions. We presumed the aircon was making her uncomfortable and causing the bad cough, we switched on the fan for the rest of the night and let her sleep on my bed instead as its more comfortable and cooler. After 20ml of milk, she fell asleep.

This was how we fell asleep that night. With Ayah in his regular position, Ayra in my bed and me sleeping on hers.

Some time into the night, I felt something fell onto me and woke me up. Turning myself to check what happened, my little girl has rolled herself next to me in the small bed (which was already filled with too many pillows, dolls and blankets).

She doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in the tiny space beside me and didn’t wake herself up with that rolling off the bed stunt. I rolled myself gently off her bed and make room for her and climbed back into my bed to sleep. At least Ayra had a good rest that night after the whole drama.

I was hoping the fever will be gone by Sunday morning. But it got back to 38°C! All my outing plans for the weekend had to be postponed since Abang and Ayra are both sick. And worst part was, my nose starting dripping non-stop too; probably due to the waking up at night switching between hot and cold rooms and sleeping with fan instead of aircon. My nose is just sensitive like that.

Sunday was spent with 3 of us sick and weak at home, while we all try to keep ourselves up to keep the little girl company. Its amazing how she can be sick and still stay so active. Eventually Ayra and I both knocked out around 2pm and she slept through with some coughing in-between till 5.30pm.

Just gave my mum a call to check on the girl, her temperature raised to 38.4°C last night and was coughing and whizzing badly. She just woke up and temperature is now down to 37.4°C, but mum said her voice is bad and can hear she has a very bad throat infection too. Got to bring her to the doc again. Baby girl please get well soon. Pains our heart to see you sick like that.

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

Over the staycation weekend we visited The Art of the Brick exhibition at Art Science Museum. It was our first visit to the museum and personally I was very excited about it. We took a stroll to the museum after we checked out of the hotel (to save on parking since its complimentary from the hotel). The weather wasn’t hot nor windy, but by the time we reached the museum, we were all drenched in sweat. The air condition at the museum was super welcoming.

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

Ayra chose to walk across the Helix Bridge on her own, and she sure know how to take her time. She swung from side to side and did her dance moves (no there wasn’t any music) while enjoying her walk. She would stop for a minute on every lighting spot she passed just to rest her feet on them. With her comical walk and loud giggles, she attracted much attention from the others. In return, she will wave and say hi at them. Super friendly girl!

Visit to The Art of the Brick at Art Science Museum Singapore

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Family Staycation at Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore

Over the Good Friday weekend, the family went for a short getaway in Singapore. We love staycations in Singapore! No jet-lag, no need to change currency and get totally recharged and as much enjoyment. Loving the mineral pool at the hotel, we went back to Marina Mandarin hotel. And this time, we got upgraded to their Meritus Club room! Much more amenities and better view as compared from our last stay.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

The Meritus Club Rooms are situated on the two topmost levels of the hotel. From our room on the 21st floor, we could oversee the view from the highway to Marina Bay Sands. (Reminder to self: need a wider lens camera :P)

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Decked with dark wood decorative panelling that brings out a touch of Oriental, each Club Room is equipped with a personal Nespresso coffee maker and a plush Simmons 13-inch pillow top mattress which we felt was a bit too hard for comfort. We missed our King mattress at home that night.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Ayra was excited to see her 1-night only room and went round exploring every inch and corner of it! She found few favorite spots, namely the phone “booth” corner, the toilet light switches, the huge mirror and the drawers filled with “toys”.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

The Club Room is equipped with a personal Nespresso coffee maker which Abang loves and drank 2 cups a day. Think I know what I can get him for Christmas! 😛

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

The toilet is spacious and comes a bath tub which Ayra and I love soaking ourselves in and there is also a standing shower space that comes with with six-jet power shower!

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

We enjoyed our stay at the hotel and will surely be back again in future. Thank you Marina Mandarin for the free upgrade for our reservation and we look forward to our next staycation with you.

Staycation at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Next up, I’ll share Ayra’s first dip into the pool at the hotel’s mineral pool and also one more on our visit to Bricks World exhibition at the Art Science Museum.

Photos taken with Canon S95

A week into our new home

It’s been a week! Our first week living on our own at our new house. A house we call home, just the three of us. I have been looking forward to this day for 9 years, since the day I knew he is the one. And now here we are.

I am holding back photos of the house for now as there are still boxes around the house, things unpacked or not in the right place and stuff that need to be touched up. But we have settled down, able to live, cook and do our daily stuff. EXCEPT for being able to connect online to get proper work done! Our M1 fiber will only be activated and installed on 20 Nov, till then, I am surviving on PATHETIC 3G connection from Singtel and borrowing Baby’s iPad (with M1 3G) and Abang’s M1 LTE from his iPhone5 for connection on my computer at night. If you are planning to get fiber at your new house, apply as soon as you got the keys! It takes 3 to 4 weeks for activation and installation.

For the past week, I learned my new responsibilities as a mother and wife. New stuff I need to manage on my own and learning to manage and plan my time in a whole new way. No more lazing in bed waiting for Baby to wake up! It’s now get-up-before-baby-else-get-little-to-nothing-done-today.

Baby is coming to 14 months in a few days time and she demand my attention and presence the entire time she is awake. Leave her alone for few seconds she will start to cry for me. Either that or she will follow wherever I go around the house with both her hands behind her, like a supervisor ensuring I do things properly. Her favorite parts around the house, besides her own room, are the kitchen and the toilet in the master bedroom where she baths.

She likes to turn the knobs and press the buttons on the washing machine and dryer, causing double washing several times. She also likes to look into the waste bin in the kitchen and attempt to dig things out from it! I have to carry her in my arms whenever I have to be in the kitchen. Thank goodness my Pupsik baby sling still fits and works for us. Greatly help free my hands and strength to carry out tasks in the kitchen.

Bath time for Baby now means play time with Mummy in the toilet. She will take out Ayah’s facial wash bottles and pretend them to be hammer or microphone while waiting for me to shower her. She will also attempt to pump shampoo out of their bottles and mimic to soap herself. Bath time is also the time of the day where she will call “Mummy meee!” the loudest, cause she hates getting water into her eyes and face whenever I wash off soap from her hair.

Things I have been doing the past week: trying to keep the house as dust free as possible (a friend told me houses in Punggol is never going to be dust free, which I totally agree!), floor is clean for baby to move around safely, ensuring all three of us have clean clothes to wear, Baby gets her milk and meals, me getting emails read and replied, work is done whenever possible and necessities around the house purchased. Guess my life will be more or less like that from now on! Boy! Hope these don’t turn me into an old auntie housewife too soon!

Our first threesome photo shoot

In my 33 weeks now and finally we got our first proper photo shoot with Maryann at The Studio Loft. Booked the package during their promotion at the mother-baby exhibition at Singapore Expo. Spent the previous two nights preparing the props for the shoot and am glad they turned out pretty well. One sad thing was my hair; as expected, it didn’t cooperate with me and it was total mess. Well, I shall just keep telling myself that its my natural look with messy curled up hair.

The session with Maryann was so fun and comfortable. She directs us and helped us with our poses. “Look at each other”, “Now look at Baby” and “Now look at the camera”… She captured a few candids too with both of us laughing at our most natural (aka no image) expressions. Baby was enjoying her 45 minutes of fame too as she tried to pose inside me.

Can’t wait to have the photos printed and start scrapping! Two more weeks to start of my hibernation days. I should have enough time to get some proper scrapping done before Baby’s arrival.