Our Life in Pages

Its been almost 4 months since I started recording our life in pages. Our Project Life begins from 1 January 2012, and I’m trying my best to keep it going with a weekly update in the album. Up till today, I’m still only at week 9, that’s 27 Feb to 4 Mar! Plenty more to catchup before I’ll be in line with the calendar. Time and space are my two constrain now. Hopefully by Oct we’ll be able to move into our own home where I’ll have proper workspace for my crafting needs. *excites*

Sharing some of the pages from our Project Life album 2012…

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Scrapbook for Baby’s first month

After more than 4 months, I finally got time to complete an album for Ayra’s first month into this world. This is a 6×9 inch album handmade and binded with tapes. A collage of photos for each day from birth till her first month. Brings tear of joy seeing how much she has changed since the first day I held her in my arms. Everyday she changes and grow. I’m glad I’ve them all documented; one of the beauties of scrapbooking.

I’ll be posting up more shots of the album once I’ve got the journaling complete. Here’s some preview I posted on instagram.

Scrapbook for Ayra's first month

Scrapbook for Ayra's first month

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Getting Started on Baby’s 1st Scrapbook

While we wait for the arrival of our precious one, I started working on Baby’s first scrapbook! Scrapbooking has always been a part of my life since 6 years ago, but there wasn’t any strong motivation to get scrapping for awhile. Now that we are expecting our first baby, its time I get back to this expensive, time-consuming but lovely hobby. Keeping in mind not to buy unnecessary stuff that I’ll never use.

Mini-album for 1st Layout
Mini-album for 1st Layout

For Baby’s 1st Scrapbook, I’m working on a 12×12 album to record Baby’s growth in the first year and before birth. So far, I’ve got 2 layouts done and the scrapaholic mojo is slowly coming back to me. Continue reading “Getting Started on Baby’s 1st Scrapbook”