Setting the stage for Singapore 2065. Let’s #BuildSG2065!

In 50 years, Singapore turned from this…

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to this…

Singapore in 2015, #BuildSG2065
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So how do you envision Singapore to be in the next 50 years? Well, this is how Ayra sees her Singapore in 2065…

Ayra's Singapore in 2065, #BuildSg2065
Ayra’s Singapore in 2065

Singapore will be made of colourful buildings of interesting and fun shapes. Every building will have everything under one roof, like home, shopping malls, offices, schools, playground, so we will not need to go out of the building too often. There will also be giant robots that help do anything we want him to……

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Besides wanting colourful buildings and invincible robots, Ayra and Zara have got their own visions too for what they will become when they are in their 50s…

Well with such great innovations and creativity from our generations and beyond, really nothing is impossible. And everyone can dream and hope right?

The Straits Times and CapitaLand are asking Singaporeans to cast their minds into the future and share your ideas on building a better and sustainable environment for us to live, work and play in Singapore in Singapore2065. The entries could be showcased in a forthcoming exhibition featuring the past, present and future of Singapore through the pages of The Straits Times, which celebrates its 170th anniversary this year. Ideas submitted will also stand to win attractive prizes!

There are also weekly prizes ($50 CapitaVouchers) for top 5 ideas with the most ‘Likes’ and more.

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For #BuildSG2065, no ideas are too big, no ideas are too silly. If a 4 year old Ayra can dream and have her ideas too, you can dream even bigger ideas! The sky’s the limit! Your ideas submission should fall under one of the following topics:

  • Go Green (anything to help save our earth)
  • Smart Spaces (you know Singapore very small lah)
  • Space-Age Kampungs (bringing the kampung spirit back)
  • Weatherproof World (think REAL snow in Singapore!?)

Ideas submitted can be in text, video or images. The video below may help give you some sparks for your next big idea…

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Don’t forget to tag #BuildSG2065 when sharing your ideas online to get more likes! Only Top 50 ideas from the submissions will be eligible for the win of the Top 3 prizes. Find out more on #BuildS2065 website.

This post is brought to you by OMY.

MELIJOE – Kids Fashion from Paris to Singapore in 24 hours

Ayra and Zara are always asking to be dressed in pretty clothes whenever we head out, even if its just downstairs to the playground! Once Ayra requested to wear her princess gown for dinner at a nearby coffee shop and I had explain with 101 excuses so that she would put on the tee and shorts instead.

With little time to spare shopping these days, I do lots more purchases online from groceries, home essentials, gifts and clothes. When I was introduced to MELIJOE, I couldn’t stop drooling over all the pretty dresses, with some fit for a red carpet appearance or a black tie event.

When one is stuck with no idea on what to wear for an upcoming occassion, one can head over to MELIJOE lookbook specially styled and designed for Singapore to get some inspirations. Find casual daily wears to beautiful dresses for wedding reception and more.

For those who needs new clothes fast, MELIJOE can ship from Paris to Singapore in 24 hours via FedEx. And this was Ayra smiling from cheek to cheek when she received her surprise package from MELIJOE just before bedtime.

With packaging as cute as this, MELIJOE is also a great gift shopping site too for babies, girls and boys!

When asked to pick one dress from their collection, it took me more than a week to decide, and I ended up getting two because Ayra or Zara would be jealous if one did not get a new dress from Mummy. Going for casual yet chic and cute, I picked up two matching dresses from the Catimini collection.

Zara in the Printed percale sundress by Catimini. She’s 19 months now and wearing size 3, Ayra managed to fit this dress too (cos Ayra is just way skinny for her age). It is still a little long for Zara (about 90cm tall), but fits well for Ayra who is about 100 cm tall.

Ayra is dressed in Cotton voile sundress by Catimini. Size 4 fits this girl just nicely and she loves this dress! Couldn’t stop spinning around just to show her love for the beautiful sundress.

Check out the other awesome collection at MELIJOE.COM, sign-up for an account and get USD15 discount off your first purchase.


Launched in 2007 by entrepreneur and mother of five Nathalie Christen-Genty, MELIJOE.COM is the world’s premier online fashion e-tailer for children ages 0-16. Featuring the latest in childrenswear trends inspired directly by adult runways, MELIJOE.COM is home to some of the industry’s most sought-after labels in kid’s fashion.

MELIJOE.COM is above all an international brand, featuring 100% authentic products, speedy worldwide shipping and a website translated in six languages. Thanks to a developed editorial strategy and magazine-inspired web layout, MELIJOE.COM doubles as a digital news outlet for children’s fashion with Le Magazine, and between exclusive shopping edits, childrenswear news, trend reports and in-house photo shoots, MELIJOE.COM is an extra-large world of digital fashion for the smallest of fashionistas.

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum received the two dresses from MELIJOE.COM for purpose of this feature. No other monetary compensation received. All opinions our own.

Things to do at Imaginarium – A Voyage of Big Ideas at 8Q Singapore Art Museum

Imaginarium, the new event branding for Children’s Season at Singapore Art Museum (SAM). Being our first ever visit to this now five year old event, I must say I’m rather impressed with the line-up and activities planned for the whole family. Imagainarium (#ImaginariumSG) runs at SAM at 8Q from now till 19 July 2015, there is really no excuse not to check this event out with your little ones. I know we will surely be back again soon and spend at least a good few hours partaking in the activities together with Ayra and Zara.

Here are some of the many fun activities you can do at Imaginarium, A Voyage of Big Ideas at Singapore Art Museum at 8Q.

Build & Play with Tetris Inspired “Bricks”

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

We Built this Estate! by Chiang Yu Xiang
A mixed media installation that invites children to be architects, builders and master-planners of their own housing estate and city skyline. With housing blocks designed like giant Tetris pieces, you are free to create whatever you can imagine. Ayra had fun pushing and trying hard to pick these giant building blocks. She refused to put back her shoes when we wanted to leave this room. Yes, do be prepared to remove your shoes at some of these exhibit rooms.

Don’t forget to open these windows and check out who lives in the HDB flats around the room.
Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Spot the characters and catch some moons

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Imagin-a-doodle by Band of Doodlers
I have been following the Band of Doodlers on instagram for a while now, and finally I got to see their creation in person. This group of illustrators (youngest at just 9 years old) created a 4 storey high masterpiece sprawling across the walls and winding up the stairs. I am super in love with all the cute and awesome drawings by this group of talented individuals.

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Make origami, doodle and write a letter to the moon

If you like doodling, don’t forget to check out the moonroom on Level 2. Letters written to the moon may even get a reply from The moon!

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Try weaving or make your own pom-poms

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

Let’s Make! Studio by Izziyana Suhaimi
Her installation invites visitors to create small objects using textiles, which capture their thoughts about the future of the country. Overtime, as more work are created and added onto the walls by the public, the artwork becomes a collective tapestry of dreams, weaving together our shared future.

We did make ourselves a small pom-poms that day, but Ayra wanted to bring it home instead. Will try some weaving the next time we are there.

Discover shapes and patterns at Kiko’s Secrets

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

This is where we can spend the longest time at, Ayra loves the engaging display of The Saari Fish of Manik. This display seeks your help to find the scales of the giant Sarri Fish and place them back onto the “Fish“. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle! Even I had fun seeking the right pieces to fit onto the fish.

Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

These are just a few of the many more things to do at Imaginarium. I would suggest you set aside half a day to immerse your children and family in all the activities at SAM at 8Q. If you missed the video at the top of this post, here’s a quick preview of what you can do at Imaginarium.

Here’s the floor plan for the exhibition…
Imaginarium A Voyage of Big Ideas by The Loving Mum

More details of Imaginarium can be found on their website.

About Imaginarium
This new edition of SAM’s much-loved annual contemporary art exhibition for children, begun in 2010 and now in its fifth year. In the spirit of SG50, this year’s exhibition is inspired by the crescent moon on the Singapore flag, a symbol of a young nation on the rise with the capacity to dream big and think large. What might we be able to envision and aspire to? What worlds could we imagine for ourselves and create for others? With interactive and immersive artworks and hands-on activities at every turn, Imaginarium offers creative space where inspiration can bloom freely, and joyfully! Featuring artists from Singapore and the region, Imaginarium beckons the adventurers, the dreamers, and the explorers of today to embark on a journey of discovery, and together, sail towards exciting new horizons.

The Loving Mum received the media preview invite from CRIB, Singapore’s first social enterprise that aims to empower women entrepreneurs through networking, matchmaking and incubation.

Party Styling and Dessert Table – plan a fun, pretty and awesome birthday party

Party Styling and Dessert Table in Singapore

Party Styling and Dessert Tables in Singapore

Party planning for kids these days is no longer a simple affair, at least not for those who can and are willing to splurge to create Instagram-worthy memories for their children. Whenever I see these pretty and awesome parties images in Singapore, I wished I could throw one for my girls one day. But for now, we do not have that many little children friends to invite, so I still have got a couple more years to save up to hire one of these awesome party styling teams.

Here are 5 of my favorite children party styling teams so far…

Stitch X Marker

A photo posted by @stitchxmarker on

The girlfriends just started this new business, first saw them on @ripplesim (one of the two partners) IG account of her girl’s birthday party at the park. Then they recently did a train theme indoor party with handmade trains and amazing backdrops! Follow them on Instagram for more creations to come and check out their website.

Milk and Honey Party

Just the sound of delicious edible sand covering an entire beach filled with cute sea creature biscuits is enough to get me drooling to give them a go for a children’s party. Find them on

Hokey Pokey

Yes, the indoor playground many of us is probably familiar with does party styling too and they do have quite a great varieties in their portfolio. Follow them on Instagram for more, and visit their site at

Colour It Sweet

Photo credit: Colour It Sweet
Photo credit: Colour It Sweet

Specializing in custom dessert tables, which are impeccably designed with delectable and gorgeous looking desserts and drinks that will leave a sweet touch to your event. They do provide full party styling too. Check them out at

Red Carousel

A photo posted by Wynona Leach (@redcarousel) on

They are all about stylish parties! Find party printables, on-trend partyware, DIY party crafts and props for hire on their website. And they provide limited slots for party styling, dessert tables, and custom cakes. Find them on

Hope this post is helpful for you. If you do have any other awesome party styling or dessert table stylist to recommend, please do leave them in the comments below.

Take a pledge and help a child reach 5

Every year, more than 3.5 million children do not live to celebrate their fifth birthday because of diarrhoea and pneumonia. Hand washing with soap is amongst the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent those two diseases. You can help a child reach the age of 5 by taking a simple pledge.

Since I was pregnant, I become more aware and mindful of my personal hygiene. I will always use soap when I wash my hands and make sure I do these 8 steps to hand washing:

8 steps for hand washing from HPB

When Ayra arrived, hand washing is an even more active affair for everyone in the family. Before we carry or touch her, we always ensure that our hands are clean. We even had hand sterilizer near her baby cot for those who forgot to wash their hands.

Now that Ayra is a year old, she is able to walk around the house on her own, she will touch everything around her and even run her fingers into all kind of holes and grooves around the house. We showed her how to wash her hands a few times and she picked up the action very quickly. Then we introduced soap into the washing and she is doing it fine.

“Sniff sniff, something aren’t smelling so nice. Must be the swing from the playground, I want to wash my hands.”
“Let’s wash our hands!”
Proper handwashing requires soap and water. By rubbing, soap breaks down the grease and dirt that carry most germs. Lifebuoy handwash kills 99.9% of germs in just 10 seconds.

I cannot stress enough the importance of hand washing to everyone around me. When I learned about Lifebuoy’s mission to spread awareness of hand washing, I jumped onto the opportunity.

With each pledge, Lifebuoy teaches a child hygiene education to help them reach the age of 5. Take a pledge now.
Unilever, through its Lifebuoy brand, will work with the Millennium Villages Initiative to bring hygiene education to children across 10 countries in Africa. Through this campaign, they are able to save young children from potentially fatal diseases caused by poor hygiene. One at a time, they will help them reach their 5th birthday!

Here’s a clip on how Lifebuoy help the children in Africa learn the basic of hand washing.

Today, 15 October, is Global Handwashing Day, an initiative by Lifebuoy. Take this opportunity to teach your child the proper way to hand washing today.

Find out more on Lifebuoy’s page on Facebook.

And don’t forget to take a pledge while you’re visiting the page.

I’ve taken my pledge. Have you?
This post is sponsored by Lifebuoy. All opinions are 100% my own.