Could Singapore Blog Award be Our First Blog Award?

The chance is super slim, with all the power bloggers in the Top 10, for our humble blog to push our way through to even the Top 3 is going to be a super tough climb. We are very delighted to be in the Top 10 and we are contented as it is. We will of course still give it our best effort to get everyone we know to VOTE for The Loving Mum, winning the Best Family Blog is going to be a big bonus for us.

Here’s how you can help us make this tough climb up to Top 3…
Singapore Blog Award 2013 Finalists
See the cute Baby Ayra with her chou-chou on this page? Click on it and register/login to cast your vote. You can vote for each category once EVERY DAY! If you have few seconds each day, login and help vote will you? Not that difficult. 😛

Voters will stand a chance to win prizes too! And these JBL Speakers sure look swanky enough for your home don’t you think?

To motivate you and you and you to help vote, we have got a banner embedded at bottom of all our posts. So there’s no reason why you should forget to vote for us whenever you visit our humble blog ok! 😛

What you waiting for? One month to go before voting ends! Click away!

Wordless Wednesday – Ayra and Kiddy Rides

Whenever she passes by one, she will have her eyes pinned on it till she gets a ride. When the ride ends, she will point at the coin slot indicating for us to put in another dollar! How smart!

Sharing some of her joy rides for this Wordless Wednesday post.

Ayra with Mickey Kiddy Ride
Ayra with Batman Ride
Ayra with Kitty Ride

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Survey for Parents in Singapore

Being a new parent, I am experiencing lots of changes and dilemmas. Decisions that I’ve to make for the well being of my child and family. I want to share my thoughts and would like to learn from more parents alike to understand how different parents cope in Singapore. Hope you can help with a simple survey, will take about 3-8 minutes to complete.

Once a good number of replies are received, I’ll consolidate the result and publish it here. Do help share with your friends and relatives who have young children too.

Begin survey… Continue reading “Survey for Parents in Singapore”

It’s Positive!

It was late for a week and I began to have crazy thoughts in my mind. I tested it two days after my menses was due and it came out negative. Not wanting to believe that its actually happening, I drank all kind of cooling drinks to force the menses to come. After a week, it didn’t, and I knew something is amiss.

Bought another brand’s test kit and I tested. Double lines! It was faint, but its there, I could see it. Tested it again twice and the result was the same. I’m pregnant!

Lots of emotions and thoughts flowed through my mind, I was confused. I love kids and has always wanted some of my own. And when its here, I didn’t know what to do. Am I ready for this child? Will my financial ability be sufficient and will everything else fall into place nicely over the next 10 months?

The plan was to find a house in June and move in by September since our wedding is planned for November. But now that I’m expecting and due in September, things got to move faster. From a 11 months long plan, we need to adapt and move at a speed both of us felt pressured to. After talking about it we decided. Its meant to be and we will take the step forward together.

Journey of the loving mum, me, starts here.