SchTutors Tuition Hunting – For Parents and MOE Trained Teachers

Tuition, to have or not to have? It is almost not necessary for most children to have a tutor but other factors may push Parents toward searching for the right tutor for their child. Like for those whose child is picking up knowledge and skills slower than the other kids in school, or parents who are not confident enough to teach and guide their own child academically; then tuition is probably necessary. Then the next question is where do find the right tutor?

As an ex teacher in a primary school, and with my husband still in service in a mainstream school, we see the big gap among students within the same level in all the school we have taught. Usually the biggest difference between the top student and the lower bottom of the level is that one has got either very good family support or has got extra help from tuition or enrichment outside of school. And as for the other side of the spectrum, poor academic results may be due to the lack of support from parents and who has no means to support child for any form of tuition. Or probably academic is not the child’s forte and the child is probably better in other areas.

For those who can afford tuition, where do you find the right one for your child? How do you know if he/she is qualified to teach your child or if you prefer a trained MOE teacher for example? When I was introduced to, I was rather skeptical and thought oh it’s just another tuition agency trying to link students and tutors of any kind. Well first impression of the website to me is “Not very professionally done up leh, sure they are authentic? Can trust or not?” So I surfed on and read more about them.

  • Schtutors is the only tuition agency in Singapore that recommends only MOE current and ex-school teachers to parents. They also ensure that a tutor do not teach a student from the same school as it will violate MOE guidelines.
  • Schtutors guarantees that the tutor is a current or ex-school teacher. If not, the administrative fee will be refunded to the parent. They verify by requesting all registered tutors to provide their MOE email address and NIE certificates for verification. And they will remove all tutors who are not an MOE teacher or ex-school teacher from their database.
  • Schtutors has got a comprehensive listing for one-to-one home tuition (listed on behalf of parents) and group tuition assignments where teachers can list their available classes for parents to select and apply for.
  • Schtutors is established in 2008 so if you are wondering if they can be relied on, well they are authentic and probably doing the right thing, else how can they continue this agency for so many years?

You can read more about the frequently asked questions on their FAQ page.

Schtutors is the place for parents and tutors to connect. Parents get to find a suitable and qualified tutor from Schtutors and those looking for tuition assignments can register themselves and be matched with potential children.

Comprehensive Listing of Available Group Tuitions, searchable by level, location and pricing.


Schtutors open and available home tuition assignment for tutors


Check out, the only home tuition agency in Singapore that specialises in recommending only MOE teachers for home tuition.

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Real or not? Compasspoint Mall Due for Renovation in September 2015

So there are words going around that Compasspoint in Sengkang is due for major renovation in September 2015. And the anchoring tenant now, Metro will be moving out!


This is going to be a major OH NO! for many of us living in the North-East, Compasspoint is like THE hangout place for many households.

There is currently no official release about this, but looking at the other Frasers Mall like CentrePoint which is now undergoing major revamp too, the speculation might be true.



Having spent more than 13 years living in Sengkang and then in Punggol, I know Compasspoint from the back of my hands. Location of the shops, food stalls at Level 4, the products placement inside Metro, Kiddy Palace, Cold Storage and Popular Bookstore and even the game machines available at TimeZone. With new malls sprouting around the area, Compasspoint is really in need of a major revamp. The ship hanging in there is so dirty and filled with spider webs can, and don’t get me talking about the toilets and baby changing room at level 4!

I’m looking forward to a better mall for residents around the area.

Dines Two at Price of One at Bistro 1855 with the Entertainer

A rare weekday night out was spent sampling delectable tapas and mains with fellow parent blogger, The Perfect Father. Just because I owed him a lunch appointment, I decided to ask him join me for dinner at Bistro 1855.

Since I became a mum, I’ve rarely had opportunities and time to hang out with friends, go out for meals or even eat food which I used to enjoy when I was single. Because you know, mums eat what the kids eat (cos need to share mah)! This probably also the reason why I’ve been losing weight without even trying (you know, eating only partial of a serving since I’m always sharing meals with my two girls).

That evening, I thought I would finally be able to enjoy a proper meal with a friend, I was sadden that it was more a sampling session with each serving shared among 4 guests. Good thing I’ve got the Entertainer app now, I would be able to enjoy more good meals with my family and friends whenever I can. And I make a promise to myself that I will utilise as much as I can before it expires on 30 December 2015.

Bistro 1855

Bistro 1855 offers main courses that comes with a salad bar buffet spread of more than 50 items to choose from during lunch. And to keep things fresh and exciting, main courses will change from time to time so you will never run out of things to try.

When night falls, Bistro 1855 transforms into a wine bar, perfect for a chill-out evening. Dishing out delectable tapas, mains and sharing platters, paired with their polished selection of house wines.

That evening, we got to see, snap and tastes SIX of their signature dishes from the Tapas and Mains selection. Out of the six, I tried five as I do not take pork, so their famous (and rather delicious looking) Pork Belly was out for me. But according to The Perfect Father, it was very crispy and well flavoured, great with beer.

1855 Wings

1855 Wings ($8) was one of my favorite from that evening. Very well marinated wings (shrimp paste) and fried just nice with a good crunch. What’s lacking is some spicy sauce to kick up the experience. Definitely having this the next time I’m back.

Rustic Fries at Bistro 1855, Source Bistro 1855
Rustic Fries at Bistro 1855, Source: Bistro 1855

Rustic Fries ($8) was done old-school thick cut style and it had lost its crunch when served. Personally I prefers hot and crunchy fries. But the sauce that came with it was good.

Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter ($25), oh cheese platter. What can possibly go wrong with any cheese platters? Serving portion was just right for sharing among 2-3 friends, and I think I had the most cheese and crackers that evening amongst those at my table.

Lamb Shank, Source: Bistro 1855
Lamb Shank, Source: Bistro 1855

Lamb Shank ($26) at Bistro 1855 is the other favorite for me that evening. Very tender, juicy and delectable.

Duck Confit, Source: Bistro 1855

Duck Confit ($20) is the least favorite for me. My past (once) experience with duck confit was a juicy and tender leg of the duck, but this I tried that evening was tough and dry. And it looks fried instead of baked or poached.

A group of 4 diners with the above order would have paid more than $87, but if you’ve got the Entertainer app, you’ll be able to redeem 2 offers (Two Tapas and Main Course) for this meal and would have paid just about $59 instead with two additional tapas selection! That’s about $36 savings, not bad right?

Entertainer Singapore 2015

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Get the Entertainer app at only $60.00! You’ll get the value back with just one redemption at one of their few dinner hotel buffets one-for-one redemption. Quite good for those who dine out often with family and friends.

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum attended a media tasting from the Entertainer at Bistro 1855. All photos and opinions are my own, otherwise credited to source. 

A Fun Day on Mother’s Day at less than $150 PLUS a beautiful gift for you

Mother’s Day is around the corner, if you (the husband) are still not ready with a fun day out with the mother of your kids and your precious cheeky monkies, here’s an itinerary for your consideration. And we have got a beautiful bouquet for you to win!

Budget of $150 is good for 2 kids and 2 adults, like our family! And all activities can be done under one roof at City Square Mall.

12pm: Play and fun time with your family at The Petite Park

Entry per child is $18 for 2 hours of play, so for a family of four, you’ll spend $36 here. Your wife gets to sit and chill watching you (the husband) chasing your little ones around in the park. I believe she would love this break and probably enjoying the comical exchange while you play along with your kids at the park. Make her laugh! We’ve been there a couple of times, read about them here.

1pm/2pm: Lunch at Super Dario Lasagne

Here you’ll spend about $45 for 3 pieces of lasagne that super be enough for 2 adults and 2 kids, drinks and desserts. This is probably a better option than having fast (fried) food since its healthier. Read our experience here.

2/3pm: Have some family games at TimeZone

TimeZone is not just a arcade game kind of place, they have many family friendly games and machines too. You can dance off with your kids to children’s songs, shoot some ducks, throw some balls, paint some pictures and take family photos together at the photo booth.

You’ll spend about $30 to $50 for about an hour or so of stress free family fun time at TimeZone.

3pm/4pm: Sweet Treats at Milk & Honey

Take a break and relax with artisan yogurt at Milk & Honey. Try their Healthy Mix for a well balanced of sweet and sour, or go all out with Chocolate Divine and hit the sugar rush! Desserts for the whole family to share will cost about $30-$40. Read our experience here.

4pm/5pm: Pick up a pretty bouquet from Far East Flora at Basement 1
This gift is not included in the $150 budget set for the family day out at City Square Mall, but we’ve got a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers for one lucky follower! Details below…

Pick out the most suitable flowers for the mother of your child at Far East Flora. Here’s a quick guide to the meaning behind the common gifting flowers:

  • Roses – Beauty and love
  • Tulips – Declaration of love
  • Orchids – Elegance and beauty
  • Lilies – Elegance, beauty and sweetness
  • Carnations – Symbol of a Mother’s eternal love
  • Sunflower – Warmth, appreciation and gratitude

From Your Sunshine

Get an additional 10% off the Mother’s Day collection, applicable on top of current sale prices on‘s website, when you use the code “TLMMday15” during checkout! *Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, coupons or privileges. Delivery charges and other T&Cs apply.

The Loving Mum Giveaway!

For The Loving Mum readers and Instagram followers, here’s your chance to win your mother/wife the beautiful “From Your Sunshine” bouquet (worth $89.90) from Far East Flora. Follow the following simple steps to participate! Giveaway ends 30 April 2015, Thursday at 2359 hours!

Step 1: Follow @claudia10 on Instagram.
Step 2: Repost this giveaway on Instagram (your account must be set to public to qualify)
Step 3: Tag the repost with “@claudia10 #thelovingmumgiveaway with @fefcom

Winner will be picked at random on 1 May 2015 and announced on Instagram. Collection of the bouquet will be at Far East Flora, City Square Mall between 3 to 10 May 2015. Winner must collect the prize in person.

This post is made possible by City Square Mall, The Loving Mum and family were invited for a fun day to celebrate Mother’s Day at City Square Mall. Prize for this giveaway is sponsored by Far East Flora.

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Having frozen yogurt is like the super “in” thing these days, with many brands popping up around Singapore. You know, like the bubble tea craze then the donut craze and now pretty yogurts. I tried creating my own artisan yogurt when I first tried it in March as seen on Instagram.

Paying $9.80 for your own custom artisan yogurt is great cos they have got a wide variety of toppings to pick from. Try not to stare at their selection for too long, cos it’ll just make your pick even tougher.

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

We were invited for a chill out session at Milk & Honey by City Square Mall, and I knew exactly what we had to try!

More than just yogurts! Milk & Honey serves a decent selection of cakes too!

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

And so we did as we ordered two yogurts, a cake and drinks.

Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Healthy Mix, $7.80

Combo of green tea meringue, white chocolate ring, raspberry sauce, fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries and fresh mango.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall
This combo of fresh fruits and sweet raspberry sauce will never go wrong, balancing the taste so you don’t get the sugar rush feeling.

Royal Honey, $8.80

Combo of honey parfait, white chocolate stick, orange chip, honey popcorn, honey crystal jello and crunchy crumble.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall
I personally love the crunchy crumble and honey popcorn. But the combination of all these ingredients in Royal Honey, is really too powerful for my taste. Good thing I ordered their detox mint tea which helped balance up the sweetness from Royal Honey mix.

Chocolate Crunchy Hazelnut Cake, $8.80

This divine chocolate cake is oh-so-rich! The only person who shared the same sweet tooth for this cake is Zara. Ayah doesn’t like chocolate and Ayra was too busy with her little toys we caught at TimeZone before our desserts.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Just look at our cheeky Zara’s face! She sure was enjoying herself indulging in too much chocolate.
Artisan Yogurt and Dessert at Milk & Honey, City Square Mall

Find Milk & Honey at City Square Mall, Level 2 and on Facebook.

This post is made possible by City Square Mall, The Loving Mum and family were invited for a fun day to celebrate Mother’s Day at City Square Mall. We had yummy desserts at Milk & Honey.

Fun for Kids at City Square Mall

Out of the many malls along the North East Line, City Square Mall is the one we frequent with our girls almost on a regular basis. We love shopping, running errands or just spend a fun day with our girls around the mall. We would have visited even more often if they had better elevator system in place. Moving up and down the mall in our City Select Double can be quite a tiresome affair, seeing the packed lifts almost 90% of the time. If anyone knows where their service/ delivery lifts are located, please let me know!

Our regular hang out with kids is at the The Petite Park, at Basement 2 of City Square Mall. I like that the place is petite and wherever the girls run to, they will always be in my sight. And because they are so used to the playground, I do not have to guide them around nor show them how to play. They just go in and start doing whatever they want to do.
Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

The balloon pit next to the three slides is where we love to hang around while we are there. Because that part is the coolest, with fan blowing cold wind and the balloons are never tiresome of play. It’s also the best place around the park for some selfies or photos cos its brightest up there.
Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

This is our third time at The Petite Park with both girls, and I noticed they each have their favorite toys around the park. Ayra will surely always play with this multi-storey carpark and Zara would pretend to be shop keeper mending the fruit stall. Then of cos there’s the play house where they like to play peek-a-boo through the windows.

Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Then there is the super girlish pinkish ball pit which they blended in very well that day.

Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Information and details of their play passes and admission charges can be found here.

Usually our day at City Square Mall will end with a meal at their food court on level 4. We love the chicken rice there! And when at level 4, there will always be time for play AGAIN at TimeZone. Yes, my girls age 3+ and 1+ loves playing games or watching me push candies down the machines at TimeZone. We hold their gold VIP card ok! Don’t play play! Yes, that also means we spent way too much there too. (>_<)

This painting game is one of the girls’ favorite; I’ve got too many of these painting printout around the house. At least this is the one other thing we get to bring home after our play at TimeZone.
Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Every visit to TimeZone means we will end up with a huge bag of sweets and snacks. The girls get to eat a few sweets and the rest goes into a bigger bag at home waiting to be transported to Ayah’s school for sharing with his colleagues.
Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

Zara is just happy dancing away to music coming from the game machines at TimeZone. Sometimes she would attempt to throw a plastic ball into target, but had always failed miserably. She needs more practice; soon she’ll be pro like her elder sister who shoot mini basket balls like a pro!
Fun for Kids and You at City Square Mall

A tip to pay less for more play at TimeZone, look out for their promotions on weekends or during holidays. Their best deal is the $50 + $50 promotion, where you top up $50 and get $100 in value inside your card. This is always my chance to top-up ensuring I have enough fund in there to last through a few visits of play time at TimeZone.

This post is made possible by City Square Mall, The Loving Mum and family were invited for a fun day to celebrate Mother’s Day at City Square Mall. We had an hour play time at The Petite Park and some TimeZone credits which were used up in less than 15 minutes, so we swiped away with our own card and as usual spent way too much on the games.

Kids Amaze Indoor Water Playground at Punggol SAFRA

Punggol is going to be oh so more fun when Punggol SAFRA opens its door in 2016!

Embracing the water theme, Kidz Amaze at Punggol SAFRA will feature a “Deep Sea” themed playground. It is set to span 23,000 square feet soaring three stories high! 

Looking at the artist impression alone is making me want to jump into the play pool now! This is going to be our favorite hang out when they open!

See the animated fly through video below.

We really can’t wait for Punggol SAFRA to open!