Teeny Weeny session at The Studio Loft

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On 29 Sep 2011, I had my first studio sitting with Maryann at The Studio Loft. Before I reached the studio, I didn’t know what to expect other than having to remain naked during the shoot. I thought it’ll be easy and a fun one, but as I wasn’t used to the place and was feeling a little cranky that day, I cried most of the time and refused to fall asleep, which was preferred for the shoot. I event threw up after both my feedings at the studio. Mummy had to stop the shoot, I ended up missing three other types of setting and left with only 60+ shots. Here are my three personal favorite shots of myself!

Baby Rock
Rocking good time!
I am your sunshine
I am your sunshine
Looking like Ayah
Looking like Ayah 😛

Mummy promised to take more photos of me with her DSLR when she regains her energy. Looking forward to my own photo session at home!

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