Young Parents Fiesta 2011

I’ve long stopped purchasing magazines from newsstand but recently, an old friend working at SPH passed me a copy of Young Parents Magazine and from there I found out that there will be very attractive free gifts when I subscribe to the magazine at the roadshow!

The kiasu woman in me already booked my hubby, my best friend and her hubby to head down to Young Parents Fiesta on either 25 or 26 June at Marina Square atrium. But when I did a little research and seeing the long queue at the subscription counter, I’m reconsidering whether we should go on the first day instead! So KS right?

Long queue at YP Fiesta 2010

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The Studio Loft + Cordlife at Motherhood Exhibition 2011

For the first time, we visited a mother-baby exhibition. Was thrilled to see so many cute babies around Singapore Expo tonight. Found out about Motherhood Exhibition on Jame’s website and The Studio Loft’s promo on Facebook; so I suggested we go check it out.

Not prepared to buy any stuff for the baby yet; shopping spree will start in July. But we did got ourselves booked for two, in my opinion, very important and essential things. (1) Signed up for cord blood bank with Cordlife and (2) two photo sessions with The Studio Loft.

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Present #2 from Pris

When mummy got home from our big day, this cute set of clothes was sitting on my bed waiting for me. So cute right? Mummy’s going to wear them on you when you arrive.

Thanks Pris for this lovely present.

BB’s first present!

Look what Uncle bought for you from Bangkok! You lucky baby! Only at Week 10+ and already you’ve got a present! I’m jealous! 😛

[image type=”frame-css3″ align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”Quack!”][/image]

Babyrooms Ideas by Paidi

These rooms are simple, practical and so lovely! I’m going to draw inspirations from here when I decorate my baby’s room in the new home. Love how the furnitures can be used even when the baby has grown up. All you need to do is change the baby’s bed to a single bed.

[image type=”frame” align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”COMO Babyroom by Paidi”][/image]

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