Malaysian Delights at PappaRich (Star Vista)

I was delighted to finally get to try the food at PappaRich! She passed by the Parkway Parade outlet so many times, but never got time to step in to try. So when the family decided to celebrate the Grandma’s birthday at PappaRich, Miss Makan was excited!

There were 18 of us that evening at PappaRich Star Vista, the small cafe is filled with our voices and laughter! Too much food was ordered that night and here are the few that I managed to snap some photos of before someone started eating.

Soya Milk Pudding

This I love love love! Combination of my two favorite sweets – Soya Milk and Pudding. How can it go wrong? Sweet, tasty and yummy! Recommended!

Satay Chicken

Fragrance and nicely BBQ. And the satay meat was big. The peanut gravy was alright.

Super Rich Combo

This is the dish for the super hungry! Or you cannot decide which rice item to order.

Pappa Chendol

A must try when visiting PappaRich! Sinfully good. Slurps!

I am so going back to try their other dishes! Can’t wait for my next makan session at PappaRich!

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PappaRich at The Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green,
#01-43, The Star Vista,
Buona Vista,
Singapore 138617
Tel: +65 6684 3373[/box]

The things you buy and never used

Are you the kind of person who buy things on impulse? Or think that you’ll use something when you are buying and then end up never touching it after you bought it home? Well I am one of those that falls quite easily into the trap set by good salesperson. One of those big ticket items I bought and rarely used is a big bulky vacuum cum dust mite buster, the $3K+ Delphin Water Vacuum Cleaner. This expensive machine is under utilized, the only person using it now is my PT cleaner who uses it to vacuum once a week. Main reason I bought that was to clean the mattresses to remove dust mites once every two months, well it did happen in the first few months, thereafter everyone in the household just got lazy and didn’t do it anymore.

This $3K could have been better used and stretched for at least 5 years if I had known about De Hygienique’s services. At less than $600 a year, I could have professionals do the cleaning of my mattresses at home every six months!

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Win a FOX Fleece for your child!

Yes, you read that right! FOX is giving away 10 FOX Fleece on Instagram, here’s the post extracted from @foxfashionsg.

The long-awaited FOX fleece is back in stores! Show off your kids in our old FOX fleeces by hashtagging us on Facebook or Instagram #FOXfleece for a chance to a new piece from our latest collection! Only 10 sets to be given away so get your cameras and FOX fleeces ready and snap away!”

A fleece jacket is one piece of clothing everyone should have in their wardrobe. It’s not just for winter holidays, it helps keep you warm in the crazy low temperature shopping malls in this season too! I always say that the malls aircon is purposely set lower in the year end season to boast their tenants’ winter wear sales. If not, how would those thick clothing get sell off in such all-year-round humid Singapore weather?

Ayra loves the comfy FOX Fleece so much so that she tried it on at home and refused to take it off! And the sun is blazing outside the window, nope our aircon was off too. Continue reading “Win a FOX Fleece for your child!”

Instant Food: CP Spaghetti and Chicken Sauce

Another lazy-to-cook-day for Miss Makan, this time she tried the CP Spaghetti and Chicken Sauce instant meal. Spaghetti is an art to master, till today, Miss Makan hasn’t master the right technique is making her ideal pasta. Miss Makan is not saying that this instant food is on par with the pasta she makes, but this is quick to cook and fast to eat.

Beside the serving being too small for Miss Makan, there isn’t much complain about this instant meal. The sauce with minced chicken is decent when eaten hot. Texture of the spaghetti is edible.

Personally, Miss Makan will not eat this again cause she prefers the other CP brand instant meals more than this.

CP brand products are available at most supermarkets.

Instant Food: CP Stir-fried Chicken and Basil Rice

Miss Makan stays at home a lot and is a very lazy person, especially when its time to fill her tummy. On days when her cooking mojo is low, she turns to instant food for quick-fix lunch. One of her favourite brand of such meals is by CP Food.

Basil Chicken Rice is Miss Makan’s favourite from the lot. She stocks them up in her freezer whenever she sees a promotion for them at the supermarket. She likes it for the spiciness and the tender minced chicken thigh meat.

Meals like this takes only 3 mins to prepare and 3 mins to gobble down. Not too shabby for a less than $4 quick meal at home.

CP brand products are available at most supermarkets.

Tang Tea House (Jalan Kayu)

Was super excited when I first learned about the opening of Tang Tea House at Jalan Kayu from my Facebook feed! Thanks Kassidy for the post! 😛 Now we can finally satisfy my weird once-in-a-blue-moon dim sum craving near our house and in comfort of air con cafe!

We used to have to drive to Bedok area to get decent Halal Dim Sum, now its just a 5 mins drive from our place. Run by the same people from the Bedok branch, Tang Tea House has got pretty decent Dim Sum to satisfy those cravings. And the best part is they have my favorite Golden Sand Pau!
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