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Altered Canvas – Fun way to display photos

One super easy and fun way to bond with your kids is to create fun art together! With recent washi craze I see popping up on my Instagram and Facebook feed, this art project is going to be easy peasy! Things you’ll need… Blank Canvas Board Few matching design/colors of Washi Tapes Tape Glue Mod(…)

Play at The Petite Park City Square Mall

The Petite Park First saw this new opening at City Square Mall when I was there for a site recce for an event and I knew one day I’ll be in there playing with Ayra. And there we were the following week! As per its name, it is small and attractively dainty We’d been to(…)

Ayra’s first formal class was at a gym

I had always wanted to bring her for classes but never had the time to. Since she will be starting Playgroup in January, I wanted to see how she’ll behave in a class. So Ayra attended her first formal class at mygym, it was a trial session. A first for both of us, and I(…)

Hi-5 House Party Show in Singapore

Our baby girl loves Hi-5! She has been watching and grooving to Hi-5 songs on TV and on Youtube since the day she could sit up on her own (at around 9 months). And she was dancing and singing in the cinema when we brought her to watch Hi-5 Some Kind of Wonderful! We love(…)


Lela the Baby Gum Soother

At 5 months, Zara is starting to grab everything within her reach. And no matter what she grab, it is stuffed straight into her mouth. She loves pulling in and out her pacifier and teether to rub her gums. When Ayra was little, she got Sophie the giraffe, and now for Zara, she’s got Lela(…)

Baby Zara from 1 to 5 months

Our second precious girl has grown so much over 5 months, from a tiny baby who grew almost double in size from birth in 3 months. She can hardly fit into her elder sister’s clothes from the 6 to 12 months range! She needs lose pants and t-shirts as Zara has got chunky arms and(…)

Things Parents Got To Be Prepared for First Week of Playgroup

It has been almost two weeks since Ayra, our first child, enters Playgroup. This is my first experience as a parent to prepare my girl for school. And I thought it would be easy, and I was wrong. Being the first child, Ayra got a lot of attention from everyone at home. With little exposure(…)

Don’t want to say goodbye

When she was just a baby, it was me who find it hard to say goodbye. And at 26 months, Ayra is having the same difficulty to say goodbye when we part. Why is this routine so hard to get used to? When I started going back to working in an office in Feb this(…)


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Spend a day at EatPlayLove cafe and you will be back for more!

I’ve dreamed of starting my own craft cafe for a very very long time. Multiple versions of the business plans were also created, but after so many years, nothing was solidified. When I chanced upon this kids friendly crafty cafe along Aliwal Street, I just had to go visit and check them out! Last Saturday,(…)

Anniversary Dinner at Vansh

Vansh is one of our favorite, once-a-bluemoon-visit kind of restaurant during our dating years. We been there at least 4 times before we got married and we revisited it again for our 2nd ROM anniversary on 19 March 2013. That night was also the one-night-only concert by Journey and the dining places at Kallang Stadium(…)


Soopsori – Premium Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

When I first saw Soopsori online, I questioned what’s so great about these wooden toys that they demand such high pricing. No chemical and coating on natural wood? My next question is how will these will be smooth enough for my kids to play and use? All my doubts answered when I saw, touched, felt(…)

The things you buy and never used

Are you the kind of person who buy things on impulse? Or think that you’ll use something when you are buying and then end up never touching it after you bought it home? Well I am one of those that falls quite easily into the trap set by good salesperson. One of those big ticket(…)