When Ayra meets Zara – Bonding two children in the family

Getting the elder child to learn and accept a younger sibling is a tricky thing especially when they are two years apart. Zara, our second girl arrived slightly less than a month before our first child, Ayra, turned two. Every parents know the challenges ahead when a child turns two (they don’t name it “terrible two” for nothing).

The elder child’s need for more attention, learning to control and express more emotions, learning how to get what’s on her mind across to adults and so much more new (and sometime frustrating) things to explore and experience. With so much on hand I must be crazy to think that a two year difference in age is a good thing for my girls. I told myself a 2 year gap is great course they will both be able to share the same stuff, play together and learn together. This ideal dream was brought down soon after baby Zara was born, when my mum warned that 2 years difference is going to be a huge challenge ahead. According to her “philosophy”, when the gap is less than two the, elder may still be unaware of the changes and if its a gap of 3 years, the elder child will be more mature to accept a younger sibling. No matter what lies ahead, I am up for the challenge!

It has been more than month now and to me, I am happy and grateful for how my girls have grown and bonded. Elder sister, Ayra has grown to love and show her affection to the little one. When she’s at Grandma’s place, she’ll often ask where is Meimei (younger sister), and when she’s at home with us she will often ask to carry Zara. In her words, “Ayra toyie. Ayra toyie Meimei.” Yes, her carry sounds like toyie.

There are times when I have to carry the little one and Ayra will cry for my attention. And there are times when the little one is feeding and Ayra will demand for milk at the very moment. All these will past. And soon both girls will be sharing giggles, love and stories of their own; leaving me out in little parts of their lives.

I’m thankful for my two girls, my husband and my family’s support. I salute all the mummies out there who are able to look after more than 1 child alone. Till Zara turns 1 (at least), I doubt I’ll be able to handle both of them together alone for more than a week without any help from my family.

I love you my precious babies. I promise to love you, hold you, cherish you and be there for you always.

Welcome Zara our second precious girl!

It has been 9 days since the arrival of our no. 2, Zara. She’s such a tiny precious darling, and has been behaving well since the first day. Life at home still needs a little getting used to, trying hard to balance our love and attention between our soon-to-be two-year-old Ayra and Zara. Since the day they both met, we felt the change in Ayra and it was as expected. We know she will grow over this period soon and both girls will be the bestest sisters ever!

There are so much to blog and remember, until I find a good hour or two to sit in front of the keyboard, these memories will have to be stored in my mind for now.

So this is Zara…

Happy Dreams on Day 09

Spending more time with my girl – A review of Drypers DryPantz

With our No. 2 coming soon, I’ve been showing Ayra photos of herself when she was a baby, telling her how much she has grown and soon will become a big sister. She’s learning to call her little sister by her name and seems to understand a new baby will be joining our family soon. Seeing the photos of Ayra’s growing up years brings back great memories and I can’t wait to capture these memories with my No. 2.

Ayra is growing up to be a very active girl, she loves to boogee and jumps up and down on the sofa and bed. An active kid needs lots of mobility and a comfortable diaper that fits and give her greater ease to move about.

Drypers DryPantz Flexi-FitTM does just that.

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The mini bluetooth speaker that got Ayra excited

One day I brought home a little red cylinder and showed it to Ayra. I turned it on, linked it to my mobile phone and started streaming music out from this little red cylinder. Ayra was shocked at first and ran away from it when music came blasting out of it. When I adjusted the volume down and played her favorite music, she got excited again and held up the red cylinder to see what it was.

Makes me happy every time she get curious with new objects. I like seeing how she examine them, how she try to press any available buttons and poke every hole she sees just to find out more about it.

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The Hip-Hop Baby Ayra

I’m curious how little kids always know what to do when given certain objects. How they will imitate what they have seen before. Just show them something for a couple of times (like an action) they immediately picks up the motion and does exactly how you did it.

When she got hold of Ayah’s cap, she put it on like a pro and did some hip-hop poses in it. We were impressed!

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Use only the best to protect Baby’s delicate skin

What to use for laundry hasn’t been my kind of thing before Ayra arrived. I’m fortunate and lucky to be staying with my parents and they manage the household items and my mum does the laundry. I never been bothered to know what brand of detergent or fabric conditioner they use nor do I need to learn how to operate the washing machine. (YES! I am an idiot when come to using the household gadgets then!) Only when we are planning for Ayra’s arrival then I started picking up all these things in my to-buy list.

Baby’s skin is the most delicate and they can be very sensitive too. I pick my laundry needs for baby carefully and had been using the Comfort Ultra Pure fabric conditioner ever since Ayra arrived. We not just use it for baby’s laundry, we use it for ALL our wash – from our clothes, towels, bed sheets and even our sofa covers. Baby will touch all these fabrics eventually doesn’t she?

What I love about Comfort Ultra Pure is the mild formulation that delivers amazing softness and is gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Continue reading “Use only the best to protect Baby’s delicate skin”