Old School Playgrounds in Singapore – A Play Day with Canon and Singapore Parent Bloggers

It was a fun day down memory land for the parents and a wild day at play for the kids. Together with families of Singapore Parent Bloggers and Canon Singapore, we visited some retro playgrounds (those with sand!) and hunted down a few wall mural art around Singapore.

It was also the day where I got to use my new photography baby, the Canon PowerShot EOS M3! Yes I finally bought it after a year of lusting over this nifty camera. My first day encounter with this after its launch was at a heritage photo walk hosted by Canon.

Dove Playground in front of Blk 10 Dakota Crescent

This is one of the few remaining playground nostalgic ones built in the 1970s. This and the Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh Lor 6 was built by Mr Khor Ean Ghee. There’s the concrete slides, tyre swings, sliding rod that let’s kids become a “fire-fighter” and walking bridge.

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersSome shots I took of kids at play. Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersHere’s the street view from Google Map where you can see the playground sandwiched between the old school HDB blocks at Dakota Crescent. Yes this whole are smell super old school. I like!

Train Playground at Tiong Bahru Adventure Park

This is where you get to climb on board the train and climb through tilted carriages. The train playground at Tiong Bahru Adventure Park has got slides, a old school merry-go-round and also flying fox! The kids went crazy here and we stayed the longest, because there’s so many things to do. We even tried teaching the kids old-school rubber band game, Zero-point! Too much laughing took place here. PLAY! with Canon
Train Playground by Soon Koon.

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Paintings on the Walls, Street Art and Murals Around Singapore

We checked out four street art murals by Yip Yew Chong that day. Two at 40 Everton Road – “Aha Ma” and “The Barber”, and two of his latest additions to our local street art around Tiong Bahru. There’s the “Pasar and Fortune Teller” at Block 73 Eng Watt Street and “Home” at Block 74 Tiong Poh Road.

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent BloggersCanon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Canon Play! Outing with SG Parent Bloggers

Want to read more about that day’s adventure or see more photos taken at the above places? Check out the rest of the posts by Singapore parent bloggers who were with me that day.

Get out of Auto mode!

All photos taken above by me are shot with the Canon PowerShot EOS M3. And instead of trying to get the right setting on the camera on Aperture (Av) mode, which I usually do, I set it to the Program (P) mode and played with just the ISO setting. It was so much easier and all the shots turn out great! If you’ve got a camera with manual settings available, go try it out and get out of your Auto mode.

The Cases of Sensitive Skin in Our Household In Need of Repair

Whenever I see moisturiser for sensitive skin on sale, I would buy and stock up at home. We have got two pretty bad situations of eczema and sensitive skin that’s easily irritated in our household. Repairing badly scratched and open skin has been a major headache for us. Recently I was introduced to Cicaplast Baume B5 that’s said to repair my skin in 7-days. It has been more than a week since I introduced this balm to my family and now Zara even has a name for it – she calls it “The Cream”.

Zara’s skin is very sensitive since birth, I can’t recall when was the last time her whole body is free from any skin irritation. This poor girl cannot stop scratching itchy parts all over her body and is always rubbing her eyes. People who doesn’t know us may think that this 3 year old girl has got sleeping problem or sort cos she has got very dark circles under her eyes. This is the result of sensitive nose, eyes and skin.

The scratching get worst during hot weather and the recent heat wave has caused us both countless of sleepless nights just because her body will itch when she gets too warm from laying down in bed. And we are sleeping in air-conditioned rooms! Every time she wakes up in the middle of the night, I’ll have to apply layer of moisturiser all over her back, shoulder and arms. In the mornings, she will wake up with patches of swelling skin at different parts of her body.

I would try anything that’s safe for children to help improve the skin irritation she is suffering. And so “The Cream” is now her favourite. I asked the eczema prone father in the house how he felt about the cream. And he said it soothes the itch instantly upon application. That’s why Zara is loving it so much. And now before bedtime I would apply a layer of the Cicaplast Baume B5 onto her back and itch prone areas, these nights we both slept in peace.

Does Cicaplast Baume B5 contain steroid?

That’s the first thing people asked when I share about the balm.

No it doesn’t. Cicaplast Baume B5 is paraben-free, fragrance-free, lanolin-free, antibacterial agents, hypoallergenic, tested on sensitive skin and formula suitable for babies. It helps soothes and repairs irritated, altered and heated skins suitable for the entire family. Now I cannot leave home without one in my bag. It has become a go-to-balm for all our skin problems.

What skin problems is this balm suitable for? 

Well to me its for all skin problems. But as stated by La Roche-Posay, Cicaplast Baume B5 is suitable for eczema, sensitive skin, dry patches, cutaneous dryness, chapped lips, itching, infant redness, grazes, heating sensations, rough patches, cracks and sunburn. It’s suitable for everyday minor injuries on the skin.

How’s the texture like?

Smooth. It is non-greasy and doesn’t stain clothes. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin too.

What does it contain?

  • Panthenol 5% to soothe irritation and redness.
  • Madecassoside to accelerate epidermal repair.
  • Enriched with La Rouche-Posay thermal spring water and shea butter.
  • Combined action of Madecassoside + [Cu/Zn/Mn] complex to keep in check bacterial proliferation.

Where can I buy it?

Cicaplast Baume B5 is available at Watsons and Guardian stores retailing at $21.90 for 40ml and $45 for 100ml.

Redeem a free gift worth up to $15

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Receive a free gift worth up to $15 when you purchase your Cicaplast Baume B5 with a secret code generated here at these selected stores: Watsons Ngee Ann City, Watsons Toa Payoh, Watsons Bugis, Guardian Paragon, Guardian Vivocity, Guardian NEX, Dermacenter @ Westgate.

Terms and conditions:
  • Valid till 31 May 2016. While stocks last.
  • Redemption to be done at La Roche-Posay counters at selected stores
  • Timing for redemption from 12 – 8pm
  • Limited to 3 sets of free gifts per customer

You can purchase it online from Lazada and Guardian too.


Try, Snap, Post and Win!

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La Roche-Posay is having a challenge now for users of Cicaplast Baume B5. Simply purchase a Cicaplast Baume B5 and show them your results by hashtagging #repairmyskin in your post on Instagram to WIN a La Roche-Posay hamper worth $200.

For more information about the promotion and read other users’ experience, check out Cicaplast Baume B5 Repair My Skin website and join them on Facebook too.


Zara and “The Cream” she likes

We Wanna Challenge You!

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To give our readers and friends a chance to try this useful cream, we are going to give away 5 Cicaplast Baume B5 (40ml) to you. To be one of the 5 to receive this, please post the skin irritation/ condition you or anyone in your family is facing now on this Facebook post or you can email us at claudia@thelovingmum.sg . Together with the photo, please state the (1) age and (2) the condition he/she is suffering from.

5 challengers will be picked to try the balm for free!

Other terms and conditions for this challenge:

  • 5 who are picked to receive the challenge will need to document and share with me your experience with the balm.
  • 3 photos of the same skin part will need to be taken at Day 1 (before use of balm), Day 3 and Day 7.
  • You will agree for me to reproduce and share your experience and photos on this blog and all platforms necessary for this challenge campaign.


Review: OSIM uDiva Classic, Our First Massage Chair and We’re Loving It!

When was the last time you find time to visit a masseuse to get that stubborn neck and back ache soothen? It would be so nice if I can have it done anytime I want at my own home and that’s what got us started shopping for a massage chair since early last year.

After months of debating with my hub (and consulting our bank accounts) we still didn’t give in to the lure of having a massage chair in our house until now. With the new OSIM uDiva Classic, it is now even more tempting, and easier on our wallet, to finally own our very first massage chair. Thanks to OSIM we got to give this new uDiva Classic a trial run before we make our decision to sign-off that credit card slip. And here’s 8 (because its Chinese New Year) reasons why we need this OSIM uDiva Classic in our home. (It’s more like 8 reasons to persuade myself and my hub to buy it lah!)

#1 – The uDiva Classic massage chair fits just nice in our home

In fact it fits almost any home, even in my parent’s cosy one-bedroom HDB in Punggol! The OSIM uDiva Classic is compact and light, you can fit it anywhere in your house and move it about too; from the living room to the bedroom or in your baby’s room! It measures merely 90(L) x 70(W) x 85(H)cm in sofa mode with backrest inclined and footrest retracted, saving more than 30% of living space.

Love how this uDiva Classic is so much easier to match as compared to their previous uDiva model. It’s classic yet elegant design complements our home and I love how the caramel chair stands out from the rest of our furniture. Really fits just nice as our first massage chair right? This uDiva Classic is small in size but generous in the features. Read on to find out…

#2 – It feels just right, at every pain (and not pain) points

Every morning I wake up with numb arms and hands and a very stiff shoulder. Every night I find it hard to fall asleep even though I am super tired. All these are signs of overworked, little rest and long hours of staring into digital screens. Are you having the same problems too? Since I started using the uDiva Classic every evening, sometimees in the morning before I start my long hours of staring into my macbook, I fall asleep more easily at night and when I needed that knot loosen in the neck and shoulder, I used the manual settings in the massage chair to hit the right spot easily. And never once did I not get the “Ahhhh…” out of me; just damn shiok. And now I do not want this daily routine to stop! So I must buy it, right?

#3 – It’s like having a personal spa at home
When was the last time I visited a spa? Hmmm… probably more than 6 years ago when we took a break in Bintan. Now I can have a good spa rub and massage every day.

#4 – Not just another chair, but a 3-in-one!
An armchair these days cost easily a few hundred bucks and if you want a nice looking designer one, you’ll pay couple of thousand even. But well its just a nice-to-look-at and alright to sit in armchair. How about a cosy lounger? That’s not something every house can fit easily since it takes up more space. And then there’s the dream “I wish I have one at home” massage chair, to some may feel its too bulky or too costly to own. Now put all the above three into one, you can get a body message anytime you want, a chair to relax and reflect, a cosy armchair to sit and a lounger for you to laze or work in. With the OSIM uDiva Classic, we can have all the above at home without taking much space and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg to pay off. A good deal indeed!

#5 – 5 professional massage programs
Being our first massage chair, it should be easy to use and fuss-free. And sure enough, we could get our first massage experience right out of the box without any manuals or instructions. Just pressed a couple of buttons on the remote and we went “Ohhhh” and “Ahhhh” instantly. The five pre-set massage programs include:

  1. Neck & Shoulders – my favourite routine that eases stiff and aching necks and shoulders
  2. Lumbar – on days when I needed a good relief on my lower back
  3. Energize – for the mornings when I needed a quick boost before work to charge up the body and mind.
  4. Spa – a gentle massage that relieve stress and tension all round the body
  5. Sleep – for relaxation before a good night sleep.

You can also use the manual massage settings to target a specific spot of your shoulder or back to suit your individual preference.

#6 – Everybody can use it!
Most places sell massage and spa packages that you can share with your love ones these days, but the problem with these packages is finding time to head back to use the package. But this one package is right there waiting for you at home. My parents come by weekly to visit and now they get to enjoy soothing massage too while spending time with us.

#7 – A work-at-home mum dream chair to work in.
Because I work from home most of the time, and sitting at my desk long hours makes work a little dull. Now I have a better option to sit and work at home. When I am too tired, I set the uDiva Classic into massage chair postition and have my back massage while I type away on my macbook. Or when I needed to focus just on work, I set it to become a lounger where I can have my coffee and snacks within reach while I work. Isn’t it a dream chair to work in for me? Yes right? Must buy lah! Shiok lah!

#8 – It doesn’t burn a big hole in our wallet! And accepts trade-in too.
Because we have got a massager at home now, we can trade-in* that and get this awesome new OSIM uDiva Classic at a special trade-in price! I just need to use it at least once a week to get my investment worth comparing this with my usual visit to the masseuse; which I seriously cannot find any time to go. Perhaps its time to trade our leg massage for this full body one. Hmmm…

Now that I have got my 8 reasons to own the uDiva Classic massage chair listed out here (while seated in it as I typed them out), time to share it with my husband and get the deal firmed so I can enjoy all the above 8 benefits permanently.

uDiva Classic retails at S$2,499, available in two colours – caramel and mocha. Please check in-store for more details. Click here for more information on OSIM uDiva Classic.

Want to try out the chair too? Come visit us this Chinese New Year! I’ll serve you coffee and snacks too. Don’t forget the ang baos ok. 😛

Missing Our Stay with Jen

We just got home and already missing Jen, she has been the most wonderful host so far since our little family started checking out different options in Singapore to get away for a couple of days. Jen is sexy, chic and oh-so-comfy, and she’s got some awesome X-factors too! Jen is also giving special treat to her guests who check-in with her from now till end July for her special Jen’s City Adventure (booking to be done by 30 June 2015).

The survival kit and river cruise tickets for those who stays with Jen's City Adventure
The survival kit and river cruise tickets for those who stays with Jen’s City Adventure, package also comes with breakfast for 2 and late check-out at 4.00pm.

Hotel Jen OrchardGateway was home to our family for two days and in Ayra’s words “I want to stay at this new house!” And she kept asking to be showered, either that or she would ask to go swim in the pool at Level 19. I must say, both Ayra and Zara had the most fun during our family staycation at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway.

Thanks to the nice folks at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway, we were hosted in Jen’s most awesome Panorama Club Room on the 15th floor. We were all in awed the moment we stepped into the room, a corner unit with full-length L-shaped windows overlooking Orchard Road. The girls kept jumping around and going “Wow! Wow! Wow!“. I could only smile in glee, seeing both of them so happy made my day.

Room 15-10, the Panorama Club Room with extra bed at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway
Room 15-10, the Panorama Club Room with extra bed

And have I told you about their bathroom?? How huge a bathroom does one need in the hotel? The Panorama Club Room gives you a whooping three meter long mirror and there’s even a IPTV embedded in the centre of the mirror! The girls spent the most time in the toilet, soaking themselves in the bathtub until all their feet and fingers turned prune-liked.

Spacious and welcoming bath room at the Panorama Club Room of Hotel Jen OrchardGateway
Spacious and welcoming bath room at the Panorama Club Room
View of the bathroom from the bathtub
View of the bathroom from the bathtub
Watch movie or listen to some music while soaking in the bathtub with IPTV inbuilt in the bathroom.
Watch movie or listen to some music while soaking in the bathtub with IPTV inbuilt in the bathroom.

This was the other reason why the girls could stay in the tub for so long, they were watching Winnie The Pooh on Disney Channel while splashing in the bath. While mummy sits at a corner to watch over them.

The Hotel Jen OrchardGateway Club Lounge Experience

Reception at the Club Lounge on Level 19
Reception at the Club Lounge on Level 19

Our hotel experience started from Level 19 at the Club Lounge where Jen’s team assisted with our check-in while we enjoy a glass of juice by the window overlooking the street of Orchard.

Very spacious Club Lounge with awesome view and facilities at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway
Very spacious Club Lounge with awesome view and facilities. One of the best we’ve experienced so far.
Mac station with printing facility at the Club Lounge
Mac station with printing facility at the Club Lounge
We spent some good time lounging and enjoying cocktail at the other side of the Club Lounge during our stay.
The girls enjoyed lounging at the Club Lounge too, with all the apples and bananas they want.
Some of the selection available for our evening cocktail at the Club Lounge
Some of the selection available for our evening cocktail at the Club Lounge

Besides savoury finger food, there were cheese platter, sashimi, salad, fruits, cookies, cakes and free flow drinks and alcohol.

Desserts at the Club Lounge
Desserts at the Club Lounge

If we do return to visit Jen again, I must remember to bring along my iPad so I can indulge in the huge collection of magazines available for download on Press Reader with compliments from Jen. A great way to just chill and read while lounging at Level 19. Complimentary Wifi is available throughout the hotel and as long as you are connected to their Wifi, you can download and read any available papers and magazines on Press Reader app. This is one of the many Jen’s sexy X-factor. Oh and if you need to charge your mobile or tablet, there are charging boxes placed around the hotel for guests to use so you get to always stay connected without worrying you’ll run out of power juice.

Charging boxes like this can be found around the hotel. Very thoughtful Jen!
Charging boxes like this can be found around the hotel. Very thoughtful Jen!

Have a Dip at BayWatch @Jen

On the same level of the Club Lounge, Jen has got her very own BayWatch with pool, kids pool and jacuzzi pool purposely decked out with view overlooking Somerset and the bay area. You can view the Marina Bay Sands from here and catch the nightly laser show too.

BayWatch @ Jen
BayWatch @ Jen

I personally love the comfy beanbags and lounge bed along the pool. We managed to park ourselves at one of the lounge bed after dinner and caught the laser show while enjoying the cool breeze that evening. The hub approves and mentioned booking another stay with Jen for just the two of us. •Coughs•My birthday in July•Coughs•

Lounge at the pool at BayWatch @ Jen
Lounge at the pool at BayWatch @ Jen

The adult pool was quite packed when we were there but we had the kids pool all to ourselves! There was a corner table and two chairs right next to the pool, so this corner was where we spent our late afternoon on our first day. Zara was keeping herself occupied climbing up and down the steps while Ayra was having her own pretend play with floats and her imagination. >.<

Pool + Cookies + Floats = Plenty of Fun for the kids
Pool + Cookies + Floats = Plenty of Fun for the kids
Night view of BayWatch @ Jen
Night view of BayWatch @ Jen
Laser show from Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Laser show from Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Breakfast Time at Makan@Jen

You know how kids just know what to do at the right time? On usual school days, the would hate to get themselves out of bed, but when its time to wake up for fun time (and awesome breakfast), they got up super early on their own! Why can’t they do the same every single day so Mummy me can send them both to school in time for lesson?

Makan@Jen at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway
Makan@Jen at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway

Breakfast at Makan@Jen was delightful, with a good spread of food. There were indian selection, chinese, western, noodles, dim sum, huge selection of cereals, yogurt, pastries, salad, cheese, cold cuts and ice cream! Yes! Who say ice cream is not for breakfast?

And they've got some yummy condiments for your ice cream too!
And Jen has got some yummy condiments for your ice cream too!
“Oops! I’m Busy! Enjoying my breakfast at Makan@Jen.” – Ayra
And this girl picks up all the funny antics from her sister!
Hearty breakfast for the husband (this was his nth round that morning)
Hearty breakfast for the husband (this was his final round that morning)

Other Jen’s X-Factors Worth a Mention

For those who missed breakfast time at Makan@Jen, guests can get their breakfast fix from On The Go, opposite the main reception at Level 10. Each guest can get pastries, fruit cup and drink. There’s self-help water too for those who need a quick sip before heading out.

For the adventurous, guests can borrow these bamboo bicycles to explore the city. Not sure if Jen charges a fee for this service, please do enquire at the front desk at the main lobby at level 1 for more details.

For all guests, there are two Mac available at level 10, each with their own quiet work space. Printing is available too at a nominal fee, collectible from the reception.

For those with too many luggage for check-in/ check-out, there are trolleys around the hotel lift lobby available for guests to wheel around. I love how these look with bright colours and huge wheels. Almost like a stroller but without the seats.

Instead of filling up your in-room mini bar with drinks, Jen has got vending machines from Level 14 to 18 of the hotel. These vending machines are pretty well stocked with variety of products. You’ll find not just food and drinks, but Panadol, condoms and cutleries too.

So what’s inside the in-room mini bar? There’s the complimentary bottled water and a cup of cut fruits, which all of us gobbled it up soon after we entered our room.

And finally, with the central location of Hotel Jen OrchardGateway, there are so many shopping, dining and entertainment right at the doorstep of the hotel. A great hotel not just for tourists and business travellers, but also for locals who want to indulge in some relaxing time with the love one or for those who wants to get tons of shopping done in town and club till the wee hours and chill after with friends at the hotel.

Even little Zara was busy checking out what’s in store at OrchardGateway!

Thank you Jen for this amazing getaway for our family and we look forward to more Jen’s adventure with you soon.

Still unable to decide if Jen is the one for your next staycation? Hop over to The Shutter Whale’s experience to read more.

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Latest Promotions and Deals at Hotel Jen OrchardGateway

From now till December 31, 2015 (date inclusive), guests may indulge in a totally value-added worthwhile staycation at Hotel Jen every Saturday and Sunday. Gone are the rules of checking in at 2 pm and checking out at 12 pm. These Weekends with 26 Hours A Day room package, guests can check out 26 hours after whatever time they check in.

From $200* per room, per night, guests may stay in one of the 499 well-appointed rooms featuring an abundance of sunlight and which are well decorated in soft earth-tone colours. All guests who love this idea are welcome to stay at the hotel and post a picture of their stay that is relevant to the property onto their Facebook wall and tagging @Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore with the hashtag #26hourswithJen during their stay.
[themify_button link=”https://www.hoteljen.com/offers/jen/details/hotel/singapore/orchardgateway/stay/26-hours-in-a-day/” color=”#333″ text=”#fff”]Book Now[/themify_button]

Hotel Jen OrchardGateway
277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858
Website | Email

Disclaimer: The hotel stay and experience was provided by Hotel Jen OrchardGateway for the purpose of this review and post. All opinions and photos are our own.

She was playing with paint. What happened next will make you cry. 

It was Tuesday evening when we decided to have some painting fun. Zara was going crazy with her paint brush and decided to ditch it and used her fingers instead.

Happily dipping her fingers into paint and rubbing her hands in glee.

Then in an unknown seconds, mummy caught her rubbing her paint stained hands on her eyes! Oh what horror!

So what happened next was too funny and we just couldn’t control our laughter.

We burst out laughing till my hands were trembling and tears bursting out from side of my eyes.

We have got Zara the Robin in the house!

Upon seeing herself in the mirror, she cried. Frightened by her own reflection.

Too comical and it deserves a blog post!

Kids Amaze Indoor Water Playground at Punggol SAFRA

Punggol is going to be oh so more fun when Punggol SAFRA opens its door in 2016!

Embracing the water theme, Kidz Amaze at Punggol SAFRA will feature a “Deep Sea” themed playground. It is set to span 23,000 square feet soaring three stories high! 

Looking at the artist impression alone is making me want to jump into the play pool now! This is going to be our favorite hang out when they open!

See the animated fly through video below.

We really can’t wait for Punggol SAFRA to open!

MELIJOE – Kids Fashion from Paris to Singapore in 24 hours

Ayra and Zara are always asking to be dressed in pretty clothes whenever we head out, even if its just downstairs to the playground! Once Ayra requested to wear her princess gown for dinner at a nearby coffee shop and I had explain with 101 excuses so that she would put on the tee and shorts instead.

With little time to spare shopping these days, I do lots more purchases online from groceries, home essentials, gifts and clothes. When I was introduced to MELIJOE, I couldn’t stop drooling over all the pretty dresses, with some fit for a red carpet appearance or a black tie event.

When one is stuck with no idea on what to wear for an upcoming occassion, one can head over to MELIJOE lookbook specially styled and designed for Singapore to get some inspirations. Find casual daily wears to beautiful dresses for wedding reception and more.

For those who needs new clothes fast, MELIJOE can ship from Paris to Singapore in 24 hours via FedEx. And this was Ayra smiling from cheek to cheek when she received her surprise package from MELIJOE just before bedtime.

With packaging as cute as this, MELIJOE is also a great gift shopping site too for babies, girls and boys!

When asked to pick one dress from their collection, it took me more than a week to decide, and I ended up getting two because Ayra or Zara would be jealous if one did not get a new dress from Mummy. Going for casual yet chic and cute, I picked up two matching dresses from the Catimini collection.

Zara in the Printed percale sundress by Catimini. She’s 19 months now and wearing size 3, Ayra managed to fit this dress too (cos Ayra is just way skinny for her age). It is still a little long for Zara (about 90cm tall), but fits well for Ayra who is about 100 cm tall.

Ayra is dressed in Cotton voile sundress by Catimini. Size 4 fits this girl just nicely and she loves this dress! Couldn’t stop spinning around just to show her love for the beautiful sundress.

Check out the other awesome collection at MELIJOE.COM, sign-up for an account and get USD15 discount off your first purchase.


Launched in 2007 by entrepreneur and mother of five Nathalie Christen-Genty, MELIJOE.COM is the world’s premier online fashion e-tailer for children ages 0-16. Featuring the latest in childrenswear trends inspired directly by adult runways, MELIJOE.COM is home to some of the industry’s most sought-after labels in kid’s fashion.

MELIJOE.COM is above all an international brand, featuring 100% authentic products, speedy worldwide shipping and a website translated in six languages. Thanks to a developed editorial strategy and magazine-inspired web layout, MELIJOE.COM doubles as a digital news outlet for children’s fashion with Le Magazine, and between exclusive shopping edits, childrenswear news, trend reports and in-house photo shoots, MELIJOE.COM is an extra-large world of digital fashion for the smallest of fashionistas.

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum received the two dresses from MELIJOE.COM for purpose of this feature. No other monetary compensation received. All opinions our own.