Ayra’s first experience with sand

Let's Go Out!, The Baby

We visited Punggol Jetty for the first time together and Ayra was pumped when she saw the playground. When we put her down near the playground, she paused her steps just before the unfamiliar ground, sand. She hesitated and simply stood there and waited for us to carry her into the playground. After much persuasion, […]

February 26, 2013

Chilling out around the house

The Baby

Was looking through my photos and found some interesting ones worth blogging about. Here’s the first lot of photos where Ayra shows her way of chilling out around the house. Chilling after shower in front of the TV watching her favorite cartoons.

January 27, 2013

Ayra’s Vlog #1

The Baby

I’ve learned that this baby girl of ours is quite narcissistic. She enjoys camwhoring (looking at herself in the camera) and she rather watch her own video (her running around and dancing at Toys R Us) than Barney on YouTube. I find these videos of her talking to herself rather amusing and thought you my […]

January 25, 2013

Baby just dance and ignores everything else

The Baby

Last week we brought Baby to Ion Sky, it was her second time up there. This time for a Klipsch media launch and boy did she enjoy herself! First she got to enjoy the beautiful view from high above. She sat herself comfortably by the glass window and just looked out. Spotting different colors and […]

December 10, 2012

Baby’s Room on MakingMum’s Blog

The Baby

“Home learning tends to mean loads of learning materials and books to be stored. How do mums keep everything organized such that something can be easily retrieved when needed?” We’ve just moved into our own home and Ayra now has her own playroom. At 14 months, she still doesn’t have that many toys. Most of […]

November 27, 2012

Baby loves disco

Let's Go Out!, The Baby

Last weekend we brought Ayra for her first party night out at Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa. It was a Family Night Out event by NTUC U Family, which I mentioned in my previous post. That night, we witnessed the dancing queen inside our 14 month baby girl. With light sticks around her neck […]

November 26, 2012

Baby’s favorite comforter is Xiao Bai

The Baby

It’s a kitten puppet from Ikea which I saw while shopping for baby’s furniture in preparation for her arrival. There were at least 6 different soothers/ comforters which I bought for Baby; only one managed to capture her attention, heart and mouth! Baby’s grandma named the kitty puppet ?? (Xiao Bai) and Baby grew to […]

November 10, 2012

Dancing Baby

The Baby

When Baby Ayra hears music, she will get into a grooving mode. She shakes, she waves her hands in the air, twist her body side to side and even does the horse riding (Gangnam style) move. Here is a montage of some of her moves. We will be bringing Baby Ayra for her first clubbing […]

October 25, 2012

Baby is learning to walk

The Baby

At 10 months, Ayra was able to walk and move around the house on her own with help from wall, furniture and “leg support” from us. As she started to crawl not long ago, I didn’t expect her to start walking so quickly. Everyone were excited and thrilled to see her progress so steadily. Now […]

August 16, 2012

Starting to get Social at 10 months

All Posts, The Baby

At 10 months, Ayra is starting to interact and communicate with others. She likes to stare look at new faces around her and will try to get close and communicate (in their own baby way) with other human of her size. Having visited and played at Hokey Pokey for several times now, she gets comfortable […]

July 27, 2012

Perfect 10 and 10 things about Ayra

The Baby

Ayra’s 10 months young! To mark this new milestone, here are 10 things about her. She’s got natural curls. Every aunties that saw her said the same words – “Can save money when she grows up! No need to perm hair.” She’s got four teeth now. Two on the top and bottom. She doesn’t like […]

July 14, 2012

Ayra’s first flight onboard a plane

The Baby

The family, together with baby’s Grandparents, went on a holiday to Hong Kong in June. It was baby’s first time traveling abroad and onboard an airplane. To ensure our first family trip is comfortable and safe, we paid a little more for flight with Singapore Airlines. Knowing that their plane will be bigger and more […]

June 29, 2012

First Social Network for Baby

The Baby

Hey! Its the digital age isn’t it? So I’ve got to get connected and starts from young! Of course I don’t own an iPhone but Mummy does. So she’s helping me manage my first social network for now. Facebook is like the most common social network but its too public for little me. So I’m […]

February 22, 2012

Look Ma! My photos are on an iPhone case!

The Baby

Mum has been snapping and sharing photos of me on instagram since the day I was born. And when she discovered that she can have my cute faces on an iPhone case, she just had to get one. With the best of my instagrams, she created this beautiful and adorable iPhone case from casetagram. Lovely […]

January 16, 2012

My first Christmas!

The Baby

I was dressed in red and we travelled for quite a long time in Ayah’s car. When we finally arrived, I saw a green tree decorated with lots of pretty and shiny objects, there were pretty lights on it too! I can’t stop staring at it, everyone was trying to get my attention by calling […]

December 25, 2011