Family Craft and Fun Time with the New and Bigger PIXMA town

The school holiday is around the corner, though Ayra isn’t going to stop going to childcare in June cos the Mummy me still needs to go to work, I am planning to spend a little more time and effort to make it a fun month for my family. Hopefully with some help from the Father who is the only one who’s going to be (finally) taking a break from school.

Last year, we created some stationery and games from Canon PIXMA town. This year, I am excited to see so many new stationeries, crafts, games and even story books that we can print and create from the new PIXMA town!

Love this colorful and cheerful introductory video of PIXMA town…

With so many new things to do in PIXMA town, it will keep you and your kids occupied throughout the entire June school holiday for sure! For us, we started off with our first “snake-and-ladder” like game by the Doooodolls – Doooo Game.

Ayra watching over the pieces of printouts I made from PIXMA town and deciding which we should embark on first.

In the meantime, check to make sure we have enough sticky tapes to use for the craft.

While Ayra drinks her milk on the sofa, I went on to cut and paste to put the game together and this is what we got…

It took me less than 10 minutes to finish this, and it also took just 10 minutes for Ayra to fall asleep…

The Doooo Game and her Playmobil friends will have to wait till she wakes up to play with them the next day.

And she did! Ayra deciding which of her friends she should pick for the game.

We had a mini game of Dooo with her toys and shortly after, she invented her own version to play on her own.

The Dooo Game became a great play mat too for Ayra and her playmobil friends! Can’t stop her from using her imagination to use things around her for different purposes, and with such colorful sheet of printout from the Canon Pixma printer, it makes role-playing even more fun!

[box]Head over to the PIXMA town to download this fun game and more to do with your family this weekend![/box]

This post was also published on OMY x Canon Pixma blog.

We Are Family Crafting Fun Time with OMY and Canon Pixma

For the second time, Ayra attended her mass crafting session with OMY and Canon Pixma. This time round, it was held at the InterContinental Singapore at Bugis. We almost couldn’t make it as Ayra was unwell and temperature shot up to 39.5 the night before. I was prepared to stay at home, but this girl of mine was up and being her chirpy self in the morning. So we went ahead, and am glad we did.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Instead of being surrounded by Mummy’s adult friends like the previous session, this time she had other elder kids at the same table. Though she is still too young to interact and play, she was less shy and enjoyed the event more comfortably than the previous one. She’s probably one of the youngest crafter present at the event, and she didn’t partake in any of the mass activities hosted by the emcees.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

She sat and tried to catch the happenings around the stage area. And one lesson learned from previous session, get lunch before heading to the event venue! So we sat and enjoy the session while we munch on our FiletOFish and Cheeseburger.

Kids at the event were all above 5 years old and they were running around looking for answers to a crossword puzzle activity hosted by the emcees. They were also tasked to retrieve materials for the day’s craft activity from the various stations setup around the venue. Good idea by the organiser this time round, kids need to move around more often, don’t expect them to sit through a 4 hour session obediently!

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Participants of We Are Family crafting event also got to try out first-hand printing on the Canon Pixma printers. This time round, all the models on display were their latest offerings from the Pixma family. And that means wireless printing for all! Adults and even some kids, printed photos directly from their mobile phones, tablets and iPads. This is done through the Canon Pixma Printing Solutions application, available on the Android Play store and Apple App store. I’ve previously shared how easy it is to print from my mobile phone wirelessly to my Canon Pixma printer, you can read more about it here.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Besides crafting, printing and lots of running about for the kids, the organiser also prepared cut-outs and frames for photo opportunities. This I felt could have been better carried out if they had set up a nicer backdrop, I totally missed this as I entered the ballroom. Nevertheless, kids and families had fun taking photos and some attempted selfies and wefies with these props. As usual, Ayra was too shy to even take a photo with me. So no photo booth love for us again.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

This time round, I brought along embellishments and tools from my home for the event. Knowing the challenges I would face attending this alone with a anytime-can-get-grouchy-girl, everything must standby and be well prepared. Ayra was engaged throughout the first craft activity, a door-hanging-photo-frame, with popping out the sticker chipboards, pasting and decorating it with washi tapes.

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

The end product, with lots of help from Mummy, was a very bright and cheerful frame which is now hanging on her crafting table. We had one boo-boo in the completed masterpiece which I only spotted when we were home! Can you spot it?

TheLovingMum x OMY X Canon Pixma

Thank you OMY and Canon Pixma for attending an invitation for us to be part of the Craft Guru team for We Are Family crafting event. Though we didn’t get a new Pixma printer *coughs*, we still had a funtastic session together throughout this season. Without this campaign, I probably wouldn’t have the push to do these fun activities with Ayra, nor have time to touch-up our long overdue photo wall.

Till the next event, keep on crafting and love your family!

Created Our Own Playhouse

I wanted to get a playhouse for Ayra as she loves watching kids role-playing with their Barbies and dolls on YouTube, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on a solid one that will stand through serious rough playing by toddlers (aka Playmobil). Not sure whether or not Ayra will want to continue playing with a playhouse and the things she will do with one, I thought why not make one myself and “test the market” first? Here’s what we did… materials I used for the simple DIY Playhouse as follow:

  1. Chipboards – 2 pieces of 6in x 12in and 1 piece of 12in x 12in
  2. Pattern paper printouts from Canon Creative Park
  3. Pattern paper of 12in x 12in for the base
  4. Some washi tapes
  5. Cutting board and pen knife
  6. Scissors and sticky tapes

First I cut two slim openings in the 2 pieces of chipboards to make a groove for them to slide into one another. Then just make sure all your chipboards are covered with the pattern papers. I used washi tapes to go around all the sides to cover up the chipboards. Final product as shown below… Right after I’m done with the DIY Playhouse, Ayra is 100% focused on imaginary play on her own! Helped her set up some of her toys and tried playing with her. But she rather I just sit and watch. So I just sat there and watch her story unfolds. Story telling is the most difficult thing to excel in my opinion. If the kid is able to start mumbling and do her own imaginary play, I will fully support and encourage it. From the video below, looks like soon I may just need to get a proper playhouse for her to start creating more adventures of her own. Find more fun and easy activities to do with your kids over at OMY Crafty Ideas by fellow bloggers, or read more of what we had done with our girls.

Altered Canvas – Fun way to display photos

One super easy and fun way to bond with your kids is to create fun art together! With recent washi craze I see popping up on my Instagram and Facebook feed, this art project is going to be easy peasy!

Things you’ll need…

  1. Blank Canvas Board
  2. Few matching design/colors of Washi Tapes
  3. Tape Glue
  4. Mod Podge and a sponge brush to apply with
  5. Some decorative embellishments e.g. Stickers, cut-outs, alphabets
  6. Photos (I print mine with Canon Selphy Photo Printer)

Here’s another one of the altered canvases I did, each taking less than an hour. So if you are on a roll, you could probably do a few in a day!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to creating your own altered canvas…

Step 1
Arrange your photos on the canvas board, making sure there’s enough space for at least a title or some text.

Step 2
Plan how you want to decorate the piece. If there’s plenty of white space left after positioning the photos, you might want to stick the photos down first with tape glue then use washi tapes to decorate the space. Or if only little space is left, then you might want to use the washi tapes to create a background design on the blank canvas first. Try doing a repetitive pattern design or a zigzag across with matching tapes. Sometimes, straight line pattern works very well too.

Step 3
Once your main design and photos are pasted down, it’s time to add in some personal touches with the embellishments and alphabets. I like to use text or title on my project. Don’t over decorate the canvas, your photos should still remain as the main highlight of the piece.

Step 4
After you are sure the piece is complete, brush a layer of mod podge over the entire piece, including photos, tapes, embellishments etc. This layer helps give a protective layer over your canvas piece and also makes cleaning easy; with a damp cloth or just dry tissue to dust off any dirt.

I was privileged to be able to share this creation process with few other parent bloggers at an event with Canon. With many of the parents who are “virgin” to scrapbooking, the completed pieces were pretty amazing! Check our what these families did that evening over at their blog…

Looking forward to more fun sessions at #myfamilywcanon!

Christmas Gift Idea – Handmade Photo Display Album

Here’s a quick and easy personalized gift you can create for your family and friends this Christmas! It is so easy, you can make one in less than an hour, and the more you make, the easier and faster you’ll get. And this will not look shabby at all, in fact, the receiver will love it very much I’m sure.

Personalized Handmade Photo Display Album

Continue reading “Christmas Gift Idea – Handmade Photo Display Album”

What makes me want to keep pieces of memories in scrapbooks?

I’ve been asked many many times, why do you spend time creating scrapbooks and why spend so much money on it?

Well, this is one reason why…

Ayra browsing through her 1st year’s scrapbook album, handmade with love by Mummy

I was lucky to grow up in a family where my Uncle owns a camera and loves taking photos of major events or outings. I’ve got quite a lot of photos from birth and personally started snapping photos with my first film camera when I was in Primary school. But these photos aren’t kept in an organized or recorded manner, so many times when I dig them out to see, everyone will have to start guessing or recalling when those photos were taken. On the other side of my family, my husband didn’t have that many photos of him from young. Only a few small albums are still kept and he doesn’t have any physical memories from his past.

Personally I find it essential to have some form of record for our children from birth, so that they can look back when they grow up and see how they have changed and progressed. These keepsakes are great storytelling tools to their own children and grandchildren too. Yes, blogging can be everlasting and kept for years, but nothing beats touching the photos with our hands and reading handwritten notes in the scrapbook albums. I hope to create at least one album every year for my children to record their growth and events in that year.


Ayra is still young now and only sees and touches the album because of the cute embellishments stuck on the pages. But when she is able to read on her own, these albums will mean so much more to her and our family.

Scrapbooking or creating these mini albums need not be an expensive nor time-consuming affair. I have shared a not so expensive and effective way to start your very first mini album to document your memories with your love ones. Check it out over at OMY Canon Pixma and don’t forget to vote & win too! Voting ends 7 July!