Young Parents Fiesta 2011

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I’ve long stopped purchasing magazines from newsstand but recently, an old friend working at SPH passed me a copy of Young Parents Magazine and from there I found out that there will be very attractive free gifts when I subscribe to the magazine at the roadshow! The kiasu woman in me already booked my hubby, […]

June 15, 2011

The Suspense

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Baby has been keeping us in suspense. Both scan we try to see whether you’re a boy or girl, but you weren’t in the right position for the doctor to scan. Mummy was anticipating and counting down to the day of the second scan at KKH to see you. The doctor doing the scan for […]

April 30, 2011

You’re growing well

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Though mummy just hit 30, daddy wants to be sure that all is well for you and me. So I took the first trimester screening package to make sure that I do not fall under the high risk pregnancy category. Blood test was done at week 9 and an ultrasound scan of nuchal translucency (NT) […]

March 16, 2011

You’re coming earlier!

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It’s the second time we see you today and you’ve grown so much over a month! Now measuring at 6.3cm! Big baby you are! [image type=”frame-css3″ align=”center” width=”400″ caption=”At week 12 day 6″][/image] The last time A/Prof John Tee said you’ll be arriving on 17 Sep, and today he said you’ll be coming sooner on […]

March 7, 2011

Seeing you for the first time

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This is the 8th week and I’m seeing you! So tiny! Measured at just 17mm and I can roughly figure out where’s your head and body. I was smiling when I saw you through the monitor and I can’t stop looking at the scan printout! You’re slowing growing inside me. Love you!

February 7, 2011