Terrible Two Even More Terrible with Number Two

The Baby No. 2 / Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Oh boy! I don’t know where or how to begin recording this core memory of ours with our number two. With Zara turning two next month, we are already feeling the strain and exhaustion from guiding her to learn to understand herself, expressing herself, controlling her emotions and knowing what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable and not acceptable behaviour.

Being the strong-willed child in the family, she is constantly challenging our limits and tolerance to her high pitch screams. Her signature antic is the plunge-self-on-floor-scream-and-lay-face-down-and-cry motion. This happen almost every single day! When she couldn’t get the chips she wanted, when her sister didn’t want give in to her demand, when Mummy’s hand was too busy to carry her, or when she couldn’t get us to let her do what she wanted to. When we are at home, we would just let her cry herself out and leaving a small puddle of saliva on the floor; because she needs to learn what is wrong and not acceptable, so we try not to give in to her. But when we are out in public, we would try not to let her get to her extreme stage unless absolutely necessary. Either we try the distract-till-she-forgets tactic or we grab on to her preventing her from getting to first step of the plunging antic.

One of those days where she got cranky while in the train home.

It’s MINE!” she would insists when we have our phones or tablets in hand and proceed to snatch it off our hands. “Can you help me?” will come next when she require our password to unlock the screen. Then she would swipe through the screen like a pro and tap on the too-familiar YouTube icon and give us her million dollar smile. Zara sure knows how to cool off any kind of heat we may get from her!

Since she was 20 months young, she started requesting to do things on her own. “Eat… self“, “Do… self” and “I can!” are the commonly used phases when we are feeding, changing or trying to help her wear her shoes. This I’ve to thank the child care for starting their toddlers young. Zara is also able to tell us she needs to poo and would do it in the toilet, we didn’t even try to train her. Probably because she sees her elder sister doing it and picked it up on her own. That’s toilet training in progress already. Can’t wait to get her totally off diapers, hopefully by end of the year!

As we move towards the Terrible Two phase for the last time with our number two, I really hope I be more patient, more kind, more forgiving and more tolerable with what may be thrown at me by this little cheeky daughter.

Zara, oh our dear precious Zara. Please do learn to control and express yourself ok. Mummy and Ayah really do not want to scold you every day just because you don’t want to listen to us. And please stop giving us the “I don’t care nor give a damn” look. It really drive us crazy! Come what may!

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  1. I am also always thankful for childcare centres. I didn’t need to train my boy to do anything or learn any life skills. They just pick it up along the way…. While the terrible twos is frustrating… enjoy it as well! You may miss it sometime down the road…. I know I did! LOL! 🙂

  2. I don’t know why it is called Terrible Two when it can stretch on forever like Terrible Three Four Five Six at times 🙁 My son is very headstrong in his wants too and sometimes he overdid it so much that he doesn’t know that he’s in “danger” (of being caned) until i whip it out.

  3. Gah… Zara sounds JUST like MY. I think it’s a generation thing. That plunging themselves onto the floor when they don’t get what they want. I don’t remember #1 doing that??? And that photo of clinging on to her on the train… Been there, done that, more often than I wish.

  4. Good thing there’re only 12 months of terrible two! That’s right, when our kids are having a meltdown outside our home, diversion is the only key! I’m so not in favor with public shaming. She will pass that stage and will be more receptive when she’s three. All the best! 🙂

  5. Tell me about it! I have a terrible 2 2yo and a 4yo who is still stuck at the terrible 2&3s stage. The rolling on the floor and the trying to slide out of your hands pose, we had it all. Hope Zara will move on to Terrific 3 soon!

  6. Zara sounds like Gladys. 🙂 Very headstrong but also has her own opinion. My girl is now 9 years old and she drives me crazy all the time… especially when she is doing homework. 😀

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