Lela the Baby Gum Soother

At 5 months, Zara is starting to grab everything within her reach. And no matter what she grab, it is stuffed straight into her mouth. She loves pulling in and out her pacifier and teether to rub her gums. When Ayra was little, she got Sophie the giraffe, and now for Zara, she’s got Lela the deer.

Comparing the two teethers, personally I find Lela the deer more suitable for babies.


  • Lela is smaller and easier for tiny hands to hold.
  • Lela’s neck is shorter and so baby is able to hold the legs and still able to bite on the head with ease.
  • Zara could bite the ears and tails of Lela, instead of just the legs of Sophia for Ayra.
  • Also uses 100% natural rubber and food grade dye, she is also BPA and phthalate-free.


Zara loves chewing on Lela and by the time she’s done with her, Lela the deer will be covered with saliva! *ewwwwww*

Note: The Sophie Ayra was using may not be the one available in stores now. They seemed to have changed the design and is now smaller. Above comparison is based on the experiences between the two teethers which we had.

Tips to Buying Clothes for Newborn

Do you recall the excitement when you discover the gender of your baby? When I learned about the gender for my first child, I was super hyped! My mind filled with hundred and one ways to dress up my baby girl when she arrives. Beautiful dresses, bright tees, cute onesies and so much more fun ways to dress the baby up! And what happened?

Before the baby even arrived, your new wardrobe is filled with newborn clothes! When the baby arrive, she starts to grow in super speed and mummy can’t finish dressing her up in newborn clothes before she grow too big to fit.

Baby Zara in a 3 to 6 months onesie when she’s barely 2 months young

This happen to not just myself I’m sure. I’ve seen new parents shopping for newborn stuff in boxes, including clothes! I’ve often wanted to go up to them and tell them to stop wasting money, but I just can’t do it! I hate myself for not stepping up, guess I’m still very much a conservative mum.

Before you head down for your next shopping spree for clothes, here are some tips for you.

[box type=”1″]Buy just enough for twice a week of washing. Newborns grow very fast and some newborn may even be too big to fit into newborn (0-3month) clothes at birth. So buy just enough of newborn clothes before the baby is born. Shopping for clothes is never ending, and you’ll have a lot of opportunities to shop after giving birth. So don’t need to be too kiasu.[/box]

I love T-shirts for babies, as they can last longer as compared to onesie, I love that the FOX baby tees come with buttons on the shoulder line for easy wearing for baby

[box type=”1″]A personal guide when preparing for newborn:
This guide is for those who plan to wash baby’s clothes every two days.

  1. Sleepwears (at least 6 sets)

    Get comfortable sleeping wears, long sleeves and pants if baby is going to be sleeping in air-conditioned rooms. I love one piece sleep wears that covers their hands and feet.

  2. Onesies (6 pcs)

    Onesies are no brainer. They wear easily and is easy for diaper changing. But get the 3 to 6 months instead of newborns so they can be worn for a longer time.

  3. T-shirts (3 to 5 pcs)

    For the occasion outings.

  4. Pants (2 pcs)

    Love those that has got the feet covered cos it is a challenge to keep baby’s socks on all the time. Socks that are too tight leaves marks on the skin, socks too loose fall off easily.

  5. Shorts (2 pcs)

    For the warmer days, shorts is good, even with onesies so that the baby’s thigh is covered in case they catch a cold from too much wind from the fan.


When buying onesies, get a size bigger than the baby so they get to wear for longer time

Shorts or pants should also be at least one size bigger as we need to fit in the diaper. When these are too tight, the skin may not be able to breathe properly hence causing rashes to grow

Now that you’ve got tips on what you can get for your baby, head down to shop soon! It’s the year end sale and many places are giving great discounts. From our favorite shopping place for clothes, FOX is having their end season sale with up to 70% off! This offer too hard to miss and I’m heading to shop later today! 😛

Giving baby milk at the right temperature + A Giveaway!

Before feeding we were told to ensure that the milk is not too hot for the baby. Many does the “drip-on-back-of-hand-to-test” method, or “use-my-palm-and-feel-the-bottle” method to test the temperature. Sometimes, we thought the temperature is just right, but our baby rejected and cried out loud, cause she has burned her tongue!

Doesn’t the above scenario sound familiar to you?

With the help of these color changing bottle sleeves, we can now be sure that the milk is just right for feeding.

These are high-tempered borosilicate glass bottles which are safe, reliable, durable, washable and 100% BPA Free. They come with removable silicone sleeves that change color and turn white when the liquid inside reaches 42 degrees Celsius or above. So you know the milk is too hot for the baby.

Personally I find them especially useful for breastmilk feeding cos we cannot control how much hot/lukewarm water to add like when making formula milk. For breastmilk, we heat it up in bottle warmers and sometimes we leave it in there for too long, baby cry and you just hurriedly take it out and feed, sometimes forgetting to check the temperature before feeding. With these color changing sleeves, we know for sure if the milk is too hot (sleeves turn white/ pale in color).

What I love even more is that these bottles can be purchased online! No need to leave the house to get them and yes I can be lazy like that! Online shopping is just so much more convenient for me since I become a mum.

But you know what’s the most exciting part? I’ve got a set of these Cherub Baby Color Change Glass Bottles to giveaway! On top of the bottles, the winner will also receive a bod for buds cowboys and itchy bums cream. Total value more than $60. Complete the below tasks to enter into this giveaway now!

Giveaway Alert

Here are the two prizes up for grab!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Newborn and Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Zara’s full month baby shower was the first I threw. We didn’t have one for Ayra as it was too closed to our planned wedding dinner. She did have a birthday party for her big 1.

From the day a child is born, friends, colleagues and relatives will mostly bless with gifts or ang baos. Common gifts received includes tonic food for the mum, baby clothes set and gift hampers (which is nice and all, but I’ll rather spend the money on more practical gifts).

Gifting for a newborn though sound easy, it does get challenging for some. For me, be it at the giving or receiving end, I will want gifts which are practical and nice. If you are looking at some quality or new gift ideas, here are some newborn and baby shower gift ideas for your consideration. Promotions included too!

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Challenging but Fun Shoot at The Orange Studios

Before Zara popped, we had a tiring but fun session at The Orange Studios. Capturing photos of Ayra is one big challenge that I face all the time. When we got this opportunities for a studio shoot, I thought she might get intrigued by the new surroundings and different photographer and give us better shots. But I was so wrong! Capturing photos of toddlers this age (>2yo) is all about capturing the moments, don’t expect a posed shot from them.

Looking at these selected photos, some might think they are all planned and posed shots, but it was really about good timing.

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Ayra meets Mr Men and Little Miss at FOX

Before Baby No. 2 arrives, we managed to sneak some time together with Ayra for a fun shopping trip to meet Mr Men and Little Miss at FOX Kids & Baby. These adorable characters come just at the right time as I just started introducing Ayra to their books. She has so far met Little Miss Stubborn, Little Miss Busy, Mr Forgetful and Little Miss Princess.

And that day at Mr. Men and Little Miss collection launch at FOX Kids & Baby, she got to meet a brand new character…

She was delighted to score her first Little Miss plush, the Little Miss Cawaii! How cute is she!

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Spending more time with my girl – A review of Drypers DryPantz

With our No. 2 coming soon, I’ve been showing Ayra photos of herself when she was a baby, telling her how much she has grown and soon will become a big sister. She’s learning to call her little sister by her name and seems to understand a new baby will be joining our family soon. Seeing the photos of Ayra’s growing up years brings back great memories and I can’t wait to capture these memories with my No. 2.

Ayra is growing up to be a very active girl, she loves to boogee and jumps up and down on the sofa and bed. An active kid needs lots of mobility and a comfortable diaper that fits and give her greater ease to move about.

Drypers DryPantz Flexi-FitTM does just that.

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