Ayra the Fashionista X FOX Kids & Baby

We love shopping! And FOX Kids & Baby is in our top 3 favorite fashion store for Ayra since she was a little baby. Now that she has a full length mirror at home and at Grandparent’s place, she insists on picking her own clothes after bath every day! It is a challenge keeping up with her fashion needs but now, for the rest of the year, Ayra and her soon-arriving little sister will have new fashion apparels every month! We are SUPER thrilled to be collaborating with FOX Fashion for their Kids and Baby collection!

Ayra was excited to see their new Fall Winter 2013 collection over the long weekend at FOX Kids & Baby (City Square Mall) and she had a blast trying out new clothes and hogging both the fitting rooms! Good thing we went pretty early in the day and the crowd hasn’t quite fill up the store yet.

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Alternative Baby Changing Setup

Planning for No. 2’s arrival and to make space for her things in the house. One of the item on our shopping list is a changing table/station so that we don’t have to strain our backs going too low (changing on our bed) while changing her.

Ikea Changing Units

A Baby Changing Unit from IKEA comes to about $150, but this will probably not be of much used when baby is older. So I’m planning to do my own setup and make things work.

Our baby changing setup will consists of:

A chest of drawers and a changing mat to rest the baby on.

Ikea Chest of drawers

With this setup, we will be able to use the drawers for clothes storage and more now, and when Baby grows out of the changing unit, the top can be nicely decorated with photos and memories. To me this is the best solution!

Now the only thing left is to find a nice changing mat for it.

Use only the best to protect Baby’s delicate skin

What to use for laundry hasn’t been my kind of thing before Ayra arrived. I’m fortunate and lucky to be staying with my parents and they manage the household items and my mum does the laundry. I never been bothered to know what brand of detergent or fabric conditioner they use nor do I need to learn how to operate the washing machine. (YES! I am an idiot when come to using the household gadgets then!) Only when we are planning for Ayra’s arrival then I started picking up all these things in my to-buy list.

Baby’s skin is the most delicate and they can be very sensitive too. I pick my laundry needs for baby carefully and had been using the Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner ever since Ayra arrived. We not just use it for baby’s laundry, we use it for ALL our wash – from our clothes, towels, bed sheets and even our sofa covers. Baby will touch all these fabrics eventually doesn’t she?

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In search for a double stroller

With No. 2 coming soon, I’ve been shopping around and looking at what other parents are using. Every time I see someone housing two kids in a stroller, I’ll stretched my neck a little further to check out which brand and model it is. Picking a suitable stroller is a long process for me, having bought 3 strollers before, my next purchase must be one that can last me a good 3 to 4 years at least and must be able to house both my kids when we are out. Ideally it should be flexible enough for me to make it a one-seated when necessary.

After some research, here are the two shortlisted ones I’m considering. Appreciate if any mummies or daddies who have used any of them before let me know your thoughts (goods and bads) about the stroller.

Britax B-Ready + Second Seat

Price: Approx S$868 from Amazon + shipping or locally at $979

Britax B-Ready with second seat

Contours Tandem Strollers

Price: From S$500+

Contour Tandem

I’m leaning towards the Britax as its more compact but its heavier. How how?

And then on second thought, do I really need a tandem? No. 2 can be carried in a baby carrier/sling till 12 months and No. 1 can continue to use the current stroller. And when No. 2 is to sit in a stroller, No. 1 should be able to go stroller-free ya? Question now is will I ever have to bring both out for an entire day alone, on these rare days, I will surely need a tandem to fit both of them and all their barang barangs! Hmmm… this is a dollar and cents decision…

Feeding bottle woes over with new Philips Avent Natural Bottles

Ayra with Philips AVENT Feeding BottleI have been searching for the right milk bottles for baby since before she arrived. It was confusing at first, with so many types, brands and sizes to choose from. I started off with the Philips Avent Classic bottles as they came together with the breast pump I bought. When time came to use them, I realized it leaks pretty badly then read online that its due to the bad positioning of the ring adapter that’s to be placed before the teat cover. It took us quite a while to learn the right way to use these bottles. Still it wasn’t perfect. So I bought other brands to try, ended up having too many bottles sitting in the kitchen and still none was the right one for Ayra.

Eventually we used a mixture of milk bottle brands and make sure a handkerchief is used to prevent any staining on Baby’s clothes while feeding. But using different bottle wasn’t good cause I noticed Ayra drinking pattern changed when different bottle was used.

The nightly gig even up till today, but now with bigger milk bottles.

Sometime earlier this year, when it was time to change new bottles for Ayra (I change them every 6 months). I saw the new range of bottles by Philips Avent at Robinsons. When I saw that they have improved the design and removed the ring adapter from the bottle, I immediately bought 2 sets of the bottles and 6m+ teats and used them the same day. And then, it was a never-look-back experience. Baby and I love the new Philips Avent Natural PP bottles! (I’m not paid to say this ok! Really love the new design.)

Here are the reasons why…

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WW: A First Celebration for Baby Girl

After a month of planning and sourcing, Ayra’s first birthday celebration was held on 8 September with families and friends. It was not perfect nor quite the way I dreamed for it to be, but it was still great fun, memories and joy. Ayra would have enjoyed even more if she had taken a nap before the crowd started to fill the place.

Ayra with her Rilakkuma birthday cake

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Preparing for Ayra’s 1st Birthday Celebration

The countdown clock has started. It’s a month and few days away from Ayra’s first birthday celebration. As we skipped her full month’s celebration, I’m planning to have a not-so-mini party for her 1st. As I was browsing through other mummy’s blog and referencing from friend’s photo albums on Facebook, the panic button is suddenly pressed. Its been 10 years since I last planned a birthday celebration!

The theme for the party is set and the e-invite is also ready and published…

Jotting down the list of stuff I need to prepare here for my reference (and perhaps someone out there may find this useful too).

  1. Get THE cake – This is one of the most important part of any birthday celebration. And it must look and taste great. My usual practice is to get it from Fourleave or Prima Deli, but after reading about Pine Garden’s Cake, I think its worth a try. Design and theme in mind, just need to get it conveyed as accurately as I can to the bakers.
  2. Food to fill the tummies – Been sometime since I ordered for catering, remember few names with pretty decent serving and food. Probably cater from Rasel or Kriston now known as Megu! Wow! It looks very good. Decision decision!
  3. Decoration – The celebration is going to take place at a chalet, my plan is to focus on two areas only. One is a photo backdrop where everyone will have to take photo with and the other a decorated table display where the cake will be. This table display will also be used for the cake cutting. Will start pinning inspirations on my pinterest for kids party.
  4. Photos and Video – Must get proper photos and videos taken of this day. If I can I would love to shoot them on my own, but I’ll be so busy running around to get things done and ensure guests and Ayra is happy. Must get my dearest crew guys to help!
  5. Montage and photo showcase – Its time to bring out the massive collection of photos and videos I took over the year and share them with family and friends. Time to scrap and create the montage is going to be very hard to come by in days leading to the big day. I MUST STILL TRY! *ommmmmmm*
  6. List to be continued…

May the craziness begin!