Universal Studios Singapore, Now Our Family’s Regular Hangout

Best Of TLM, Let's Go Out! / Friday, February 27th, 2015

Our first visit together to Universal Studios Singapore was during the Christmas season in 2014, and we spent only a few hours in the evening (because silly Mummy didn’t know about a promotion then and only saw the $50/entry after 5pm deal). Anyway, we still had fun running around for rides and shows, trying to make full use of our limited hours at Universal Studios.

Our first ride that day was on the Merry-Go-Round with Madagascar. Everyone was able to get on and enjoyed the short ride. Even my Dad rode on a character! It was too funny to see him riding up and down.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

At one point, it started to drizzle a little, the unprepared us fumbled trying to get the girls sheltered from the rain. And this was what Zara had to be put through as she refused to sit in the stroller for shelter.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

The highlight and main reason for the visit was for the Christmas show with Sesame Street! The girls loved and enjoyed the show. They were excited to be able to see Elmo and his friends on stage. Sadly we didn’t manage to grab any photos with them that evening.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Rode through Sesame Street on Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase with Ayra and she was rather afraid of the darkness. The next couple of times when we were back, she refused to ride this again. Sadly Zara is not tall enough for this ride yet, though I’m sure she will go “Wah! Wah! Wah! You see!” throughout the ride.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

After the first family night out at Universal Studios Singapore, I secretly planned for a day of adventure with the hub on his birthday. And we got our day tickets and express passes upgraded to season passes with express for both of us! That means more fun time with our family! And the following week after his birthday, we brought the girls for a day of fun at USS. See how cool and ready these two little ladies are that morning!

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Bringing the girls along means no thrill ride for any of us, but we had as much fun that day because we are with our family! So happy that both Ayra and Zara enjoyed themselves at Universal Studios. We took the boat ride through Madagascar: A Crate Adventure and the girls survived the ride with no cry nor sign of fear.

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

The ride that both girls enjoyed most was on the desert jeep at Treasure Hunters ride inside Ancient Egypt. Ayra drove us through the abandoned Egyptian excavation site while Zara and I went “You see! You see!” together.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Then while Zara was napping, I brought Ayra for a ride on a Pteranodon at Dino-Soarin’ at the Lost World. “Ayra not scared! Ayra big girl already!” she exclaimed when we completed the ride.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

And like our first family visit to Universal Studios Singapore, the highlight that both Ayra and Zara love is to meet their favorite characters from Sesame Street. Both the girls were out of the seats moving and grooving to the tunes of When I Grow Up, the stage performance at New York.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

There after, we watched up-close in the New York street shows where we get to sing along to familiar tunes with Elmo, Grover, Ernie and Bert. And the kiasu mummy dashed into queue after the show to get photos with the characters. I am serious about dashing into queue, cos the crowd was kinda crazy that day.
Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

Since the day we got our season pass, we went back two other times already with the girls, and because it was so fun, I got my parents the passes too! Got to make full use of these passes and make our money worth 10x the value. That’s just the typical kiasu Singapore mummy speaking. LOL! Can’t wait for their new ride at Far Far Away Land to be opened, and roller coaster to start! Hopefully before our passes expires in July!

Family Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

For those keen, Season Passes (6 months unlimited entry) sell at $98 and Express pass for Season Pass holder is at an additional $100 each. Normal ticket is at $74 per adult, and express pass is from $50 for unlimited rides that day. So in order to get your money worth, you’ll just need to visit Universal Studio thrice and you would have saved on ticket price! Find out more yourself on their website.

10 Replies to “Universal Studios Singapore, Now Our Family’s Regular Hangout”

  1. USS was so fun when we went during Christmas last year!! We went again for her birthday in May.. maybe I should consider getting the annual pass. Seems like a good deal! The new Puss in Boots ride is a hit with Lil Pumpkin. We went on it about 10 times I think during our last visit haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Glad that your kids did not torture you like at Legoland Malaysia! The last time I was at USS, my elder boy was still terrified of rides and hubby and I had to take turns to go for the rides while the other looked after the kids. But we’re planning to go again in September, because my elder boy finally meets the height requirement for the Transformer Ride and he’s been bugging us to bring him for it.

  3. When I grow up
    I want to be
    Part of this great big family
    Across the land
    Across the sea
    When I grow up!

    What a lovely staged show! Thanks for reminding me about it. The song is sooooo good I can still remember the lyrics hahaha can’t wait for the kids to wake from their naps to relive the song again later. I’ll sing it for them 🙂

  4. Yours kids looks pretty cool with their sunglasses on! Too bad my boy dislikes Sesame Street, but he loves Micky Mouse alot. Probably Singapore should have a Disney Land too! 🙂

    Soon Koon

  5. USS Singapore is one of my FAV theme parks in Singapore! I like it even more than the one in Osaka, Japan. Your shot with the girls and Elmo is so nice, frame it up 😀

  6. We went there during Christmas period too! I knew about this half year season pass and was wondering if it is worth it. The last time we went, we paid for the express pass halfway into the rides when we didn’t want to waste precious time queuing. Do they have family pass too?

  7. How I wish my kids are older and taller so that we can go on more rides. Currently it is usually me or hubby who ride alone and the other have to look after the kids.

  8. We had lots of fun at USS when we bought the 6 months pass last year too. So glad that we have this themepark in Singapore though what’s lacking is the movie experience like the one in the US.

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