7 Essential Gifts For Newborn Babies in 2015

As we marched into Singapore’s 50th birthday, all newborns in 2015 will receive a special Golden Jubilee Baby gift set from Singapore. There were much noises generated on these gifts but when I got to see the gifts in person at their reveal last Sunday, I must say, these gifts are more essentials and special than what I’d expected. In fact, these gifts will help save new parents quite a sum of money too.

Ayra and Zara were both there with me and the littlest one attracted quite a few attention with her super friendly character, going around doing High-5s with other guests and showing her cute dance moves.

The 7 Essential Gifts for all Golden Jubilee Babies

Gift 1 – Practical Diaper Bag

This diaper bag (if I remember correctly) is by Skip Hop and if you were to buy this in store, it’ll cost about $90+. The bag resembles the Skip Hop Duo diaper bag.

Gift 2 – Red Baby Sling

This resembles the one I have and if its the same model, then its one cool baby sling! I used it on both Ayra and Zara and found the baby sling very practical and easy to use. I paid $199 for a similar baby sling and now all 2015 babies get to have one for free!

Gift 3 – Six Piece Baby Clothes Set

This set comprising of 2 rompers, 1 shirt and 1 shorts, a pair of mittens and socks. These I have to say are super cute and I can already imagine all the newborns wearing these cute rompers appearing on my Facebook and Instagram Timeline come 2015. Definitely something worth keeping inside Baby’s memory box.

Gift 4 – A baby shawl

Not sure if all the shawls will be the same design, but the one I saw has got cute lion print on it.

Gift 5 – A set of 5 Children’s Books

These books inspired by local iconic and fun places is good for Level 1 and 2 readers. Great for bedtime stories with your newborn; never too early to start them on reading you know.

Gift 6 – A scrapbook album

Being a scrapbooker myself, I think this is a great baby welcome gift for all new parents. I spent quite a lot of money and time putting my own scrapbooks together for my girls, if you want some design inspirations, you can take a look at some of mine here.

Gift 7 – A nice photo frame

Great for showing off your baby’s best photos at their first month or first year celebration or display the happy memories in the baby’s room.

There’s also a 8th gift in the set of gifts for all Golden Jubilee Babies in 2015 – a commemorative medallion. Another great keepsake in baby’s memory box. This will be revealed come 2015, probably to the first newborn come 1 Jan 2015. Wonder who will be this lucky Golden Jubilee Baby No. 1?

Personally I feel that these are great and practical gifts for newborns, and would save all parents more than $300 from buying of diaper bag, baby sling and the other essentials. I would be looking forward to receiving this gift set if I am popping a baby next year. (For the record, no we are not trying for the 3rd one please!)

All these 8 essential and keepsake-worthy gifts will come in a very pretty gift box which I love love love! This box can be used as the baby’s memory keepsake box to store all the precious things which can be gifted back to the baby when he/she grows up. You know, you can keep things like the tag worn at the hospital, the health booklet, first photo, deflated balloons from relatives/friends etc. And yes I keep these things inside my girls’ memory box! If only I had such a big box then I would have kept more things in there!

If any parents having more than 1 baby in 2015, and would like to give away one of the boxes, please please get in touch with me ok!

With free flow of candy floss, popcorns, airbrush tattoo service, crafting corner and fun photo spots, guests and their children had fun at the reveal. Kudos to the SG50 Golden Jubilee Baby Gift team for putting a nice HeyBaby families get together for this reveal.

The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is a community initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division, supported by REACH, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Families for Life, NTUC U Family, and I Love Children. In conjunction with the SG50 celebrations to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the Gift consists of a small set of meaningful items from all Singaporeans to welcome every Singaporean baby born in 2015. Find out more at SG50baby page on Heybaby.sg.

Now you can have dates in your baby’s diet too

My husband has been strongly encouraging the family to consume dates (fruit) daily as it is a very good source of nutrients and dietary supplement. He would buy and store the dried date fruits at home for us to enjoy. We have not tried feeding any of these dried dates to Zara yet afraid she might not be able to digest it well. But now she can too enjoy the goodness of dates in her cereal.

Dates provide a wide range of essential nutrients, and are a very good source of dietary potassium. The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80%; the remainder consists of protein, fiber, and trace elements including boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc. – via Source

Nestle CERELAC Wheat & Honey Dates

Nestlé CERELAC® has incorporated a brand new flavour with dates into infant cereal with milk, a unique feat unparalleled by other infant cereals in the market. Infants from the age of 8 months old can now benefit from the nutritional value of delicious dates.

Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates caters to taste buds, but also fulfils the daily recommended intake for an 8 month old child. According to Health Promotion Board’s recommended daily allowances, a 6–12 month old infant needs 400mg of calcium and 7mg of iron. A bowl of Nestlé2 | P a g e CERELAC®Wheat, Honey and Dates meets 45% of your child’s daily calcium intake and over 50% of your child’s daily iron intake in just one serving with fortified vitamin A and C.

Nestlé CERELAC® is the only infant cereal with BIFIDUS BL probiotics that help to fight against harmful bacteria in an infant’s digestive system. Unique to infant cereals, Nestlé CERELAC® contains Cereals Hydrolyzed Enzymatically (CHE) which helps to break down carbohydrates into smaller parts for easy digestion. Nutritious cereals contain 12 vitamins and 5 minerals to support your infant’s growth and development, offering natural goodness derived from wheat and honey. Delicious dates add texture to your child’s meal and aids in satisfying his/her urge to chew at the weaning stage of development. Dates are also beneficial to a nutritious, balanced diet and provide energy for your growing little ones.

Here’s a close up of Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates cereal…

So we tested the new cereal with Zara over the weekend. It did help with her digestive system and it was a smoother process for her that night, even with just a few spoonful of cereal that morning. She usually had to cry in pain when going through the you-know-what-process daily.

The look of Zara at first taste of the cereal was too cute not to share!

Zara didn’t want to take in anymore after a few small scoops of the cereal. She is starting to resists cereal (even her usual since she was 4 months) already as she prefers adult food at 14 months. Yes! Adult food! That’s why the digestive problem! Got to try again with Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates a few more times to get her to eat at least a little everyday to help improve her digestive system.

Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates is available at all leading stores at a retail price of $5.50 per 250g pack.

Why Should One Consider a Double Stroller – Review of City Select 2014 by Baby Jogger

Before No. 2 arrived, I was looking out and considering to purchase a double stroller. I eventually did get the Contours Tandem Stroller when Zara was about 3 months but sold it off after using it twice. It was just too bulky to go out with.

We ended up using a single capella stroller to fit both of them when Zara was able to sit up on her own.

Ayra and Zara on Capella Stroller

Which was super dangerous! I seriously do not encourage anyone to try this at all.

Or on days we know we needed both of them in stroller, we bring two with us!
Garfield Run 2014 - Our First Family 3KM Fun Run

When we had a chance to test drive the new City Select stroller by Baby Jogger, I jumped into the opportunity. And now Ayra has been asking for it after our two weeks trial! Had to try lots of tricks to get her to accept the ones we have at home instead. Super headache!

Still too big…

Let’s start with the not so favourable points of the City Select with extra seat attached.

  • It is still heavy. Sometimes heavy stroller is good, cause it means it won’t fall if weight is not evenly spread across the stroller. In this case, we are glad it is heavy and steady, as it gives us better confidence that the stroller can take the weight of both our girls.
  • Storing can be quite a headache. There wasn’t space in the store room at home for this so we had it left opened and stored next to our dining table during our 2 weeks experience with it. The girls use it as seats while watching movies on TV!
  • Getting in and out of lifts can be rather challenging, especially in a packed one. We try to take the cargo or fireman lifts in shopping malls when we were out in the City Select. Lesser crowd and bigger lifts.

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

But it works…

The girls loved it and could stay comfortable in the stroller through an entire day of shopping, with no cries nor protect. I was rather shocked when we took them out in the City Select over a long weekend when we had to bring them out.

Napping in the City Select is not a problem for one or both of them, it just shows how comfortable it is for the child when they snooze off whenever they feel like it, without any effort.
5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

Shopping in malls with City Select is more manageable compared to my previous experience with the other double stroller. This pushes with ease, turns well and is able to fit between shelves in stores. Just to avoid stores like Watsons where things are stacked openly and can get quite cramp between rows of stuff.

7 Sep 2014 - Family Shopping Trip to Westgate Mall

I even managed a trip to the mall alone with both of them!
5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

Why you should get a double stroller?

Cause mums shouldn’t stop going out just because we have more than one kid! Owning a double stroller means more outing opportunities with the kiddos even when alone. Do get one with big storage space and easy to use locking system.

Such a stroller is great for those who do not drive and go everywhere with just the train. Unlike most of the other Baby Jogger strollers, you got to remove the seats before you can close this one. Not that ideal for those who need to ride in cabs and 100% a no go for those who need to catch a bus! Even if you drive, unless you have a super huge boot space, else the stroller is just going to take up the entire boot with little or no room for anything else.

The City Select with two seats packed behind the Toyota Rush…

With plans to do away with our family car due to the little use for it these days, and the convenience of the LRT and MRT right from our doorstep, we may just get one double stroller next year! Now that we’ve tried the City Select, hope to try out other options before we decide which to invest in. How I wish there was a stroller rental service in Singapore that rents out all of Baby Jogger strollers!

New Range of Strollers From Baby Jogger

We got a first look at the new range of Baby Joggers strollers and the girls are loving it more than their current ones!

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

City Mini ZIP by Baby Jogger

You know the kid is loving it when she can sit at such ease on the stroller! Zara is sitting in the new City Mini ZIP, a revolutionary umbrella fold stroller by Baby Jogger.

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

The full-featured, full sized City Mini ZIP is the smallest folding stroller. It doesn’t just fold in half from top to bottom, it folds in from the sides,  the Baby Jogger’s signature one-hand 3D fold action will fold the City Mini ZIP down to 1/8th the volume of the open stroller (50% smaller than a standard umbrella fold stroller). So it fits in the smallest of places and makes traveling a breeze.

City Mini GT by Baby Jogger

The City Mini GT fits an above average height 3 year old comfortably! She told me she likes the stroller better than hers!

5 Sep 2014 - Sisters Bonding Time

The City Mini GT gives you the ability to pave your own way. All-terrain wheels let you decide how far you want to go off the beaten path. And with little touches like an adjustable handlebar to adapt to the parent’s height, and a hand-operated parking brake, the City Mini GT is very accommodating.

City Select by Baby Jogger

For those looking for a double stroller, Baby Jogger’s City Select now comes in black frame with new color to choose from.

7 Sep 2014 - Family Shopping Trip to Westgate Mall

The most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep a family rolling as it grows from one child to two and even three. With more than 16 possible configurations, front facing, parent facing, sibling facing: whatever you need. Add a Second Seat to make it a double or throw in a Glider Board and you’ve got a triple stroller system. We took the City Select with a second seat for a test drive and fell in love with it after our first shopping trip with it, both the girls, mummy and even the daddy adores it! Review coming up soon, for now, here’s the video for City Select.

GIVEAWAY: Brindille Activity Donkey from Bubbles & Wonder

Ayra was gifted a Lila Rabbit and she had used it since. Though she may have outgrown the need to have a plush as comforter, Lila is still well played with her other toys. Now Zara owns her own Moulin Roty dolls too.

Zara sleeping with her Brindille Activity Donkey.

Both the girls love playing with Brindille.

Comparing the two, Brindille is so much more fun and he keeps Zara occupied whenever we are on the road. With so many features to play and great quality, this donkey is one great investment.

The Brindille Activity Donkey has got detachable parts, and rattles on both feet. The ears has got plastic in them too. Every touch by the baby will intrigue and keep her amuse.

The carrot and detachable part up-close.

This cute and practical donkey is available at Bubbles & Wonder and I’ve got one to giveaway to one lucky reader! Contest details at end of this post.

About Bubbles & Wonder

Bubbles & Wonder, owned and run by Caroline, the online store offers top quality creations from a select group of independent designers from Asia and Europe to families all over. These handpicked creators offer toys in delightful and timeless designs and children’s apparel, gifts and accessories that are stylishly practical. Bubbles & Wonder’s concept is driven by the belief in celebrating fashion for children and providing quick and easy useful solutions for parents. Shoppers can easily put together a basket of unique outfits, accessories and toys to create a perfect look for their children, source for ideal gifts or simply be inspired by elegant product designs.

I love the varieties offered at Bubbles & Wonder, from quality toys, clothes and even home decor pieces.

Don’t you just love these cute Les Parisiennes dolls too? They are also available at Bubbles & Wonder.


If you’ve got a baby coming, at home or a friend who’s popping soon, here is the chance to win this cute Brindille Activity Donkey, courtesy of Bubbles & Wonder. Complete any of the below task and stand a chance to win. Contest ends 1 August 2014, at 2359hr. Join now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Zara: “Please don’t take my Donkey away!”

“All Toys Are Food” – NOT! (Handmade Eco-friendly Toys for Babies and Toddlers)

What’s so yummy that Baby Zara cannot stop sucking and biting?

Take a closer look…

That’s NOT food! But to babies below 1, everything you give them ends up in their mouth! It is hard to be around them all the time so I always make sure things that are within her reach will be safe and clean to be consumed put into the mouth. Our latest new addition to our collection of baby-friendly toys comes from Soopsori.

When I brought home this little box of fun, Ayra was fast to want to find out what was inside. She did her usual “unboxing” routine – open the box, check out any paper or manual in it and then dive into the fun part.

These wooden blocks and parts are from natural wood and natural linseed oil without any chemical coating or paint. It is eco-friendly premium wooden products handcrafted to ensure that babies get to enjoy clean and smooth toys that’s suitable for play. And yes even to suck and bite on.

[box]Find out more about toys and furniture from Soopsori at www.soopsori.sg.[/box]

Baby and Kids Style – Comfort and Ease are Key

Wooohooo! We are back with more kids style with FOX Kids & Baby! My girls are both very excited to be part of the campaign with FOX Fashion SG and we can’t wait to share more with everyone! Kicking things off with FOX Kids & Baby Spring Summer collection 2014!

With Ayra in full day childcare and the little Zara with my parents when I’m at work, we are left with very limited time to be together as a family. We spend a lot of our family time at home and on some weekends, we are out and about running around malls, playgrounds and at Toys R Us! Mummy me is a fuss-free comfort style kind of person, so both my girls are very much dressed like that too. I don’t like to spend too much time mixing and matching clothes before we head out, or worrying if the clothes material or style will fit the place we are going to be having fun at.

Once the girls are showered and out of the PJs, they are in clothes that are ready for outings and fun! This is possible because we fill the girls’ wardrobe with comfy, colorful and happy clothes from FOX Kids & Baby! Every piece is suitable for home, weekend outings and even a picnic by the beach. Mummy wishes there’s a brand she can adore as much too for herself, but till date, there isn’t a single brand that provides a much preferred style. sad

It always make me happy to see my girls in clothes that they are comfortable in, especially in this crazily humid weather in Singapore! If we are heading to air-conditioned places, just need to put on a causal jacket and the girls will be kept warm. Fuss free style is our style! 🙂

One Friday evening, the girls’ Grandpa decided to bring the kids for some cycling and kite flying fun at East Coast Park, and that’s what we did! Picked up Ayra from child care and straight to ECP for some fun! For the record, Ayra always change out of her uniform after their daily afternoon shower in school. Because we only have our clothes ironed once a week and I don’t want to stock up 12 sets of her school uniform!

Love the simple and bright dress from FOX Kids & Baby Spring Summer collection. This is one of Ayra’s favorite piece from our shopping spree. Easy to wear, easy to wash and easy to iron!

Zara looking great too in the new baby tee! I wishes I could buy all the colors and design from this series! Love the bright cheerful colors and simple studded motifs. The blue shorts she wore was a hand-me-down from Ayra! Though worn many many times, it’s still in good shape and color! I throw all clothes for wash in the washing machine and dryer, not many clothes can last that many washing cycles and still stay in good shape!

Simple rules I stick to when picking out clothes for my girls – Go for easy to match, colorful and bright clothes with cute motifs or illustration. Ensure a good mix of tops, shorts, leggings, dresses, and onesies for Zara. Always have a cap for sunny days and stock up on causal t-shirts cos you’ll never know when a spare is required for those sweaty, dirty or messy days!

Thanks FOX Kids and Baby for your comfort and casual style, which we adore.