The Hip-Hop Baby Ayra

I’m curious how little kids always know what to do when given certain objects. How they will imitate what they have seen before. Just show them something for a couple of times (like an action) they immediately picks up the motion and does exactly how you did it.

When she got hold of Ayah’s cap, she put it on like a pro and did some hip-hop poses in it. We were impressed!

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First full movie at the Cinema!

Today Ayra watched and enjoyed her 1st movie in the cinema! Before that I was trying hard to get her to have a nap before we head out but this girl is too stubborn. Ended up with no nap and we were in GV to catch Despicable Me 2 (otherwise known as “Nana” by the little one). I was prepared to either rock her to sleep half way through the show or walk out if she decides to throw a tantrum. But to our amazement she sat throught THE ENTIRE SHOW!!!

She was kept entertained and snacked on popcorn while sipping ice lemon tea. She did fidget a little at some point but was quietly enjoying the show 99% of the time. For a to-be-22 month toddler I must say she behaved very well.

Even at home when she demanded for movie to be watched,  she will usually only catch half of it and then turned her attention elsewhere. Perhaps too much distractions at home.

5 July 2013 marks the first family movie outing at Tampines Mall GV and I’m proud to declare it a successful one! All three of us enjoyed the show and there were much laughter towards the end of it.

Despicable Me 2 is a great stress reliever movie for all ages. And in fact today in the full house cinema, 95% were adults!

What makes me want to keep pieces of memories in scrapbooks?

I’ve been asked many many times, why do you spend time creating scrapbooks and why spend so much money on it?

Well, this is one reason why…

Ayra browsing through her 1st year’s scrapbook album, handmade with love by Mummy

I was lucky to grow up in a family where my Uncle owns a camera and loves taking photos of major events or outings. I’ve got quite a lot of photos from birth and personally started snapping photos with my first film camera when I was in Primary school. But these photos aren’t kept in an organized or recorded manner, so many times when I dig them out to see, everyone will have to start guessing or recalling when those photos were taken. On the other side of my family, my husband didn’t have that many photos of him from young. Only a few small albums are still kept and he doesn’t have any physical memories from his past.

Personally I find it essential to have some form of record for our children from birth, so that they can look back when they grow up and see how they have changed and progressed. These keepsakes are great storytelling tools to their own children and grandchildren too. Yes, blogging can be everlasting and kept for years, but nothing beats touching the photos with our hands and reading handwritten notes in the scrapbook albums. I hope to create at least one album every year for my children to record their growth and events in that year.


Ayra is still young now and only sees and touches the album because of the cute embellishments stuck on the pages. But when she is able to read on her own, these albums will mean so much more to her and our family.

Scrapbooking or creating these mini albums need not be an expensive nor time-consuming affair. I have shared a not so expensive and effective way to start your very first mini album to document your memories with your love ones. Check it out over at OMY Canon Pixma and don’t forget to vote & win too! Voting ends 7 July!

Play at Kiddy Fun (Then and Now)

Ayra can be quite a fussy girl, she has her own likes and dislikes when come to play. We used to bring her to Hokey Pokey when she was below 12 months old, but after several visits, I realized she didn’t enjoy as much as before. She would wonder around the place, touching things here and there, and then just sit at a corner with a doll and pretend to mother her. This she can do the same at home. So we tried a new place, Kiddy Fun at The Grandstand.

Ayra at 15 months…

And this is Ayra at 20 months…

Traveling to The Grandstand is not as easy as heading to town, but we managed to bring her there twice within the past 6 months. Was going through my collection of photos and found some similar shots taken then and now.

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Ayra got doob again!

Ayra and doob

In February, I ordered my first doob bean bags online. They were having a promotion then and I got the small Plop at $99 with free delivery instead of the usual $159. Was my first order and I hadn’t seen the real thing in person before, when the doob bean bag came, my first impression was “Wah! So big ah!”, but after I take it out from the plastic bag, touched the material, tried sitting on it and tried getting myself comfortable in it, I felt that the size wasn’t quite as I’d imagined it to be and the material a little rough (Polyester) for kids to get comfy in it. But still Baby Ayra enjoyed her chill-out moments on her first doob bean bag.

Ayra and her doob bean bag At 17 months and already know how to relax like that!

When I saw doob having a promo at the recent Echelon event which I attended, I just had to buy one more for her! More so with No. 2 coming soon, this huge doob will be able to hold them both just nice! This is the doobsta and the cover is made of Tetron-Rayon (it feels like cotton) and its machine washable!

See this girl relaxing on her new doob the very night I brought it home!

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

This little girl of ours has this thing with mirrors. She admires herself, shake and groove a little, make funny faces or give a shock face whenever she passes by a mirror. She does it ALL the time, regardless of place, event, who’s with her etc. She just love seeing herself in the mirror.

After so many months, we finally put up a mirror for her in the living room. Height just for her. And now she spend much of her daily routine just standing there entertaining herself with her reflection. Amuse all of us when she is at it. So funny and cute!

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