Grooming Ayra’s Interests in Art with heART Studio

It’s been almost two months now since we started Ayra with a weekly art lesson at heART Studio. Every week, this girl will look forward to Thursday after child care, she’ll finish her dinner faster than usual just so she can reach heART Studio in time for her 75 minutes of art engagement with Teacher Jay. I can see that Ayra truly enjoys her time in class.

Learning about colours and picking one for her painting

So far one project has been completed, Ayra’s first complete piece of canvas painting, done wholly by herself! She was super proud of her work and had to show it to her grandparents and uncle when she reached home that day (we did FaceTime).

Ayra with her very first canvas painting. This is awesome right? See how proud she was holding it for the camera!

Teacher Jay would guide her patiently on different type of strokes to create the effect needed for feathers, clouds and just simple background painting. Once he guided her, she would be left to finish the painting on her own.

An earlier lesson where Teacher Jay was guiding Ayra on using short strokes to create feather-like texture with the paint.


Ayra concentrating on her painting after learning the right way to create clouds from Teacher Jay.


It just brightens up my day watching her enjoy herself in class and learning. With just one more project to go, I may have to sign her up for a new term soon.

That smile that melted my heart.


For those keen, each term of 10 sessions is $400 and the child will complete two projects in the 10 sessions, using 4 sessions per project and the other 2 remaining sessions will be used to teach other techniques or skills.

heART Studio
1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631
Tel: 65547563

*Disclosure: This is part of a series of reviews between heART Studio and The Loving Mum. Ayra is attending complimentary art lessons for the purpose of writing this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Learning the Art of Drawing, Painting and more at heART Studio Singapore

Most of my relatives and friends know me for being arty and crafty, I love creating my own pieces of craft work. When Ayra was ready to use her hands for some creating work, we started pasting, cutting, scribbling and some painting fun together at home. In childcare, her teachers also shared that she is always focus when doing craft. But the mummy me cannot draw for nuts! I can doodle, I can do “abstract” painting but I just cannot draw.

Having seen how children of some friends managed to create awesome pieces at heART Studio, I decided to let Ayra give their classes a try. With the same “never ask never know” mindset, I wrote in to enquire about their classes. Fast forward a couple of weeks, Ayra attended a trial class on a Friday evening.

The none responding trial class

As expected, it was tough for Ayra to open up to a new teacher. She was alone in the class that evening and had 101% focus and attention from Teacher Jay. I sat next to her throughout the session, helping her to ease up to the new environment and teacher. Throughout the 75 minutes session, she only managed to say less than 5 words and were silent and starring at the teacher most of the time. When asked to draw some simple shapes, she was reluctant to move her hands too. I was almost going to just give up right after that lesson.

Teacher Jay was very patient and nice throughout the session. I can sense a little frustration in him when Ayra refused to response but he never once gave up on her. He tried every method and encouragement he could possibly have on hand. At the end of the trial class, he suggested we change the lesson to another day so that Ayra will have some company in class. We took up his suggestions and went back for a second time the following week on a Thursday evening. This time, there were another girl in the same age group as Ayra. And things got better, for both the girls.

Light at end of tunnel

Second lesson and I see some light at end of the tunnel, Ayra actually enjoyed herself in class this time round! There was another girl the same age as Ayra who started one project earlier alone in the class. Her mother shared that she had to stay in class with her through the first few lessons too as she didn’t want to be alone with the Teacher. But that day, with Ayra around, both the girls enjoyed the class without their mummies! Well, we did stand near the door for the first hour of the lesson, the remaining 15 minutes we managed to sit down and chat. Great improvement in both our opinion!

Ayra was able to respond better and reacted to prompts and questions from Teacher Jay. I am amazed at the great improvement in both her behaviour and work this time round. With Teacher Jay’s guidance, she created her first piece of canvas painting just like that! Mummy is super proud.

Also observed from the two sessions we had with HeART Studio, Ayra is able to work with both hands, ambidextrous perhaps? We do not correct her on purpose and let her use either hands she’s comfortable with. She started holding pencils with her left though, we shall let her progress and determine which is her better hand on her own. For now, I’m happy she’s enjoying herself in class.

This was the work-in-progress of her first canvas painting after one lesson. Pretty good for a 3+ years old who previously only managed to create a messy piece of art with all colours mixed right?

After a week’s break for Chinese New Year, Ayra is looking forward to continuing her pigeons piece this week. Will be sharing Ayra’s progress with HeART Studio as she continues her art discovery journey.

heART Studio
1 Charlton Lane #01-04 , Singapore 539631
Tel: 65547563

*Disclosure: This is part of a series of reviews between heART Studio and The Loving Mum. Ayra is attending complimentary art lessons for the purpose of writing this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Rainy Day Activity – Construct, Paint and Play with Your DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhause

Because it has been a rainy December, this inexpensive and fun activity is great for indoor fun time with the whole family! May we introduce our new found hobby for our family… Painting and decorating our very own Rocket!

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

Few weeks ago, Santa came knocking at our door with this amazing craft project which Ayra couldn’t wait to start working on. When she saw the flattened box, she demanded us to setup her “Spaceship” immediately.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

And so we did, in less than 30 minutes, we have our very own cardboard Rocket playhouse! It looked kinda plain and not so fun, but Ayah never fail to bring smile to our faces with his wacky ideas. Please meet our very own Rocket Man! “Peace yio!”

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

With our Do-a-dot paints, we starting painting our rocket. It was fun and we got to do something together as a family.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

Ayra was enjoying the painting and dotting all over her own rocket.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

The first weekend when Zara came back, she was super excited to see the rocket too. Without any introduction nor help, she managed to get in and out of the rocket on her own and was totally enjoying herself with it. Peek-a-boo! she said.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

We continued painting the rocket together and Zara helped too. I must say, painting this rocket with Do-A-Dot paint is no joke at all! Our hands and fingers get numbed from all the squeezing and dotting after 20 minutes. It took us quite a while to completely paint the rocket.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

The girls were more interested to play in the rocket than to paint on it. They even doodled inside, this is probably a better way for kids to let loose their creativity and just doodle and draw on these cardboard; without having to worry they destroy any furniture or walls with paints and colours.

The rocket is big enough for both our girls to fit in. Or put in a chair for one child to pretend to be an astronaut blasting into space in her own rocket.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

Zara is super loving opening and closing the door of the rocket!

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

After a week or so of on-and-off painting with our Do-A-Dot paints, we finally completed our rocket! Isn’t it pretty? Let Mummy Rocket show you how to pose in it.

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

DIY Cardboard Rocket Playhouse by My Playhause

This cardboard Rocket and other playhouse designs are available for purchase online at And they are having a promotional 35% off regular price this christmas for all their playhouses! The Loving Mum highly recommend this as a Christmas gift for families with kids age 3 and above. Great activity for all ages.

Congrats to Cynthia!

For our #TLMGiftaway, we have picked a receiver of this awesome fun cardboard Rocket! Congrats to Cynthia Lau! We will be in touch with you soon via email.

7 Essential Gifts For Newborn Babies in 2015

As we marched into Singapore’s 50th birthday, all newborns in 2015 will receive a special Golden Jubilee Baby gift set from Singapore. There were much noises generated on these gifts but when I got to see the gifts in person at their reveal last Sunday, I must say, these gifts are more essentials and special than what I’d expected. In fact, these gifts will help save new parents quite a sum of money too.

Ayra and Zara were both there with me and the littlest one attracted quite a few attention with her super friendly character, going around doing High-5s with other guests and showing her cute dance moves.

The 7 Essential Gifts for all Golden Jubilee Babies

Gift 1 – Practical Diaper Bag

This diaper bag (if I remember correctly) is by Skip Hop and if you were to buy this in store, it’ll cost about $90+. The bag resembles the Skip Hop Duo diaper bag.

Gift 2 – Red Baby Sling

This resembles the one I have and if its the same model, then its one cool baby sling! I used it on both Ayra and Zara and found the baby sling very practical and easy to use. I paid $199 for a similar baby sling and now all 2015 babies get to have one for free!

Gift 3 – Six Piece Baby Clothes Set

This set comprising of 2 rompers, 1 shirt and 1 shorts, a pair of mittens and socks. These I have to say are super cute and I can already imagine all the newborns wearing these cute rompers appearing on my Facebook and Instagram Timeline come 2015. Definitely something worth keeping inside Baby’s memory box.

Gift 4 – A baby shawl

Not sure if all the shawls will be the same design, but the one I saw has got cute lion print on it.

Gift 5 – A set of 5 Children’s Books

These books inspired by local iconic and fun places is good for Level 1 and 2 readers. Great for bedtime stories with your newborn; never too early to start them on reading you know.

Gift 6 – A scrapbook album

Being a scrapbooker myself, I think this is a great baby welcome gift for all new parents. I spent quite a lot of money and time putting my own scrapbooks together for my girls, if you want some design inspirations, you can take a look at some of mine here.

Gift 7 – A nice photo frame

Great for showing off your baby’s best photos at their first month or first year celebration or display the happy memories in the baby’s room.

There’s also a 8th gift in the set of gifts for all Golden Jubilee Babies in 2015 – a commemorative medallion. Another great keepsake in baby’s memory box. This will be revealed come 2015, probably to the first newborn come 1 Jan 2015. Wonder who will be this lucky Golden Jubilee Baby No. 1?

Personally I feel that these are great and practical gifts for newborns, and would save all parents more than $300 from buying of diaper bag, baby sling and the other essentials. I would be looking forward to receiving this gift set if I am popping a baby next year. (For the record, no we are not trying for the 3rd one please!)

All these 8 essential and keepsake-worthy gifts will come in a very pretty gift box which I love love love! This box can be used as the baby’s memory keepsake box to store all the precious things which can be gifted back to the baby when he/she grows up. You know, you can keep things like the tag worn at the hospital, the health booklet, first photo, deflated balloons from relatives/friends etc. And yes I keep these things inside my girls’ memory box! If only I had such a big box then I would have kept more things in there!

If any parents having more than 1 baby in 2015, and would like to give away one of the boxes, please please get in touch with me ok!

With free flow of candy floss, popcorns, airbrush tattoo service, crafting corner and fun photo spots, guests and their children had fun at the reveal. Kudos to the SG50 Golden Jubilee Baby Gift team for putting a nice HeyBaby families get together for this reveal.

The SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift is a community initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division, supported by REACH, the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Families for Life, NTUC U Family, and I Love Children. In conjunction with the SG50 celebrations to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the Gift consists of a small set of meaningful items from all Singaporeans to welcome every Singaporean baby born in 2015. Find out more at SG50baby page on

Toys Craze: Ayra the DOHVINCI Designer, Making Creativity Pops!

Getting Ayra to smile for the camera is one of the toughest thing to do. But she did it willingly and so sweetly when receiving her first certificate from a teacher. She has completed (with lots of help from Mummy) the DOHVINCI Designer workshop held by Hasbro Singapore.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop
Before she went upfront to collect the certificate, I reminded her how she has been watching the elder K2 kids do it in school during their practice for their graduation day. And I am so proud this super shy girl did it, receiving the certificate like a pro!

Ayra and Zara participated actively at the DOHVINCI Designer workshop that day. Ayra behaved extremely well and were trying her best to follow the instructions given by the teacher that day.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Prior to the workshop, we did some preparation work together. We watched Ayra’s favorite toy review videos on YouTube that features DOHVINCI.

These videos got her super hype up for the event. And when she finally got to touch the stylus, she just focuses on that. At the workshop, she learned to creates dots and lines with the DOHVINCI stylus. Probably the two easiest design for Ayra to do right now. Squeezing the stylus to get the doh out takes a little more strength than what this little 3yo is capable of. But still she tried her best. Probably explains why she gobbled down the entire plate of pasta served at the end of the workshop.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

But Mummy gets to do more creative stuff with DOHVINCI and I just can’t wait to squeeze some time out to squeeze this thing! Just look at the many colours we have to play with! I am so going to buy more DOHVINCI DECO POP 4-Pack Assortment (RRP S$6.90) to decorate our playroom!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

LOOK at these pretty toys and home decor accessories! With some DOHVINCI magic, all these just pops up looking so much more fun and pretty! Great gift DIY ideas for Christmas too!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

At the workshop, we were decorating our own DIY mini Christmas trees. The materials were simple – A christmas tree cut-out, some plain shapes, sequins and DOHVINCI of course!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Ayra showing you the DOHVINCI stylus up-close. “You put the bottles of doh into here, then push this in… and squeeze…
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Zara the littlest designer at the workshop. Looking super cute in that artists cap!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

At only 14 months, all she could do was to open and close the stylus and pretend it to be a cute blue gun.

DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

But she still managed to add her touch of magic on our christmas tree that day. No hands too tiny for some creative fun time!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Ayra decorating her tree at her best effort. It’s challenging keeping a 3yo focus on something for this long, but DOHVINCI did it. I’m amazed!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

And our two lovely trees from that day. These lovely tress are now sitting in our living room, adding some christmas feel to our monotonous living room.
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

Back at home…

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the DOHVINCI Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kt (available in stores at S$29.90), so while Ayra is in school, I took my time with it all by myself.

This kit includes 2-piece board with ribbon, the Styler, one design tip, 4 Deco Pop tubes, add-on pieces and inspiration guide.

Before I start on a project like this, I like to place the pieces out to have a feel of how I want the end product to be. Just like scrapbooking. Of course, the final product usually varies slightly.

This kit comes with a piece of the design tip which creates a wide ribbon-like stroke with it. I can imagine the more fun designs you can do with more design tips!

Here’s my completed DOHVINCI Memory Masterpiece Ribbon Board Kit, with some of my favourite Instax mini prints.

Thank you Hasbro for having us at the fun DOHVINCI Designer workshop! Looking forward to more fun time with Hasbro Singapore!
DOHVINCI Designer Workshop

DOHVINCI art and design kits available at all Toys’R’Us and major departmental stores in Singapore.

First Canvas Painting with Ayra

Ayra was very particular of keeping her hands clean since young. To encourage her to learn that it is sometime ok to get our hands dirty, we did some canvas painting together. Instead of trying to help her accept the process of getting her hands dirty, I ended up trying to prevent her from creating too big a mess! I’d forgotten that she was already exposed to paint and colors in school. It was a messy kind of fun that evening.

I bought the set of paint from Ikea, and cause I couldn’t find brushes around the house, we tried painting with plastic fork, spoon, straw and fingers!

Everything looked fine till she started using black paint!

She got a little over when I told her to squeeze the colors directly on her canvas.

Creating her masterpiece… Chaos by Ayra

We ended with paint all over our clothes, hands, face, on the table, on the floor and chair and also surrounding toys and other stuff. But the 45 minutes of just Mummy and Daughter play time is so enjoyable. I will consciously remember to do more of these activities with Ayra and Zara whenever I can.