One Month Loh!

The Baby

I can’t believe it! I’m officially a month young and I’m now as light as a small pack of rice! All thanks to Mummy’s constant feeding every 2-3 hour! :9 There was no fancy party nor gathering to celebrate my first month as its too close to Mummy and Ayah’s big day, but guess what! […]

October 14, 2011

My first joy ride in my stroller

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I know I’m still less than a month young but I’ve to get my car seat you know! I got to test the seats personally to ensure it’s comfort level. 😛 Mummy and Ayah brought me to Parkway Parade and put me in my red hot stroller. First try on it wasn’t quite nice but […]

October 1, 2011

Cries which could have been avoided

The Baby

Just because the young doctor at Sengkang Singhealth thought he saw some white spots in my eyes, I had to go through a day of emotional and physical trauma at NUH. At my second visit to SK Singhealth I was seen by a male doctor who seemed rather nervous during the routine checks. He wanted […]

September 30, 2011

Hello World! I’ve Arrived!

The Baby

This is me at day 9! Looking good aren’t I? Mummy says I’m her Supergirl, so here I am doing my bit to make her smile. Nice to finally arrived! I’ll be dominating my part of this world soon! Look out for me.

September 26, 2011

Baby are you coming soon?

The Baby

In my week 40 now and everyday, for the past one week, I’ve been asking Baby Ayra when she’s going to start pushing through. Even Mini Smuffette can’t wait for Baby Ayra to come play with her. Should be anytime soon. Next appointment with Gynae on Thursday, let’s see if we managed to skip this […]

September 6, 2011

It’s a Girl!

The Baby

After months of anticipation and guessing, its finally confirmed today when Prof John Tee announced my gender to my parents. Mum’s been telling me to reveal myself else I may have to wear clothes that isn’t for my gender! Mum and Ayah both delighted to know my real gender. And I’m looking forward to pretty […]

July 20, 2011

Week 28 visit to Prof John Tee

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Mummy pray and hope and wish; drank lots of water and kept pacing around before the scan, hoping to catch a glimpse of your gender today. Filled with excitement I looked into the scan monitor and all we saw was your curved spine with head pointing down and legs folded. Doctor tried but it was […]

June 20, 2011

The Suspense

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Baby has been keeping us in suspense. Both scan we try to see whether you’re a boy or girl, but you weren’t in the right position for the doctor to scan. Mummy was anticipating and counting down to the day of the second scan at KKH to see you. The doctor doing the scan for […]

April 30, 2011

You’re coming earlier!

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It’s the second time we see you today and you’ve grown so much over a month! Now measuring at 6.3cm! Big baby you are! [image type=”frame-css3″ align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”At week 12 day 6″][/image] The last time A/Prof John Tee said you’ll be arriving on 17 Sep, and today he said you’ll be coming sooner on […]

March 7, 2011

Seeing you for the first time

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This is the 8th week and I’m seeing you! So tiny! Measured at just 17mm and I can roughly figure out where’s your head and body. I was smiling when I saw you through the monitor and I can’t stop looking at the scan printout! You’re slowing growing inside me. Love you!

February 7, 2011