Safe play zone for baby

At 8+ months, little Ayra was crawling fast and furious around the house and reaching out for support to lift herself to standing position. As there are many electrical stuff within easy reach in the living area, we had to constantly follow behind her when she crawls. Few occasions where she was faster than we can react and she pulled the hi-fi set off the shelve, situation might be worsen if it had hit her toes or feet when it fell. We needed a safe play zone for the growing baby.

Deciding between a playpen vs a playard

We are the generation who grew up in playpens. But the playpen only allows baby to be inside and not the adults. When the little one outgrows the size, the playpen will be a white elephant.

I first saw a playard from a friend’s instagram; with few clicks from google search, I found the exact same one on Babytown online store. After reading few more reviews from other mummy’s blogs, I decided this was what we need at home.

The size of the standard set of Haenim Playard is just nice for Ayra for now. When she grows bigger and need more space, we can buy additional panels to expand the playard. Ayra loves it! She plays in it everyday and learned to walk while holding on to the playard. With the playmat as base, we feel much comfortable with her in it and won’t rush to check on her when she falls on her butt.

Playard also helps contain her toys within the play area and keeps the house neat. She’ll pull everything out from her toy basket and cover the entire mat with them.

The playard makes good frames for photo taking too! 😛

This is one of the purchase that I felt was money well spent.

Haenim Playard is available from and they sell playmats too.

*This post is not sponsored by any brands mentioned. Its based on my personal experiences and encounter. If you would like to have your brand or products reviewed, please contact The Loving Mum page via Facebook Message.

Safe place to play for baby below 12 months

Now that my baby is able to crawl (super fast) and learning to stand and take small steps on her own, I find it a challenge trying to keep her out of the no-go zones at home and with the limited space at my mum’s place, its even tougher to have all her toys surrounding her for her to explore.

My temporary solution is to bring her to Hokey Pokey. First encounter at Hokey Pokey is on the day of shoot for Baby Essentials. She wasn’t able to crawl yet and I had to carry her from around to play. She had enjoyed it still and had a great night sleep that night. Brought her back again with my mum on a Saturday and she was all over the place. Grabbing toys from the shelves, crawling from one corner to another, pulling herself up to stand and reach for toys on high shelves or table and so much more activities! She kept herself occupied and had fun for an hour, till she realized her energy was running out.

Steady only! Standing like that.
Took baby steps while holding on to the shelves

So far, base on my online research, Hokey Pokey seems like the only place friendly and spacious enough for baby below 12 months. All other play houses were for older kids who can climb high and low and move around without parents supervision. They do have corner for young babies, but its not as fun and spacious.

Zooming down the hill!
Press press... got sound!

NTUC card member is having 10% discount off their membership now at Hokey Pokey, so I’ve gotten Ayra her first membership. Now each day out at Hokey Pokey will be $15 instead of the usual $25.

If you’re interested, the annual membership is at $50, including 1 free play on day of sign-up and 1 free play on the child’s birthday month. Special rate for party package booking and also get 6 free drinks (one for each visit). Not too bad a deal don’t you think?

Will be bringing baby girl to Hokey Pokey at least once a month. Anyone wants to go together? More fun to have play dates for the little ones!

YouTube Videos for Babies

Our 4 months young little lady loves watching videos on YouTube. She gets all excited and pumped up when we play her favorite songs. She watches it on TV (via Xbox; soon a blue ray player cos stupid Xbox require us to subscribe to their Gold membership to watch YouTube on it!), on the iPad and on the iPhone! Everywhere she goes, whenever she wants to, YouTube access will always be there.

Once she was with me over at my girlfriend’s place, I played the Shape Song on loop and it drove my girlfriends crazy! Both of them were humming to the tune. It’s rather catchy I’ve to say!… “I’m a circle circle, I want to be a square… I want to be a triangle…”, here’s the video!

The other favorite of hers is a song by Elmo with four ducks.

What’s your baby’s favorite video?

Online shopping for Mums and Babes

Now, when I want to get something for myself and the little one, first thing I thought is which online store can I get them from. Shopping in the malls is getting lesser and lesser for me. Its not as simple as just change and go like it used to be. Going out now means having to pack the diaper bag making sure there’s enough milk and diapers to last the day out; getting the little lady changed and in the mood to go shopping with me. Its just easier and more convenient to whip out the macbook and just let my fingers do the shopping.

If you are like me, here are some online shops you may want to check out:

  • Kidzloft
    Kidzloft Online Baby Store stocks the most comprehensive range of its house brands to make it easier for you to shop whenever it suits you. Find brands like Bright Starts and TAF Toys. Ideal for parents looking for toys for the little ones.
  • BabyOnline
    BabyOnline houses high quality premium products for the little ones. They carry NUK and Tommee Tippee milk bottles, Gund soft toys and others.
  • Pupsik Studio
    This is where you can find pretty bean-sprout shell pillows.
  • Uenoland
    Very lovely premium toys for the little ones and even the big kid in all of us. Little Lady Ayra loves her cuddly Lila the Rabbit from the Moulin Roty collection. Must go check them out!
  • Lastly, there’s Gmarket. My favorite! This need no introduction. Just beware of who you’re buying from. I’ll usually read the reviews and judge whether or not its reliable through the number of reviews received.

Listen and learn your baby’s language, Yes they are talking to you!

For three months, I’ve been learning my baby’s cry and mumbling on my own. Knowing when she’s hungry, when she wants to be burped and when she’s tired and wants to sleep. It was tough and I wished I had someone to interpret the cries for me. Understanding baby’s language is important as it’ll help reduce frustration from the little one and the big ones (Parents) need not end up becoming frantic and even frustrated cause the baby refuses to stop crying and screaming.

Three months later, today, I saw this video circulating on YouTube and I wished I’d known about this earlier! The Dunstan System was first introduced on Oprah few years back and the recently shared video on YouTube is spreading.

If you’re expecting, has a baby who’s trying to communicate with you or just simply curious, check out this video.

Baby loves Lila the Rabbit – Moulin Roty in Singapore!

Couple weeks ago, we went to Loewen Garden for a fair and got Ayra a rabbit plush by Moulin Roty! There were so many cute plushes how I wished I can bring them all home! The plush toys were so adorable, not only baby and children will love hugging them, adults too will get hooked!

Les Coquettes
How can anyone resists such cuteness! Fanette from Les Coquettes collection.

Moulin Roty is a French brand started way back in 1972! They’ve come a long way and is well-loved by many around the world. Lucky us we get to see, feel, hug and bring one of their beautiful creation home here in Singapore thanks to the good people at Uenoland! (Oh and thanks for the little feature!)

When Ayra is older, I’m so going to buy one of the Les Coquettes sisters for her. For now, she’ll have to continue hugging and loving (and spreading her saliva over) Lila the rabbit! >.<

Ayra with Lila her rabbit
Ayra with Lila her rabbit

By the way, there is a Christmas Promotional Delight going on over at Enjoy 10% off next purchase when you spend min $120 in your first purchase.  Go get yourself some huggable toys this Christmas!

The nightly gig

It’s been a month and I’m surprised how I managed to survive! I’m a lazy woman who will get as much sleep as I can at night and in the morning, but for the past month my routine was messed up. I almost couldn’t tell the difference between waking up in the day and at night. I admit I do feel a little drowsy and dizzy at times, but my mind and body held on.


Every night before settling in bed waiting for the first sign of hunger, wetting or pooing, I’ll prepare the night’s essential. Three bottles filled with 40ml lukewarm water, flask of hot water, three servings of formula milk, pacifier and handkerchief. Diapers, wet wipes and changing mat are kept just below my bed for easy access. So far all the above managed to help us all survive the nights; except for few super crazy ones where the ru yi you had to come into action.

Instead of dozing off into deep sleep, I’m awaken by the slightest i-want-attention-sound from baby. After feeding she will fall asleep and wakes up as “scheduled” for the next feed. Ayra is a darling; resting through the nights knowing her Ayah has to wake up early for work.

We are all slowly but surely fitting into everyone’s needs and life couldn’t be sweeter and blissful than it is now. Watching Ayra’s every moves make our heart melts.

Love you baby! <3